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The day had started out rainy and dreary, not exactly the weather Alysanne had been hoping for on the day they wished to gather everyone for a herd meeting. She had intended to seek out Tembovu and call for everyone first thing in the morning but the downpour delayed her. It wasn’t until late afternoon that the rain faded and the sky began to clear, a golden sun appearing and illuminating the droplets of water that covered every surface in the Edge.

It was beautiful, a peaceful setting, and it was perfect for a meeting.

Her call rang clearly out from where she stood, just under the violet canopy that had kept the rain from the grass underneath so it was still dry. She still was a little uncertain about this whole tent idea but this seemed to be the place to have a herd meeting. She just hoped that this one would go smoother than the one where she was named Queen. Would anyone have objections to her opening the ceremonies this time when Tembovu was normally the one to call them? Would anyone even come? After her whinny, she added words to the call, loud as she could. “World’s Edge! Gather, please.”

The moments while she was waiting for the herd to show were agony but she reminded herself that she had held meetings dozens of times with the healers over the years. And she was stronger now, she could do this - could speak to such a large group of horses. There were, after all, more friendly faces than unfriendly ones… weren’t there?

- cue arrivals -

Alysanne smiled to all those that came - more warmly for some, like her sister and her friends, but everyone was greeted in some small way by her. Anyone that met her gaze, anyway. Once the majority of horses seemed to have been arrived, her smile brightened and she began to speak - her voice warm. “Happy Birdsong everyone! We have much to discuss.” She had been wondering where the best place to start would be, whether it even mattered, and had been up all night practicing her speech so that she was certain that it would make sense. How terrible it would be to get up in front of everyone and confuse them all! Part of her, a small but growing part, wasn’t sure that she cared - if they criticized her, let them - but the larger part still wished to do the best that she could. They deserved that of their queen, after all.

She forced her nerves deep down to where they could not show in her eyes or cause her to tremble where she stood.  “First, some changes to the ranks. As some of you know, our dear Glasgow has left the herd and while we wish her well, it leaves two Glazier positions open. We have much to build this season now that the snow has melted and so I ask that @Graasvoel and @Mesec,” her eyes searched for the two winged stallions within the group, “step up to fill the positions, if you are willing, and train any new crafters that may be interested in the rank. Anzanie will be an Artificer to support you both.”

“For the healing ranks, Evangeline has long been absent and so has been demoted to Apothecary.”
Alysanne hated to speak these words - the beautiful mare had long been her friend, one of the few faces left from before. But she couldn’t afford to worry herself over that now - and just as she was sad to see Evangeline demoted she was excited about who they wanted to rise in her stead. Her shining green eyes moved through the crowd, seeking the young friendly stallion she had quickly learned to consider a friend. “@Sacre, if you would, we would like you to fill the third Moon Doctor position. You have shown excellent promise within the herd and the healing ranks.”

She then looked to Tembovu, smiling faintly at him and finally falling silent so that he might say his piece as well.

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Birdsong’s warmth came as both a promise and a reminder: a promise that safe warmth with his (growing) family whispered on the winds, and a reminder that he was still a King with duties. The quiet, monotonous lull of Frostfall had passed, without a meeting to bring the herd together. And their borders, despite being fulfilled with glass spikes by the Moon Goddess, were open as the spikes remained dormant, beneath the earth, throughout Frostfall.

Perhaps he had delayed pulling up the borders’ protection because he had been holding out for his son to arrive home. (A selfish, foolish action, he admitted internally.) However, now that Kianzo (and Mauja) were safely returned home, there was no reason to leave the Edge’s borders open and unprotected.

His great head swiveled towards the Devoted’s call—heralding on the heels of a drenching Birdsong shower. His thick hide, patchy from shedding out his winter coat, shivered against the droplets that coursed over the silvered buckskin. The Elephant King came to stand alongside the elegant, black-and-white Queen at the head of the lilac canopy. His navy gaze looked uncertainly to her green—never quite sure where he stood with the Queen—but his grin was warm and genuine in greeting.

He waited quietly alongside her for members to arrive, cobalt eyes glancing up once towards the drooping, water-laden center of the canopy—though the Basin’s craft held true and did not leak more than a few droplets. Then his gaze drifted over all those who slowly ambled forward, taking note of how Frostfall had treated those of his herd.

—pause for arrivals—

His black-rimmed ears swiveled around, remaining a calm and quiet pillar as Alysanne doled out promotions and announcements. A ripple of surprise at this novelty traveled down his spine; thus far it has always been him speaking the words Alysanne so confidently announced. If the Devoted had any nerves with calling her second meeting, they were well-hidden.

His head dipped to Mesec and Graasvoel in turn—though it would be a lie to say there was no sadness at Glasgow’s departure. He had grown fond of the scarred, quiet Glazier… He found his navy eyes drifting to Rexanna’s, her swollen sides, and their golden twins in her shadow. Change was an unyielding consequence of time. For better or for worse. He smiled warmly at Sacre as the stallion of foxes became a Moon Doctor—though his gaze searched for Evangeline, wondering if she would come forward at this meeting.

And then, when the Devoted Queen’s voice finally fell silent, the King took a deep breath and reached within himself. There, alongside the Battle Cry magic that resided in his chest as consequence of his rank, was a new power. A power that had bloomed as a dark, sharply thorned vine the moment the Moon had fulfilled the Edge’s quest.

Thus, he began to speak, “The Moon has fulfilled our request as he have fulfilled her quest,” and deep voice tolled, the very earth shook as the glass spikes slowly pierced the dirt graves in which they were buried. Higher, higher, their viciously sharp points rose, soil tumbling away from their gleaming, jagged teeth, “The Edge’s earthen borders will now stand protected by glass spikes.Your King, Queen, General, Captains, and Sergeant have the power to life and lower them. The southeast gate will serve as entry.”

