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He'd never seen anything like this before. The stallions wanderings had always been inland, and he'd never wandered so close to the edge of the world before. From a distance if he'd seen the great blue expanse, he would change his direction, careful not to go to close. He hadn't been watching as he moved about, and had not even stopped to consider why the grass had grown less plentiful and the ground more... soft and grainy. Before he knew what was happening out stretched the shoreline for miles and miles on end, and here he was, standing right in the middle of nowhere.

Spring had come and it was a fairly pleasant day- the air fairly mild, but the wind rushing along his legs and picking up the thick hair that graced his lower legs was quite chilly. The sand was an unfamiliar sensation and he skittered to the side occasionally at its harsh bite. His eyes were fixed on the vision of the ocean, its waves crashing into the beach. He stood far enough away that there was no way they'd come anywhere near his hooves, but even so he shook as a particularly large ridge came rushing ashore. The practical side of the stallions mind said it was just water, much like a rapid river he wouldn't dare to swim in, but on a much larger scale. Behind the frightful white froth there was nothing but blue, and that scared him more then anything.

What was out there? Nothing? Was it really the end of the world, had he been everywhere? Or was there more land past the massive expanse, like on the other side of a bank. He struggled to make any sense of it, and after quite some time, gave up on trying to understand such a mystery.

It took many hours before he gained some sense of trust in the waves, the sand, the ocean. Then, he reveled in the desolation- no one, anywhere, just him. The powerful stallion galloped down the beach with a feeling somewhere close to exaltation, the wind whipping in his dread-locked mane and tail, eyes watering from the wind. When his bravery was at an all time high, the black roan tentatively made his way down to the shore. Sure, he snorted at the water and fled from it at its first approaches, but then he let it swell around his hooves, then fetlocks, hocks, knees, and finally he was charging through the surf, glee written all over his usually staunch face. There was childlike abandon in his joy of discovery, and he was completely lost in his pleasure, unaware of anything but himself.

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This is where she comes more often than anywhere but her own home. And in truth, she might spend almost as much time here as she does in the Falls. There is nothing like the sea, after all. The waterfalls and pools and rivers of the Hidden Falls are both plentiful and beautiful. There’s certainly no denying this; these are, in fact, the main reasons she calls the Falls home. No other herd has water in such abundance as the Earth God’s kingdom. But still, these things are not the sea. They do not reach into infinity, to some place she has never found the end of. And trust her, she has tried. She has traveled the world to all the places that touched the sea. All the places she could find, anyway. That was what brought her to Helovia…

That’s a story she does not want to get into today, and so she keeps her thoughts from drifting to all the things Helovia had taken from her. To the tiny scraps it gives her in return, like little consolation prizes. She takes them, having learned that something is better than nothing, and her only alternative is nothing. She’s already tried leaving Helovia, to see if that would return her powers. But no, what Helovia takes, it does not return.

Today is a rather pleasant day. Winter’s fingers still cling to the weather, but they are losing their grip, and the breeze that blows, though chilly, is not cold and biting as it had been. Sand darts against her legs and underbelly, but she does not mind. She has never minding the sand. As always, she makes her way into the sea, standing with the surf halfway up her sides and simlpy letting the waves crash over her back. The water is still cold, and her normally gray skin turns to cool colors beneath the water’s carass.

For a while, it is just her in her little patch of the beach. But eventually, the sound of someone crashing through the waves catches her attention. Having been run into enough in Helovia, she has learned to turn and look, though this stallion seems like he is probably far enough toward the beach to avoid her. A rather stocky, black and white stallion gallops through the froth looking much like a child. She cannot blame him for this. In fact, such childlike happiness in the waves brings a twitch of a smile to her features, though it’s fades just as quickly as it comes.

She watches with vague interest as the stallion plays, letting him keep on about his antics rather than disturbing. The seal-gray mare is not always kind and certainly not very skilled at being sociable, but she can’t see a reason to take away his enjoyment. At the very least, she is not cruel. So instead she keeps an eye on him, partly out of her curiosity, and partly just to make sure he doesn’t accidentally smash into her.

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The water relieved some of his weight, and made him feel surprisingly graceful. In the ocean, he could feel how buoyant he was- much more so then in a pond or lake. To the large stallion it was a relief to not feel so cumbersome for once, and he splashed joyfully to the waves, knee deep in sea foam. Occasionally he'd put his head between his legs and snort as he trotted along, seeing something moving in the waves. Fish, he supposed. At least he hoped so, Helovia seemed full of surprises. For all he knew, monsters could roam beneath the depths, so the suspicious horse kept an eye out, even if it made him look ridiculous.

He couldn't believe how much he was enjoying himself. He stepped and held his head high, shrugging off all self consciousness under the assumption he was alone. Nero didn't look quite as unfortunate with a little enjoyment in the sway of his long body, matted tail and mane lifted in the biting breeze. The two toned stallion was sure he was going to visit here again. After a brief roll in the sand, accompanied by the usual groans of effort to sink his heavy body to the ground, the stag ventured into deeper sea. It was then he startled, catching sight of an odd shape in the water in his peripheral vision. He shied drastically to the side, the motion slowed by the heavy ocean, before turning to face what he was seeing, snorting with his mustard eyes wide.

Sea monsters, indeed. He threw himself even further away upon seeing it was some sort of strange looking horse, a chill running up his back. It was camouflaged perfectly by the sea and there was something incredibly ominous about that. If she opened her maw, Nero was fairly certain he'd see sharp, pointy teeth like a shark. He stood trembling a fair distance from her, too curious to move and much too afraid to come any closer. "What are you?" The appaloosa mutt supposed he shouldn't be so worried. There were plenty of exceedingly odd looking horses here, but this was different.

He'd just been enjoying himself, frolicking like a foal, and a flush of embarrassment warmed his body. He wasn't young, nor old, but it was painful that he'd been caught being so foolish. His ears threatened to flick back on his skull, but he thought better of it. If she was as at home in the ocean as she seemed, he guessed he definitely had the underhand. The water no longer felt like an adventure, but rather something to be afraid of. He shifted nervously, attention fully on the grey coloured mare.

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