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All I Want [Ru vs. Elsa]

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It rains today.
Storm clouds bubble up in the atmosphere. Puffing out, large and foreboding. Although the sky is incredibly monochrome, the ground is a verdant green and the large, old growth trees are flush with new leaves.
Ru inhales the heavy scent that wafts from the new rain. It smells like old and new altogether.
She stands near the edge of a cliff, where she’d sparred Toulouse before and raises her head up. Closing her eyes to take in the idiosyncrasies of the Edge. If there are scents of the others, they are muted and lost to the rain. However, the waves that twist below her provide offerings of salt and seaweed. The earth smells of rich grass, and the woods offer up their bark with the subtle hint of blooming flowers.
How they combine with the rain, collected far beyond the reach of the horizon is indescribable. Yet the beat of the drops against feather and skin provide a soothing rhythm, one that is not lost from the roar of the sea below her. She craves affection still, to be touched, and the rain has kindly provided this desire for the woman. Embraced by the elements – these will simply have to do.
And perhaps it is enough to be content, and satiated.
For a while she has become a stone figure. Dropping her head and opening her eyes to peer back into the forest, a ways away from the even ground that is barren of trees. An outcropping that looks out into the sea.
Besides the rain there is sparring. And besides affection and the want to press against a warm and wanting body – her eyes hunger to train herself.
For one so young her experiences are few and far between. Three seasons of fighting won’t prepare her for what’s to come. Whatever it was, that stood between her and defending this new found home.
The Edge is home now. For its twisting canopies, and the shelter and the faces that are becoming a little more familiar. It may not be in her blood, but she assumes she too will grow her own roots. And become interconnected with them in one way or another.
For now though, she must spill blood and toil for her connection with the herd. Eventually they will see.
With that thought, she walks further along the wet ground, and makes her ceremonious cry in challenge. Picking up a piece of herself – a fragment, that was enthralled with the wind and adored the rain that slid down her coat – and cast it alongside with the magic that inevitably followed the motion with her soul. A 10m beam of light struck out from where she waited and into the sky. Signaling her position to anyone who felt necessary to brawl.

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Setting: World's Edge, mid-day, raining, trees in the background that come out to a flat grassy surface. Ending at a cliffside.

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your faith was strong but you needed proof

Should Elsa train? Probably. Does she want to? Hell no.

The plethora of new faces and a new general was daunting. The lineup of possible victims partners mainly consisted of new faces. Unfortunately for the Icebound, making friends was not her forte. Edgar delivered a quick peck between the eyes, screeching at his bonded for being such a sour puss. Elsa shook her head, enough so that the icy bird came a-tumbling down. He landed on his back with a squawk and glared. Elsa simply shrugged her shoulders, moving away from the bird as he scrambled to his feet, and resumed his place atop her head.

Then the rumbling cry of battle echoed out around them. Well, a signal that someone was wanting to battle anyways. It wasn’t like the whole world was about to attack her at once. Ever the over dramatic one, the Icebound returned the call, following the sound to its source.

They entered into a clearing near the edge of the cliff, the distant sound of rough, rainy waves providing a calming lull to pull Elsa’s social anxiety away. The source of said challenge was an unfamiliar girl- probably a new warrior who found her home in the Edge whilst Elsa was away trying to “save the world”. Edgar peeped a greeting as the duo stopped a few yards away. ”No point in pleasantries. Elsa, and Edgar.” She motioned to herself and the zephyr respectively. There was only a moments pause left, allowing her partner to introduce herself should she please.

The girl was pretty balanced compared to the Icebound. Just around her height, it seemed that the girl was less strong but definitely more durable. If Elsa wanted this to end in her favor, she had to hit hard and fast before the inevitable exhaustion set in. The Icebound prided herself in her strength and speed- but she was hardly able to maintain it. It was actually quite embarrassing to admit it, doing so made it seem as if she had become an ancient artifact.

Not the one to waste too much energy in a straight forward attack, Elsa did was she does best. Concentrating on the ground below Ru, she attempted to summon a set of four small ice spikes beneath her hooves. To attempt to add insult to injury, she also aimed to burn her face and eyes with her ice magic. Cloudy vision and tender hooves from the beginning would provide a much needed advantage. In the midst of this, Edgar took off from her head and circled from above. The Icebound, against his wishes, stood in place. Then again, maybe Elsa had a few new tricks up her sleeve than he was not aware of. Cawing from above, he tried to pull Ru’s attention away from Elsa so that her magic could literally work its magic.

Adrenaline had begun to leak into her veins, and the high of battle was returning. Even in the midst of this calm, gentle rain, she felt like a gladiator about to deal some massive, barbaric damage. It had been so long since she had experienced the rush, and man did she miss it. With a pounding heart and tense muscles, she tracked her competitor carefully. The predator must be faster and smarter than its prey.

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Through the veil of rain a call thunders from the distance. It is then, now, that Ru’s heart pumps vigorously, flutters and transcends her fear, her anxiety, her ineptness in this dizzying world into one singular entity.


There is only Victory that quivers along her lips. It isn’t a booming song that vibrates into the open, or a swelling of pride that spills out from her sides. She gives herself no other option, even if this Victory is not like the shouts and hurls of those who have conquered. Because it twists and aches in every layer that inhabits her guts, and cause every sound and touch of rain to radiate louder and harder than it should.

I am alive and I am burning with life. She cannot envision a more suitable cause, a more severe calling to endure the life she has chosen. There is purpose here in the Edge. And she must fill her cup with her devotion, or else the girl is damned to failure – again, and again, and again until the scars have struck her down into the mud.