Then his deep, low rumble paused as he looked for those who held those ranks. “Rohan has left us, and Auriel has been absent in her post and will become a Protector once more. Roskuld has shown fortitude and merit amongst the warriors, and so shall become our General. We thank Nyx for her service to the Edge, and ask her to continue protecting us as Sergeant, but allow her to focus on her children. “

And then his navy gaze sought out Raeden, Iona, and Toulouse. His lips pursed slightly, a shadow crossing over his black-masked face, before he spoke once again, “Toulouse has successfully won the right to be our Specter. However, let it be known that taking, or threatening to take, the life of a fellow herd member is not tolerated in the Edge. So his will be a trial period,” his darkening navy eyes landed on the serpentine stallion. However, they warmed when they landed on Raeden, “Raeden will continue her exceptional service to the Edge as Scout.”

He looked to find Alune, “Those religiously and academically inclined minds seek guidance, my Seer. Both Arah and Erthe have shown dedication to their studies, and will serve as Sages.”

Finally, he ended with, “Those who wish to join the ranked members of our herd, please speak now. And know that the Edge still offers spears, shields, shivs, and caltrops to those who wish to wield them.” And then he fell silent for a long moment, watching.
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Mandatory herd meeting!
Those on absent are excused.

TL;DR version:
Tembovu waits for arrivals/Aly to finish speaking. He pulls up glass spikes around borders.

Rohan → gone
Nyx → Sergeant
Roskuld → General
Auriel → Protector
Tououse → Specter
Raeden → Scout
Arah→ Sage
Erthe → Sage
Anzanie → Artificier
Glasgow → gone!
Graasvoel → Glazier
Mesec → Glazier
Eva → Apothecary
Sacre → Moon Doctor

If your character is interested in a rank, speak now!
You may grab any of the herd-owned-items: spears, shields, shivs, jars, caltrops.

The next round will be 1/23!

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Thick head popped up as a faint, musical, distinctly feminine whinny trickled through the dripping, glistening dewdrops that coated the Edge after the intense shower. The vulture was thoroughly waterlogged, as told by his sopping feathers and dripping beard that hung limply beneath his chin. A slight wrinkle marred his starkly white nostrils—the plateaus didn’t get this wet. And, while the vulture was not adverse to wet things (in fact, there were some wet things he greatly enjoyed), he did not appreciate being so waterlogged.

So it was with unceremonious and slightly stomping hooves that he trudged beneath the lilac canopy to heed this monarch’s calls. His sour gaze brushed over their gargantuan King—thoroughly unimpressed with anything at the moment. Though he (true to form) did hover his gaze to appreciate the calm beauty that was the Devoted.

But then the Queen was suddenly saying his name. His ears jerked forward just as his thick neck rose, sharp eyes widening slightly. He had shown more attention to his role as Craftsman than he had in any other of his responsibilities in life, it was true. So, despite his sodden appearance, his tawny chest puffed out slightly in pride as a grin crossed his muzzle. “Thank you, my Queen,” his head dipped towards the Devoted, “My King,” a tilt in deference to the Elephant.

And then he fell silent as the very earth shook beneath his hooves. His head cocked—glass spikes may protect against earthly attacks. But they gave no protection against the skies…yet he was not mentally inclined for battle. So his thoughts turned elsewhere.
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but what is love without lust

It was that time again. Edge had to gather to speak about what will be changing and what will remain the same. Her heart sunk and stomach dropped. The position she loved and worked for was taken away by a slithering snake that did not deserve it. Her maw huffed as Tin pushed against her leg. Teal eyes flicked forward moving towards the sound of the call. She was the third person to arrive in the crowd, and she took her place. Pale gold colors glistened in the warm sun, and cream tresses flicked against her hocks. Dipping her head, the mare looked to her queen; she stood so robust and vigorous compared to before. Tembovu, her king, stood next to the beautiful paint. He stood proud of their prosperous herd. Winter had been kind to most of the herd, that she could tell.

Announcements came next, and her silver flecks looked to each person. They handed out promotions; some deserved it others.... well she would keep her mouth shut. Her eyes saddened thinking about Glasgow leaving, but she would love the Basin. A large winged man stepped up to accept the glazier position. Her skull turned to him with congratulations. Then her attention fell back to Alysanne Sacre was promoted to Moon Doctor, then some other words were spoken. The King now took his turn speaking to the crowd. Teal eyes watched the spikes rise from the grounds; they worked so hard for that quest. Raeden could not help but smile softly, but then it fell from her face. Listening to the promotions and demotions of the warrior ranks the pit in her stomach grew stronger. Then he spoke how Toulouse won HER position. Rolling her eyes she wanted to scream that he was a snake that was unworthy of anything, but she remained quiet. A sigh fell to her maw as the King spoke about attempting the killing of a herd member would not be accepted, but what was done about Toulouse? Just a slap on the wrist and okay here you get the promotion! She had to smile slightly as the king's warm gaze fell to her own cold stare. "I will always be here for our herd." She fell quiet as the promotions finished up.

She looked around slightly to see where Iona was. Once the herd grew silent and she found a chance to speak, her voice rung out in the air as eyes looked to the growing crowd. "I know Iona and myself have collected a few items over the seasons. I will be getting with her after this meeting to talk about maybe holding some sneak games. There will be prizes for winners, and it will be a good way to sharpen skills and have fun. Keep an ear out. Hopefully, we will be able to come up with something soon for everyone to join in. " Her gaze tried to fall back to Iona, seeing what she would say about everything. Raeden needed to speak with her Specter anyways. This just gave her more of a reason to meet with her.

"talk talk talk"

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i am a leaf on the wind

The day is dreary and soaking wet. It keeps her grounded, wandering the forest, uncertain of what she intends to do with such a miserable day. Birdsong, though wet, usually gives her the freedom to takes to the skies again, something she cannot always do in the bitter cold of Frostfall. But this much rain does not allow for flight either, or an easy trek to the Threshold, so she stays put.

