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Heal me, doctor [ Beloved vs. Mortuus Nox ]

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Of all the rituals and events which had plagued and incensed the murderous maiden since her return to the world of the day-walkers, none had been quite as pleasing as that which her General had bade her this morning.  Though she had certainly hissed and scorned his arrival as the brim of gold split wide the blissful perfection of night’s dark cloaking, she had quieted, subdued by the tethers of his rank above her own, some scant few lines of reality which she had not yet shorn; her silence had not been long lived, however, for her child master had brought her news of a hunt, one which, he claimed, anyway, she must complete.
Erebos, of course, had also told her that she could not actually kill or truly maim the man she had been sent to test herself against, for they shared the same mountainous abode; as she waits, however, with night settling down over the shoulders of the Basin, filling its vale with shadow and twilight’s silver-blood glimmer, it is easy to feel the rousing of her wickedness, curling, unfurling, inside her pale breast.  It is simple and pleasant to imagine blood and the sound of breaking bone, to hear within her mind the shuddering, wet dismay of one’s last, bloodied breaths.
She giggles, the sound trailing away from her, down her rise, and through the evening silence. 
Perhaps she has missed him, she thinks, too many eager to walk the halls of sunlight and radiance, shunning the black comfort of Lady Night.  Beloved knows, though, that the heat does not often reach into the dark belly of these hours, and that for that, alone, it is worthy of fighting of the sleep which steals most common men.  If she has missed the man, she also thinks, she will find him where he sleeps, and run him through, the battle won before his eyes could widen in surprise…
[ Summary:  In the heart of the Basin at the top of a sloping rise, during the first hour of night.  Beloved stands with her back to the lake, facing west.
You are welcome to the first attack!  Thanks for sparring with me. <3  ]

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