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Having pressed myself for time, and weary from the run, I am glad to take the last few strides towards my destination.  The broken stone shrine of the God of Time is as it’s always been, a steady constant that means more to me now than it has any other time I’ve approached it.  With a heavy, mourning heart, and an equally thought stricken mind, I come to a halt before the calling place of my chosen deity, and clear my throat.
"God of Time," I begin, having brought with me news, rather than a desire to conclude that which I’d initiated, the last time I was here; maybe I should have come before now, but I wouldn’t have had anything to tell him that wasn’t just a simple guess, and the lies we had been told.  It may be late, but I could at least tell him most of what was going on, if he didn’t already know, and maybe find myself a route to escape the narrow, bleak corridors of loss I’ve found myself stuck wandering in, in the process.  "I haven’t finished the task you gave me, but that’s not why I’m here, either."
Pausing, aligning my words carefully, I feel Duir’s heart begin to beat more quickly with worry, and the memory of the horrible bone creature we’d left not so long ago.  The rest of Helovia had seem hell bent on fighting it; though I hadn’t planned to do anything at first, the thought had slowly come to me that, maybe, the Time God didn’t know about Kaos, either.  The Earth God certainly hadn’t.
"Kaos has raised some skeletal structure and an obelisk in the Spectral Marsh, after deceitfully earning the help of most of Helovia to do so," I begin, and though it wounds me to do so, I even admit my own fault in the matter, "myself included.  I… I would like to say I would have known, had I not been so blinded by the way I feel right now…"
My voice trails away, breaking at the mention of the bleak well of sorrow and pity that has pooled inside me.
"I don’t know if that is the case.  Regardless," I pick back up, my voice regaining strength, as I move back to less personal, more pressing matters, "I don’t think he’s going anywhere, anytime soon."

[ OOC:  Rikyn is here to tell the Time God what is going on in the Marsh, and to offer his assistance. ]
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