Like she oftens does now, she spends her day tending the garden and greenhouse. Weeding, planting, thinking all the while that she really needs a shovel. But she’s gotten rather adept at using wings and hooves to till the dirt, to plant their seeds and saplings. Much of the day passes this way, and Lyanna figures the rest of will too until the rain lets up and a call from a familiar voice reaches her.

Aly. Calling a herd meeting. She grins at that, leaving the greenhouse behind and making her way to the gathering spot and that tent. It’s still a strange thing to her, but it’s nice that the area is dry at least. For once, she’s almost early to the meeting, and she offers a nod to Tembovu and Aly as she comes to stand beside @Raeden. The other stallion there is one she does not really know, but she’s content to take her place next to her friend and Tin.

She smiles to Raeden, and then settles in, listening as promotions are handed out. Eva is demoted, and @Sacre given her place. Lyanna tries to catch his eye and offer him a smile of congratulations, glad to have another Doctor within their ranks. In truth, she did not know Eva well – the mare hadn’t been around much in Lyanna’s time here – so she doesn’t feel much sorrow at the demotion. Though the mention of Glasglow had brought a familiar pang of loss to her heart.

Lyanna would be spending more time in the Basin, it seems. She would not lose one of her friends so easily. But still, it was not the same without the pale, scarred mare. Such is life though. Change. Like the spikes that Tembovu calls from the ground, cruel and menacing things that protect their borders. She wonders, vaguely, if this place will still feel like the welcoming home she’d found only the year before with those spikes to greet newcomers. Perhaps. Or perhaps the lure of safety would be tempting enough for those fleeing, as she had.

When the topic shifts to the sneaks, Lyanna does her best to keep her face neutral. She is decidedly still not okay with all that had happened, and had not pulled herself out of the resulting funk. But instead, she offers Raeden a glance when the mare is done speaking and the conversation shifts away from her. Lyanna could do a damn thing about what had happened, but she could stand by the golden mare as a friend.  

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Squelching through the now rain sodden ground, Sacre began to make his way towards the tent, where the last meeting had been and now where a new one had been called. This time it was the familiar voice of a friend that ushered him to come forward to greet the herd and gather for the usual seasonal discussions, though last time had sounded more like bickering. He hoped for everyone sakes, but also for Alysanne, that this one would not be so turbulent even if the Worlds Edge seemed to be developing a taste for domestic disagreements. These thoughts preoccupied him somewhat as he travelled, led by two foxes who lazily carved the way, not really wanting to go, herd meetings were never on the top of the list of things to do when it came to Inari and Ríona. Still, they went anyway, supporting their red eared fool with small hopes that it wouldn't last long, whilst wondering why companions didn't have such meetings. 

In time, past another puddle, ducking under stray branches, they found the place where the lilac tent was hitched next to the lake in a show northern design surely made in the Basin. Under it were an Elephant King and a Devoted Queen whom Sacre dipped his head to both, standing near Lyanna and Raeden, his foxes sat down slightly in front of him. For a moment he looked around for some more familiar faces, scanning the crowd in vain hope for Roux, maybe even Tandavi, Mesec or Mauja. Though he was amongst the first few to arrive it seemed.

When the meeting did start it was Alysanne who took over initially and the fox-boy listened intently to her announcements as the crafters had a shake up. He looked around eagerly for Mesec, trying to catch his brother's gaze if he could and smiling broadly at him, nodding his enthusiastic congratulations. Perhaps he should call on the Nightwind again and pester him to make his annoying little brother something from glass. However, his pleasure soon subsided as Aly continued and his own name echoed through his head. Moon Doctor? For a while, he stared dumbly at the Queen as the cogs in his brain slowly turned and realisation dawned on his face. "Eh?!" he burst impulsively as a worried frown replaced his surprise "Evangeline? Is she well?" he asked whilst scanning the crowd for the chestnut mare whom he hadn't yet managed to get to know. Even though Sacre had taken the role of healer in order to obtain the Doctor rank, taking it upon himself to purposefully follow his father's footsteps feeling that he should at least do a better job than d'Artagnan had... he hesitated for a moment. 

It was almost like he could feel the old red rogue, those haunting mismatched eyes glaring into him, amused and scornful, as if he couldn't believe that Sacre could possibly do any better than he had. 

Mind still churning his head cast down, bewildered by this feeling, until he caught two sets of beady eyes that gazed up at him from below, their expressions encouraging as Ríona wrapped a couple of supportive tails around one of his forelegs. Shaking free his apprehension, pushing it to the back of his mind to torment himself with later, he raised his head to fix it on the King and Queen "of course... I will learn fast and serve you well" he spoke, grabbing every bit of confidence he had left to take the title of Moon Doctor and place it heavily on his shoulders. 

From then on, for the most part, he tried his best to concentrate on the rest of the meeting and the announcements that followed, taking a moment to nervously return Lyanna's sweet smile.
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It takes considerable effort for the girl to attend the meeting in her horse form. The temptation is strong to appear as a bear or a griffin for the sheer hilarity that would cause, to rampage into the peace and political serenity of a meeting and fuck shit up. It's Ker who talks the mischievous gargoyle out of her dastardly plan, reminding her that her sire's work in this herd is unfinished and that it would be unwise to alienate the Edge's superiors by appearing as a predator in their midst. But I AM the predator in their midst, the girl reminds her bonded. The raptor's frantic pleas eventually win her over, however, and so Oizys attends the meeting wrapped in her own grey skin.

