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[OPEN] her soul is an empty vessel

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She remembered this place, with it's enchanting pools rich with rubies beneath it, tempting and taunting, daring you to look further—dive in. That time Ghost nearly had, driven by lust, saved from drowning by doubt, even then she had been naïve. A pedestal and a crown, that was all she had ever wanted and by hell she had got it, along with a title and a laughable legacy that was easily forgotten in the face of more lavish history. Ghost had desired for something that she didn't understand, her ignorance was her downfall, but hindsight twisted her into some kind of acrimonious witch with a taste for being annoying on purpose. Perhaps the misguided banshee was embracing her bitterness a little too much. She liked the Blood Falls, it was macabre, like the rest of the world, she thought the water's bleeding red complimented her beautifully. As the sun began to set in the sky, Ghost lingered a little longer near one of the falls and watched Fantôme as he stalked some unseen prey.

Ghost had always wondered why he had chosen her to be bonded to, or perhaps he never got a choice and was just bound to her by his own sheer dumb luck. When he was younger he had been all paws and no balance, hunting didn't come easy, Ghost was not a wolf after all, he had to learn all by himself. Now he looked more like a brooding predator, his yellow eyes forever alert and his personality had grown gruffer with age. They often prowled together, blending in and out of shadows, remembering the brief good times and enjoying the simple pleasures of familiar company. However, Ghost had soon grown restless of this stagnancy, spurring her north and into the mountains, led by a Valkyrie and her hound.

Now, the Cadaverous thought about returning back home, she had only seen a few random others on her way to the falls and her chances to pickpocket had been too few. Besides, she was no longer boundless, where once she could freely pinch without causing an uproar between two herds, now she must watch where she aiming her thieving swipes. Making her decision, she began to turn away from the roaring bloody water, calling her hungry wolf as she did.

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It had been a while since the stallion had been to the Blood Falls. Silver eyes pointed straight ahead lost in thought about his quest. He already knew who he was going to fight, but he had to be hunted by something and bit by a wolf. His brow furrowed as he tried to figure out how to go about the other things, when he remembered the most unpleasant part of his quest; to eat raw meat. His lip curled at the thought, but he would do it all the same. Isabella sent him some helpful thoughts, 'I help. I hunt.' He sighed his silver eyes rolling as she flew above him.

She had to watch her antlers as she dove around tree branches. It was weird to have guy body parts, even if they were only antlers. Now if she magically grew a penis every time she took this form, it would be rare for her to take it on. She snorted at the thought. Golden eyes scanned the area ahead and spotted a pair turned away from the falls. 'Others ahead. We go?' She didn't like meeting strangers, especially a stranger with a wolf companion. Her blood boiled when she was in her wolf form and around another, besides Bee anyway. She adored her wolf sister, that was tied to Ilios's sister.

'No we will not run away like we're scared of them.' He did pause behind a tree, just to see what they looked like. One looked familiar to him, but he couldn't place a name to her. The wolf at her side drew his interest and he stepped from behind the tree and walked calmly towards them. "Hello Miss." He smiled and Isabella landed beside him her talons digging into the Earth while her cloven hooves merely brushed the surface. She stood beside him deer head held high, her wings folded neatly beside her.


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OOC/Tags;; @Ghost It's perfect! Sorry if I kind of rambled lol! I thought since Fantôme was hungry Isabella looking more like a deer/bird might be a good idea xD
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