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Oh, don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me

He was only young and naive still, in his own way. When Birdsong broke the frozen air, and green sprouted up for miles upon miles, the only thing the young stallion could do was rejoice. His wings beat strongly, pulling him higher and higher on warm drafts of air. The wind moving through his feathers was the manifestation of freedom; this ability to leave from anywhere in the slightest second was something he did not know how to live without. He let his wings carry him for miles, his coldfire eyes scanning the earth below him. Joy twisted and glowed behind his dark lashes, and the beam of a smile could be easily seen on mealy lips.

The clouds parted beneath the flying shadow to reveal the Heavenly Fields. Turning his body the dark warrior let his wings carry him in slow, large arcs toward the ground. As his cloven toes prepared to greet the grass, he suddenly snapped his wings against his sides. His hooves hit the ground with a loud thud, but did not stay there for long. Long legs tightened and bucked, his rear flying toward the sky once more. The young soldier's finely chiseled, neat head tucked and then twisted. His ombre mane followed suite, the silky tendrils flying loosely as he danced. He knew the description of his land: closest to the sun and to the gods. How could this not be the most opportune place to continue his joyous worship of the warm spring?

The seal bay continued to twist and turn, buck and rear. He moved with speed and grace, given to him carefully by his ancestors. Within him a fire burned, an unabashed freedom of expression. The air that filled his lungs sang of new life and new opportunity--what could keep him from displaying the pure, immense brilliance that it was?

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In the back of his mind, niggling at him somewhere, he knew he should probably return to the Worlds Edge. He'd been out too long, travelling here and there, running into friendly faces and not-so-friendly ones, being nosy in other horses business as per usual. Yet, as he had wandered from wild to wild, the seasons had changed and slowly, but surely, the landscape changed with it. For instance, it wasn't so cold anymore, though snow lingered still stubbornly in places, but for all that Birdsong emerged from its slumber and with it came life, rising up in vast swathes of vibrant activity. It taunted Sacre into further adventure, not that he needed much in the way of bribing to dawdle around more, he promised himself he would travel to the fields and then return. Plan made, he continued up the rickety path that swerved and bumped all the way to the heavens above, leading him there were two wildly playing foxes, who welcomed the change in season with lively adulation.

Once there, the fox-boy gazed across to the mountains with a lop-sided smile of fondness as he was reminded of his younger days when home would have been a long trek up past the Arch and across the Steppe, down into the Basin. Now it was in a completely different direction, less snow... more mists. He would have probably stood and mulled over the past all day if he hadn't of spotted the frolicking boy who ran with such freedom, appealing to Sacre's quivering heart to do the same and let go of some festering anxieties—feel the liberty of youth. 

Who wanted to stand and reminisce when you could race against the wind? 

Feeling a need for distraction, the fox-boy bounded forwards into an energetic gallop and dashed after the pegasus boy. Behind him, Inari and Ríona continued to play, tumbling into the grass and battling each other with soft paws. Meanwhile, as Sacre's cloven hooves thundered into the ground, he called out to the young stallion, his bright voice playful "Hey! Hey! Want a race?" he challenged.

and I never minded being on my own
then something broke in me and I wanted to go home

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There's something wretched about this
Something so precious about this

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And Adella
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The task at hand was growing to be boring, so Adella and I wandered away from the beach shorelines and toward the taller grasses. We moved at our own leisurely pace, my bird-printed marking thrown open wide to the sky as I tossed my head about, cheerful that the hands of Frostfall were falling away. Adella flew high over me; our eyes would meet and we'd smile at each other before returning to our individual antics. It had been some time (minus our games of hide and seek in the Meadow) that I had felt free enough to let the child nagging in me out for a while.

While the moons passed as we traveled, we occupied ourselves with telling made-up stories and dreaming of the future. We were wanderers until that point, but my companion had always tried to persuade me to join a herd--to have a real family where there were others I could count on. Often times with such a notion I would scoff at her, reminding her that I didn't need anyone else. We had each other and that was enough for me. Yet the feeling of missing something when I hadn't seen any of my kind for a while still hung over my shoulders, a bit of a nostalgic feeling creeping its way in. She was right, after all, about needing an actual place to call home, but that time would come soon enough I figured.

The new day welcomed us into the arms of the fields, the grasses swaying with a vigor we hadn't seen since Frostfall started. Adella flew circles above me, playing games with the wind while I walked on into the heart of the area. A boy landing and kicking made a smile spread across my lips, and I stood still to silently watch him. Another approached then, carrying with him the smells of some place exotic. I hung back to watch the exchange, Adella flapping down to sit on my back to look on as I did. A voice rolled across the expanse; a race? I perked up excitedly, my ears straining forward. I was not built for racing myself, but watching was an entirely different story.

"Donec vestibulum condimentum facilisis."
... if my yesterday is a disgrace,
tell me that you still recall my name
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