The bulky yearling doesn't take long to arrive. She has, after all, lived the vast majority of her life in the Edge and knows her way around it well. Despite her usual give-zero-fucks nature, she can't help but scan the sky for marauding griffins, because the livid scars on her back from the male one's talons are not so easily forgotten. Ker rides on her back, delicately avoiding the red cuts that still glow hideously against the gargoyle's grey flesh. The eagle plays idly with the filly's mane, plaiting and twisting it in her beak. The gesture is surprisingly comforting, and Oizys finds herself in rather good spirits despite recent events. Recent events being a griffin attack and being studiously ignored by the Gods, something she is silently furious about but knows she is powerless to prevent.

She stalks in, her hybrid tail coiled around her powerful hocks as she draws to an awkward halt. Ker ruffles her wings and peeps over her bonded's shoulder, watching the meeting as it begins to progress. Ranks are announced and the demoness listens with half an ear, not really giving much of a toss about who is bossing who around. It does concern her, though, that nothing gets said to the foals. What are they to the herd? Pointless baggage? Oizys is sure she will become great in time, but she thinks how useful it can be to learn fighting methods and other things now, whilst she's still young and malleable. "I know you lot probably aren't going to listen to a kid, but I've got an idea you may be interested in." Her voice is surprisingly strong for one so young, even stronger than last time she stood here and spoke her mind. She mostly addresses Tembovu and Alysanne, but casts her stone gaze around the others too. "The Edge has a lot of foals, but let's be honest, we don't do a great deal. Why don't you organise lessons for us with the different ranks, so we can learn about all the things we can specialise in when we're older? It'll save us sitting around bored out of our minds, and the herd will gain a whole generation of ready-made warriors, healers, spies and all-round badasses when we come of age. My healing lessons might have bored me half to death but fighting and stealing lessons would be very well received."

The gargoyle glances around to gauge a reaction. "I can't speak for any other youngsters, but I know I would sure as hell like to learn the basics of fighting ready for when I'm old enough to kick ass. If those griffins attack again, they won't know what's hit them." She is sure her father would approve of this - using the Edge's resources to educate herself, form her into a fully-fledged war machine.

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Recent events have taken their toll on the silver soldier. Spring usually heralds the start of happiness, new life and a new beginning after the long dark months of Frostfall. Spring is usually Nyx's favourite time of year, when she delivers a foal and spends a few blissful months with it by her side, relying on her for everything and bringing her untold happiness. This year, her sides are not swollen with the fruits of last year's labours. Her womb is empty and barren, and her nest holds no chicks inside it. Arakh and Esinakh have left for greener pastures in the Throat, and although she sees them regularly it is not the same as having them fully reliant on her.

She's lonely, empty, starved of affection. With Arakh and Esinakh gone, Enyo and d'Arcy missing and Libertad choosing to live away from her, it only leaves Oizys in the Edge - a girl that she must pretend isn't even her blood-daughter, a girl who shows her no affection and never has. As a result of this depression brought on by the absence of her offspring, Nyx is thinner than usual and holds a haggard, haunted expression. Her features are gaunt, her eyes cold and empty, her days long and filled with nothingness. There's a pointlessness to life now, an absence of any true purpose. She is not General, she is not Mother, and she can scarcely be bothered to go to the Threshold or socialise.

In short, Nyx is not living - she is existing.

A herd meeting draws her out of her stupor, even though she's deeply reluctant attend it. That means showing the herd the poor condition of her coat, the ribs that threaten to show beneath the lank grey fur, the cold dead expression on her face. Still, she attends. Dominus is close by, his touch the only one she's had in so long, his company all she relies on now. Her mood has taken its toll on him, too - he's thinner as well, his magnificent mane seeming smaller and less full than usual. He tries his best to cheer her up, but it's like trying to convince a thunderstorm to leave the skies sunny. The mare skulks near the back, listening as the ranks are announced - her old position is given to Roskuld, who she is sure will do better with it than she did. She stands in silence, nodding when her name is mentioned but otherwise simply resembling a statue, a paragon of sorrow and misery.


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A meeting!

Maude had learned that there were few things that got her as excited as a gathering of her herd mates, even though the last time had resulted in all of them being attacked by vicious griffons. All healed up, however, the girl was loathe to let her fear of hungry creatures ruin the joy of seeing all of the Edge gathered together, and quickly scampers out of the greenhouse, towards the Queen’s call (though she does glance upwards along her way more often than she once had).

The tent is already beginning to fill up with people when the little ginger and cream darling arrives, her pelt glistening with rain, and her lungs exhaling a sigh of relief that she hadn’t been bombarded by malevolent animals today. Shaking the water away from herself on the outskirts (cautiously away from the others), she cheerfully prances under the protective awning of the tent, her spring green eyes seeking out her family, or friends. If they are here, however, doesn’t really matter, because as she searches, the girl finds, instead, the most pitiful looking woman she has ever seen (aside from her mommy in the meadow, of course).

A similar ache to what she’d felt looking at her mom clenches into the girl’s breast, and she cannot help but sweetly sympathize aloud, "oh!," before she is winding her way through the crowd, towards the haggard stranger.

Settling in alongside the gray unicorn, Maude only now realizes she hadn’t a clue what to say, or do. Looking up at the woman, her youthful eyes are wide with the horror that, perhaps, she should have come up with something before now, forced to delve into a conversation she hasn’t a clue how to have without a set course of action.

"Hello!" she begins, her worry swallowed up in a warm, cheerful smile, "I’m Maude, and I’m training to be a nurse someday. Are you okay?"

Before she knows it, though, the meeting is started. Looking about at each person as their name is said, or looking for them, to find them missing, the young healer feels a wealth of emotions about it all. For one, Evangeline is missing, which makes her very sad, and her father’s friend Glasgow had left, too; yet, at the same time, it was very wonderful that so many people were being given a chance to show how much they loved the Edge. That there is a new Doctor, too, causes the child’s neck to crane out into the crowd, seeking out the handsome stallion who’d earned the rank. Doctor Sacre, she’d have to remember, giggling because it sort of rhymed.