Her eyes are wide, as her breath puffs out with heated clouds. She eyes her challenger, swathed in a flurry of snow, and brandished by scars untold. A series of mental notes are made: nearly equal in height, pegasus, companion – magic unknown. The mare appears matured, filled out; muscles that have seen battles are sure to pack their punch. It’s hard to truly discern what other characteristics lay dormant in the mare’s structure. Not without testing the mare’s movement.

Ru raises her head, and flares her wings to roll them forwards. The name Elsa means nothing to the girl – considering the lack of history shared between the warriors. There are no legends of Elsa’s prowess, her duty to her land – how she’s bled, and for what? To be ignored and dissolved away to time? Perhaps it is in the opponent’s benefit that her history remains hidden from the pupils who wish to provide their services, if not intentional, than foolishly negligent.

The dunskin offers the zephyr a quick glance, before an inevitable pause is afforded to Ru. But of course, she doesn’t take it – not anymore that is. Not in the throws of battle that boil into her blood, and glare after her opponent with what she hopes is a focused assessment of her build. And without adieu, the wild child, the vicious heroine seizes the wet earth with her nails. Propelling her after the mysterious white banshee, while her skin prickles underneath the palpable tension that lingers from one warrior to the other.

There is victory, after all.

And it comes with the presence of ice, and the sharp spike that slides across and beside her left fore. Just as Ru lands the offending leg, it cuts shallowly along the inside of her limb, severing skin like tissue paper, breaking with the crack of a contemptuous squeal. A sound that is fresh in its delivery, despite how broken and jarred it becomes in the air. It burns as she picks up her other limbs, avoiding the snares that leave their frosted bite against her heels. With each forced and even breath she is determined to gain speed and meet the seasoned canvass of her foe.

And just as the feeling of prickling, wicked ice-heat burns alongside her neck mysteriously, she manages to keep her voice from lurching beyond clenched jaws. The pain, despite its shallow presence along the right side of her neck, or the electrifying pull of damaged hide, fuels the huntress as she keeps her eyes ahead of her.

Ignoring the craw of the companion – wherever it resides – to move faster, move quicker between their distances. As obvious as her tactic appears, her wings are beating soundless beside her in the rain's heavy drum.

Ru jumps, lunging several strides before Elsa, tucking forelimbs and bunching her haunches close. Quickly now, the girl – having coiled her hindlegs allows them to spring back in an attempt to land a blow to her opponent’s withers, while in the air. The place where wing attaches to body, in an attempt to impair the Icebound’s ability to chase after her; though more as a tease to hopefully infuriate her elder. The wild child snaps her feathered tail down in abandon, whipping towards the frosted face below – as she plunged further into the sky to elevate her position.

A jeering whicker escaped her clenched jaw. Throwing her gaze back in hopes of spotting the white banshee's disapproval.

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your faith was strong but you needed proof

There is but one reaction Elsa has to Ru’s silence: ’Well isn’t she a cheery bitch.’

It made the whole “first attack” awkwardness less awkward. If Ru wanted to be a bitch, then Elsa would gladly treat her as one. Feeling the magic well inside, she releases it for a split moment as she sees Ru lurching forward. As soon as that hold on her magic was gone, she could only hope for the best. She watched closely, seeing the skin pull apart as the ice cuts through flesh. At least one of her magic attacks did some work.The following squeal felt like music to her ears- a good sign. Maybe her magic was a lot more powerful than she thought. Maybe it’ll keep Ru on the ground.

That’s right. She’s a pegasus. She has wings.

Edgar crowed from above, his tone condescending as he mentally reprimanded his bonded for being such an idiot. On cue, Ru had pushed off into the air- heading straight for Elsa. Well, at least Ru wasn’t shy. In her state of idiocrasy, Elsa could only think of one reaction, and that was to move backwards. Pushing off awkwardly, she pounded her hooves as fast as they could manage, only really gaining a foot or two before Ru was literally on top of her. Elsa felt hooves collide by her withers, each hoof taking a respective shoulder and leaving behind a lovely pulsating bruise. The Icebound grunted upon the impact, flinching as a tail slap to the face followed behind. She spluttered, trying in vain to keep a few hairs from entering her nostrils and mouth. This girl really was a bitch- with a nice side of cockiness.

Elsa lurched forward, using a few feet of ground to gain momentum before leaping into the air. Her large white wings extended with a large fwoosh as she found stability in the air. The rain was cooler up here, but thankfully wicking off of her feathers fairly easily. Edgar, who during this time attempted to gain more height on Ru, decided it was time to take his newfound powers for a test drive. With a large cry, he flapped his wings loudly, the distant sound of thunder making its way quickly toward the fight.

”You asshole!” Elsa cried, knowing exactly what Edgar was attempting to do. He was trying to use his little lighting wakiya freak thing to summon a storm. They had tried it once before, and it had ended badly the keyword there being badly. It left both of them a drenched mess, and Elsa a sloppy disaster. Picking up on his bonded’s well placed anger, he just snickered through their bond. ’Hey, it’s extra training, enjoy.’ With that, Edgar descended, wings folded backwards as he dove towards Ru’s head. His bonded was still getting comfortable in the air and couldn’t reach Ru easily. So he took matters into his own hands. Talons extended, he aimed to scratch at her eyes and ears. ’See I’m even doing your job for you, you need the training.’ If Elsa hadn’t been mid fight at the moment, she would have given that cold little asshat the reaming of a lifetime. Let’s see how cocky he’d be with no feathers looking stupid as hell.

Elsa turned in the air, circling around to head in the direction Ru was going. As Edgar did his thing, she used a little more energy to try to lift herself higher into the air. Another clap of thundered rolled forth then, causing the Icebound to yelp as mother nature provided a nice introduction for Edgar’s storm. From her mind, all she could hear was the constant cackling of a bird that may or may not be mentally insane.

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