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I didn't give up the light;
I closed my eyes and closed myself

The infection they had fought to eradicate from neighboring lands and the sickness she had purged from her body was back. Kaos. A God. From beneath the noses of their gods, this monster had built a land of his own and a monster to guard its borders. He had tricked them and made fools of their deities, and Aithniel felt her emotions churn like a tidal wave in her chest. Battle after battle she'd fought in the name of the Sun God and now his power set in the horizon, right over the land of filth and heresy.

She felt the heat waves from the veins brush through her feathers as she landed on the rocky precipice. Aithniel walked forward powerfully toward the shrines, her body sweating from the sweltering heat. She tossed her dark and gold mane from her neck and took a deep breath, trying to organize her thoughts. What could she do now? What could they do against a god? The voice of Ophelia in her head, telling her to retreat, was wise. They had done just that. Like children, they were chased from the door where they fists pounded uselessly.

"Father, what do I do?" she asked, staring up at the sky. There was no moon. There was no sun. Just darkness. She turned around on her heels. "Please, tell me. I cannot live in a world where my battles are for naught and the banner raised in your name is tarnished by this foul god's presence." She frowned, silver eyes staring listlessly at the churning ocean. "Give me a task, please. Tell me how to defeat this demon."

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But burn down our home
I won't leave alive

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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

Fire rained from the sky in a furious scattering of flame. For his child the God wasted no pomp or circumstance, but allowed himself to appear just as he was; disheveled and furious.  The God's molten eyes,  dark and deep just like Aithniel's own, met her gaze with pride and appreciation. He'd been wondering what to do - how to sort out this mess without abandoning his herd or Helovia, as the Earth had. Though he saw the wisdom in his larger brother's actions, he could never follow them.

Not yet anyways.

"Aithniel." He breathed, taking a moment to envelope the girl in his warm embrace of flaming feathers and paternal adoration. He would not use her as a pawn, and he hoped that regardless of the direness of the situation and the severity of what he was about to ask of her, that she knew his love for her ran deep. 

"Do not call him a God." Her Father sneered, ears flat against his angular skull. "Don't even think of him as one. Even in our words, let us not raise him above the filth and decay that he is." The air fizzled around the God as his fury began to seep from his skin and superheat the air. "But I take your meaning. We have already underestimated his abilities once. Twice, perhaps." There would not be a third.

"There is a way that you can help me, and all of Helovia. But it is a task that I do not request lightly. You have fought for your crown, but now I would ask you to give it up. To defeat him, we need information. We need to know him. We have never faced an advisary such as him; one who comes from borders so distant from our own as to be unimaginable. If you agree, I will open a portal to the lands that the Riftians and their gods came from .. I would have you go and learn what you can."

The God paused, his heart breaking even as his words left his lips confident and strong. Aithniel was not a child any longer and yet the thought of sending his daughter into a strange world where he could not protect her sent spikes of ice rushing through his veins. But his resolve would not weaken. Extending a wing, he offered her a glowing crystal that held within it a small but wild flame. "When you are ready to return, you need only break this."


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