Literally beaming at her mother’s promotion, Maude proudly states to the woman alongside her, "That’s my mommy!," before quieting back down to listen to the rest.

When Oizys speaks up, however, her good mood falters slightly. What does she mean, they don’t do a lot? Lifting her head, the cremello and rust filly wonders just what the intimidating, older girl is talking about. She certainly was almost always busy in the greenhouse! Between pulling weeds, tending to each plant’s needs and learning what each herb or sapling was called, and used for, Maude had spent at least a few hours every day practicing to be a healer. Frowning, her brows furrowing down, the studious herbalist decides that the only reason the older girl is bored at all, must be because she lacks the drive to find her own lessons, and tasks. Sure, the cremello fawn had her father to thank for seeking education on her own, the stag having raised his daughter with her future career in mind, taking the time when she was very small to foster a seed of self reliance, and an eagerness to learn. Regardless, no one made Maude go to the greenhouse every day, and no one made her study, either, and so she expects others to take the same initiative in order to achieve their dreams, too.

Maybe this girl just didn’t want to be a soldier as bad as Maude wanted to save lives, and deliver babies.

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The summon is made and the poisoner answers, Matanye ahead of him in a beat of her brightly coloured wings as she settled upon a branch in order to better look at the gathered. Lilac eyes bright despite the chill which still clung to his metallic coat, the winter coat luxurious if not a little patchy as it began to shed to it's much sleeker and preferred glory. Part of him wished he could place upon his painted lips a Cheshire grin, but instead it's pulled to a thin line. The kind you'd find on a cobra coiled tight to shelter itself from the rain, or when a nearby hyena ripped a particularly bad fart.

He lingered toward the edge of the meeting, forward enough to let his presence be known. As if Matanye isn't a bright enough symbol to let those who need to know, that the androgynous stallion is present. Other appear in various shades and the rest all all washed grey, frostfall has been hard on some and birdsong has favoured others. The poisoner cared little, and he cared even less as demotions and promotions were handed out, the world danced on. The only thing that had been marginally fun was the specter challenge, and that apparently had been tap on the hoof and a naughty mark. A good threat on your life kept you spicy, and it certainly worked wonders on turning a mundane day into something worth living for.

'Look like you want to be here.' A pointed jab from Matanye earned a roll of his eyes and interrupted his musing. A curvy hip leaned to the side as his hoof propped against the misty grass. 'Darling, I've been to burials cheerier than this.' A brow rose as he glanced at his companion from her regal perch, her crest flared as she stared at her bonded. 'you probably caused burial' She huffed in response, apparently fed up with the front row seat she swooped to land on him instead. Her greeting nip a little less annoyed and more fond as she settled to weaving the long strands of his mane.

[Image: kiuajipixel_by_abbie1234_d9nzm2x_by_drea...9nzm7u.png]

"let me shatter your frame of mind, my dear"

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This past winter was a time of learning; a season she despises (the poor little Desert born and bred mare could never seem to stay warm for long) for its temperature, if not its depression-inducing skies proved to be unusually eventful. Were she at home, the golden mare would hunker down in the heat of the sun-kissed sands and stay there, until winds and tides brought warmer weather. That was not an option this year - indeed, it may never be again - and so out of necessity, she kept moving. In her movement across the breadth of Xelovia, she encountered many others and endeavored to learn more about where she was so unceremoniously dropped.

Just like she used to do, the summons rings loud and clear, causing Yael to drop her contemplations  under the refuge of a massive pine and turn towards the clearing. She finds, rather pleasantly, that there are many she’s met over the past few months among the assembled. @Lyanna  , of course, who was turning into a friend. @Graasvoel  , the flirt, and she finds her eyes linger on him longer than they should. A wistful sigh (though not for him) for the past escapes her lips as her gaze and hooves continue on. A child she’s seen more than once is still as bouncy as ever, and another one, the three-horned filly she met whilst looking for bones.

@Rexanna  isn’t there yet, and she is the one Yael is looking forward to seeing the most - had she birthed the child yet? Oh! And her mate, the King! Yael finds the pair that stand before them, neither of whom she’s met, but knowing that Rexanna loved the stallion made her inclined to like him already. However, in the absence of her horned friend, Yael pauses, suddenly unsure of where her place is and what custom demands. Soft brown eyes nervously scan the growing crowd, remarkably aware that she is for many of them, a stranger. Who, aside from Lyanna, could she sidle up next to? A sad face - more sad than hers - catches her eye, and Yael’s caring nature kicks in. As quietly an unobtrusively as she can, the fluffy little woman moves through the group to stand by the mare, quietly whispering,Shalom.I am Yael. So sorry to eenterupt, but... are you alright?” Genuinely curious (and slightly worried) eyes look over at the silver-black mare. She takes note of the filly on the other side of the mare - the bouncy one - and craning her neck around, she offers a greeting to her too. “Oh, xello! Your Ima ees Arah, yes? Ze vone vit ze vonderful stories?”

The one who made Yael want to know more. Stories and healing were right up her alley. So once the promotions were done, Yael speaks up, trying to make her normally soft voice heard over the group. “Ees eet possible to learn two crafts? To be a xealer and a pheelosopher?”

If Yael is going to stay and make a life here, she is going to make sure it’s as busy as can be. How else could she forget her previous one?

trust your heart if the seas catch fire

live by love, though the stars walk backwards

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- was not one to shy from the pouring rains. Weaving to and fro from the moisture-laden clouds, to break through and greet the sun that burned on from the other side.

She forgot in the sky, she could dissolve herself to the simplicities of breath and movement. She wanted to face the storms; she wanted to face its dangers head on – as a fool, as a dreamer, as an escapist who sought to break free from her mortal body.

But sooner or later, she fell back to the earth. Reminded of the dirt and soil, rot and life. The rain had left her side, the sky beaming radiantly just as the call was made. Tired, soaked from feather to hoof, she trudged towards its epicenter where many other equid had gathered.

She hesitated on the outskirts, assessing the motley crew who trickled in. There was only one to whom she felt any inkling of loyalty to. And perhaps that wasn’t such a bad thing after all. It was something, at least. It was a building tether that wound precariously in her soul, infantile and fragile – altogether stronger, than the binds of imagination or the swoon of yearning that came and went.

It was with a heavy sigh, nonetheless, that she joined her supposed brethren. Avoiding the gaze of the lead mare, and skirting her eyes across to @Nyx. She would have approached in her way, perhaps as an abrasive trill to snap the lonely gaze from infecting her – or a brush of shoulders to remind her; you haven’t abandoned us – have you? But others joined the thinning mare, their intrusive concerns provided the bubble for which Ru avoided her course. Instead, she tentatively moved close to @Lyanna. With a subdued coo greeting the healer.

Her attention thus, rested on the leads that dished out new ranks. Awarding several, demoting a few. Useful in the sense that she now knew more names of the Edge citizens. Curious though, that they would be caged. Perhaps the girl could understand the defensive advantages of the spikes, but she wasn’t entirely sure. Hadn’t had the time to think it out, and for the time being it seemed kind of ‘cool’ and ominous.

It doesn’t surprise her that Roskuld has been promoted. But the girl churns with the thought of Nyx’s idle position being held, and stationed as it was. She resisted the urge to glance at the stony mare. Narrowing her eyes at Tembovu for the thoughts that coursed through her mind. Nearly as an after effect of the pointed pulse of jealousy, and the odd hum of anger that threatened to escape her. Imagining how much experience the mare held, and yet she remained hidden, and recluse in that headspace of hers.

Too young perhaps, brash and wild to accept that she could possibly have any other reason to keep herself idle.

With a steady sigh, she flicked her ears – listening to the others. Silent, restless as she stood there, wings flexing quietly and shimmering in their position.

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Adjusting back to herd life was difficult, Something I was still trying to get used to again. Funny how a few months on your own could do that. Then again, I was always on my own. I was a foal during my time in the Basin, and a lonely one at that. I met some, Zubari, and Erebos. Some where in passing. Sjal, a mysterious filly I had encountered twice. Out of all the foals close to my age in the Basin, only one I felt like maybe I knew. Rikyn. The son of Illynx the gilded tongue. I remembered her. It was thanks to her that I was here. She saved my life, and protected my mother from tyrants at my birth. I remembered when I had met her as a filly, she found me playing in the water of the unfreezing water of the lake, right before the orange moon festival.

Then as a two year old I had left, to live with my father, Mauja the frostheart, or known now as the frozen light. I had found him here, after a fashion however. After he ran and hid. And of course... My mind drifts to Rhoa, and my sons, before quickly thinking of anything else. Anything but them. The herd. I had returned. A nurse, or at least I tried. Timidly I arrived to the meeting, not having to really crane to see the elephant @Tembovu. My eyes land on the painted queen, @Alysanne and I smiled at her, remembering her kindness to my return. Slowly I halted, standing near @Sacre and listen to each announcement, before turning my head to him. "Congratulations Sacre." I say softly, before listening to the voices of the herd members, and even the words of what seemed to be a fairly brash child." I agree with the child. I think that would be excellent for our youth. If it happens, I would love to help. In fact I would love to help with anything you may need." My eyes move across each face as I speak, and as I grow silent I shift slightly, a little bit uncomfortable.

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Yeah, I know, I heard the call too.

Fly there.

HELL no.


Not right now jeez.


And???....Okay yeah but not right nOW for Pete’s sake.

Zoom in like lightning.




Zap zap.

It was the first time in a long time I’d been able to get a good look at the entire herd in one shot; I moved around too much and at weird times to really get a number on every face that was in the border (not like I’d remember any of them anyway). The sheer size of the gathered crowd was enough to threaten claustrophobia; it was hard to war against my impulse to run, to fuck off somewhere or at least hide in the fringes.I swallowed it all down though, cuz I had to train myself and re-wire my head to convince me, once and for all, that I was a herd member now.

It’d been a full year.

The feeling of it curdled in my belly as I stood there, not too far from where Tembo and Queen Alysanne stood; Chico was hanging off my ass, heavy and sleepy and impish, and I didn’t know it but he had lazy goo-goo eyes for his Bwenny girl, up there with the King being all proud and hot. He didn’t even really react when Tembovu announced I’d been handed the position General--leaving me all by myself to fumble with that bomb.


I was still as a statue, looking all hard and serious, all the while spilling all kinds of spaghetti in my head. General. Tembovu was still talking about other members, other ranks, and I was still wrapping my head around it. General. a fuck, I guess? I ain’t gonna front with false modesty; I mean, I had expected some kind of recognition from the higher-ups about kicking people’s asses into gear. But…General? Everyone’s boss?

Chico was throwing huge grins at Bwenny, completely and utterly oblivious to my flailing.

I looked around at those gathered around me, behind me, searching eyes and faces and waiting for someone to challenge Tembovu’s decree. Hoping someone would challenge it, to really test my ass and prove to me everyone whether I was really capable of the job or not.

What actually happened was some hUGE kid biting about being bored, about foals being wasted potential, about wanting to kick an ass one day. All I could think of was: Why hadn’t we BEEN doing that? But she was asking to fight and I realized super suddenly that she was technically asking me and there was a moment of panic like what do I do what do I do what do I do what do I say and I was desperate enough to open my mouth and--

“Come see me if you feel like kickin’ an ass,” I told her, and my voice boomed like there were no butterflies at all in my chest, “I’ll get that covered. And as for the rest of you,” I said, turning toward the rest of the herd members, because, somehow, I had more shit to say, “The Edge ain’t got enough warriors to cover all the positions needed. We need warriors and we need ‘em badly, so anyone interested who ain’t ranked yet come see me or Nyx to fill that part. In the meantime, until we get all our ducks in a row, I need volunteers from other ranks to fill a patrol or two so we ain’t totally defenseless, word?”

I waited, wondering if I was still crossing a line (even though it was my job--) or if someone would heed my warning of being fucked and step up to the plate.

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I had a dream you were two towns from me —
The gilded mare was a tad bit late to the call, though for a good reason. It had taken a little bit of extra effort to get her heavy body willing to head toward the meeting. Aside from that, Rexanna had dealt with rounding Kiada and Kianzo to make sure they attended the meeting as well. She had assured Tembovu that he could get a head start – she didn’t think she was going to give birth just there, besides, he was the King. He needed to arrive before the others did anyway. And even though it took a bit of extra effort and time for her to waddle her way there, Marembo had ran off after the Elephant King to help commute what was happening if she was to be too late.

Luckily for her, she arrived in ample time just before everything had been said. She allowed her gaze to travel across all those gathered, seeking out more familiar faces. Her oceanic gaze caught Yael, the kind gilded pegasus she had shared a night of stories with, alongside Nyx. A small smile formed on her face, creasing along the lines of exhaustion. Making her way to Yael’s side, she dipped her head in greeting to the mare before offering another greeting and a small nicker to Nyx in hello. The relief that spread across her from the apologies she and the silvered mare had shared felt as though she had dropped a giant load off of her back. Yet, Nyx seemed to look ragged and rough. Before, where Rexanna might have felt vengeful at the sight, it no longer held a place in her mind as she began to worry about the General.

Nevertheless, her attention darted around the meeting despite all that from promotions and demotions, words shared from various others that she hadn’t met yet. Quietly, as she put the names to faces from the promotions, she looked for the vulture-like pegasus that had been promoted to Glazier, making another mental note to speak with him afterward. A job to stay home would be great, especially considering any day now she’d be ready to birth the child that had felt as though it were a miracle for both the King and herself. “I don’t hold a rank here, yet. But when I lived in the Basin, I was the head Thief. I could help teach the foals that are interested a few things of what it was like?” She offered aloud after everyone had finished. Her gaze ultimately landed on Alysanne and Tembovu with a small smile twitching the corners of her lips.

Then, her attention turned back to where the pegasus named Graasvoel had headed for future reference, though not without passing another glance around for Thranduil if he happened to be here at all.

— got to sleep,
spent the whole night running.
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"My King, My Queen." The Seer's head dipped as he made his way toward the front of the crowd, stood to the side of the crescent so he may peer out at all those who had gathered. Long silver strands are pulled back into ornate braids, the singular sapphire and feathered decoration wrapped in his forelock swayed gently. He's grateful for the reappearance of birdsong, the warmth of the sun when the rains didn't wash across their misted home a gentle boon on his blue hide. Sluggish muscles ached to be used and his mind wandered past the safety of their borders as tendrils formulated and calculated the actions he would take in this new year.

He remained silent as Alysanne and Tembovu took turns to speak, moon coloured orbs glanced unseen over particular faces of note. Promotions were in abundance, weighted down with the unfortunate face of demotion in the wake of anothers ascension. Pale eyes found themselves fixated on Nyx, her once proud form has suffered the winter, ragged, defeated and unlike when he'd last had the pleasure of her company those seasons ago. What had happened? His face matched his worry until Tembovu glanced in his direction, his words aimed towards the ranks he governed.

"Those who wish to walk the Moon's path are welcomed warmly, Thero'shan and Arah. I look forward to what the future will bring, the Moon's blessings and fortune to you both." He smiled, his attention divided to spot Erthe and Arah, then out to the rest who were present. "I shall be hosting a meeting of my own in the coming days, those who wish to be inspired by the lady or simply seek comfort within knowledge, are encouraged to join us within the grove." He lapsed into a comfortable silence after he spoke, content to listen to the voices which filtered in and out of his ears.

"talk talk talk"

The Arcweaver's Circle

Credits: Image by Danjah! @ DA

@Arah @Erthe
[Image: QsJIY4g.png]
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The queens screech stirred the snake from his concentrated gaze out over the cliff line. A groan escaping his maw as he threw down the supplies he had collected in his scarf ready for a journey east - he was keen to suss out these outcast bands and find the location of herd enemies. For her majesty his trip would be delayed.
Footsteps light and lithe through the dew dropped grass, Toulouse made his way to the sound of their dull, less-than-charismatic woman ruler.

the gelding dare not approach - instead he lurked just beyond the treeline among the fern and underbrush. He could hear reasonably well from his hidden pocket in the trees.
Out of sight out of mind, he had hoped. This was until the King spoke his name and his eyes fluttered closed, his teeth grating togeather. How he wished to make an announcement right now.
It was when Raedens voice piped up that he rolled his eyes once again, fangs stratching like nails on a chalkboard against his other lower teeth. For a few moments he wondered why on earth he even stood here at the meeting for a herd who hated him, summoned by a selfish Queen and the only righteous King left in helovia. Was that why he stayed?

Soon the chatter ceased and he felt the urge to speak, though still he dare not. He had freinds here... he must. There would be some that aknowledged his authority. A trial was a trial, though he would do whatever he could to rattle his bars and shackles to show them he meant business.
Taking a number of small paces from the treeline and into view, the gelding made his voice and presence known. Words coming as a brontide over the warm grass and foggy air, the specter spoke to the sleuths and the sleuths only;
"Any sleuths who like me wish for equality with their superiors and do not feel like being pawns for chores... we head east tonight" was his stirring words, serpentine eyes switching over those gathered. Kiuaji was present, yet still his eyes looked for Aelfwine and that gilded man he recalled observing the fight. "Enemies of the herd dwell in the meadows, and outcast bands have long since been heard from. Let us see what they are up to"

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so why love anything?

the faithless; they dont love you
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ut deo.

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a light from the shadows shall spring

Although he had not yet decided on which rank to join - it was still such a mystery to him where he fit - Mesec was settling into life within the Edge. He and Vesper both seemed to be, though his days were filled with worries about Virga and whether his son was safe. For now, he felt like the best thing to do was to stay put in the Edge so that Virga would be able to find him again.

When the call came from the Queen, Lyra nipped at Mesec’s ears as he dozed - rousing him and alerting him. She did not want to waste any time - there were so many faces at meeting and she wanted to meet them all. The young pup was growing but she was still small enough that Mesec worried about her when she went off on her own so he woke up easily, casting off the drowsiness as quickly as he could and started his legs moving.

There were already quite a few gathered when Mesec arrived so he did his best not to disturb them but he moved to stand beside @Sacre, offering his brother a warm smile in greeting as he settled in. Lucius was off hunting somewhere, but Lyra yelped in delight when she spotted the two foxes sitting in front of Sacre. She promptly attempted to gracefully clamour down Mesec’s neck and then down his legs but promptly fell from Mesec’s shoulder in the process. The squirming black pup quickly righted herself and then went to greet the two creatures that looked so like her.

It came as a shock when the demigod heard his name and the word Glazier. In the Throat, it had been his ambition to become a crafter and here… he couldn’t believe that he was getting the chance now. “Thank you, I will do my best.” Just as he had caught Sacre’s beaming smile when his own promotion had been announced, Mesec returned the favour a moment later - his silver eyes brightening at the mention of his brother being promoted to Moon Doctor.

And then there was more excitement a moment later when Tembovu began speaking. Not with the great glass spikes that shook and rose from the earth - which were mildly concerning but less cage-like than the glass wall had been - but when he announced that Roskuld was the General! Two of his younger siblings, here with him in the Edge and doing so well! “You can count me in for the patrols, General.”

image by Blu

Lyra goes to say hi to @Sacre's companions ;D
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[Image: t0jfcp.jpg]


A meeting was called. She heard the summons from her usual isolated spot by the cliffs, the Queen's call to bring every soul from their crevices and into some cramped space - and in a crowd, no doubt. Manon twisted her lips as if she could choose to stay in the pleasant silence of the clifftop, but ended up turning smoothly and swiftly setting a pace toward the gathering. Arriving upon the outskirts she saw the herd gathered, opalescent eyes flicking from one member to another... she knew almost none of them. Through passing, yes, but she'd never been introduced or spoken to. It was through no fault of theirs - and she certainly wasn't foolish enough to blame them for her own silent withdrawal, but here were strangers. Kind strangers, for the most part - but strangers all the same. She listened to the announcements with a careful ear, though her focus lay for the most part on the gentle relief of a birdsong breeze in her soft silver hair. There was little part in these proceedings for a woman of no standing, save for that interesting announcement of rankings - perhaps she wouldn't leave empty handed after all.

The flutter of a soft mint scarf caught her sharp eye, and Manon found herself turning to gaze at Toulouse from across the crowd. He, too, stood far enough back that she could see the distaste in his stature. She began to snake her way purposefully toward the charming man, listening with both amusement and curiosity as she approached. She had already agreed to become a sneak underneath his careful instruction, though she had not yet made such an announcement to anyone but the two of them. Drawing up next to the Specter, she said simply; "East it is, Toulouse." Manon paused a moment, and then raised her voice enough that it could be heard by the King and Queen. "I have chosen to become a sleuth, under the careful tutelage of Toulouse." Her long limbs shifted slightly as she finished, having said her piece.
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Studious and curious as ever, Tilney had spent his morning preening his way through the root system of a cactus from the Dragon's Throat in search of what he beleived might be the source of a wondrous alcohol. Once whithered, Tilney anticipated to find something interesting within the spires and juice of the fermenting cactus itself. Perhaps an agent they could use for cleaning wounds? Or perhaps nothing. Such was the work of his kind - trial and error.
The Queen's call caused him a great disruption, so much so it even caused the everglowing man to give a sigh in silent retaliation. He really did want to stay with his cactus.
Stepping fourth from the greenhouse, Tilney gathered himself and marched forwards in a positive stride towards the Queen's beckoning.

The presence of his beloved daughter was easily noted, her chirps heard before he even broke the treeline. With a smile the stallion took his place further to the front of the crowd and nodding to the herd-brothers and sisters he called his friends. The doctor allowed Maude to continue her conversation with the warrior without any interruption, however his daughters words came to him with some concern for Nyx's wellbeing if Maude had to ask her if she was 'okay'. This certainly did not interfere with his pride for her - she was becoming a remarkable young lady, full of kindness and scincerity. Everything he hoped she would be.

The announcements began and Tilney listened closely, smile content as he stood among his family. Sacre - he was finally a moon doctor! With a stamp of his hoof and a short-lived hoot for his friend, Tilneys gaze crossed to the fox boy. "Congratulations!" Tilney mouthed across the crowd voicelessly so to not disturb the other announcements. Each promotion was a joy to his ears though still, Toulouse's ascension to Specter was something he remained on the fence about and the gelding diserved the burden of a probation for the horror he nearly caused Raeden. As much as Tilney disliked the scout, he would hate for her to be thrown from the cliff top.
And then came the news of Arah's promotion! Maude's whistling voice, one full of pride for her mother was what amplified his grin twofold  and soon he was beaming and giving a stomp for the woman he loved.
Soon came some sombre words from the new Specter, and upon shifting his gaze to the gelding Tilney noted Manon at his side. Declaring her service to the edge as a sleuth a good cause. He only hoped Toulouse could offer her the kind of tutilage she wished for.

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