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The Ocean’s Light stands upon a familiar hillock—a place where she had seen the Reaper stand many times over the years, and a place where in this moment, she feels particularly small. Questions of how she could possibly follow in Deimos’ footsteps have haunted her countless times since the Time God had promoted her. He had been such a grand leader and a noble stallion, someone she had always looked up to. Now, standing on the same ground, she feels the weight of expectation across her shoulders. But the sea maiden has never been one to shy away from responsibility, and the thought of abandoning her people never even entertains a thought. It will take everything she has, but she will guide her beloved home as best as she can. To do anything else is unthinkable.

Looking to her companion, Tiamat gently brushes the whale’s smooth forehead, exhaling a warm breath as she gathers herself together. Summoning every ounce of resolve in her body and squaring her muscles in the face of her obligations, she raises her lips to the mighty peaks, and calls them to her: “PEOPLE OF THE BASIN, MY FAMILY! COME!” Never before has her voice been so great, and never before has it echoed across the highland valley with such passion and earnesty and warmth. At her side, Nimue emits a low, long whistle, eyeing the blue mare as she silently marvels at her bondmate’s valiant purpose.

Tiamat smiles through the bubbling electricity of her nerves, her white eyes turning to her fellow Lady when the small, fair woman arrives at her shoulder. A gesture of camaraderie and warmth is offered between them, the Ocean’s Light finding strength with Aisling at her side. She finds her excitement rising to match her anxiety as the members of the Basin come trickling to her call, the length of her lion tail swaying steadily around her ankles, while a small grin rests easily across her expression.

“Hello everyone,” she greets them all with a familiar kind of affection, a thread of bashfulness lingering in the way she briefly tucks her head. However, she stands proud when she goes on to address them, trying to be the steady rock of comfort that they need her to be. That she wants to be for them. “I’m sure the words of the Time God have been weighing on everyone’s minds these last several weeks—but it is important to not allow fear or despair overwhelm us. We are a strong people, and if we work together, we can conquer these uneasy times. I have no doubt about that,” her eyes try to find all of them, seeking to give them strength and reassurance. Truly, if there is anything that Tiamat has always believed in, it is her beloved home. If they could feel the same, then there will be nothing that could shake their mighty foundation.

Breathing in through her nose, the ocean mare allows the confidence of her words to settle before she continues. “It is time to furnish our ranks once again,” a crooked grin twists one side of Tiamat’s lips, unable to contain the anticipation of building their mountain valley once more to the thriving kingdom that she remembers. There has been a lot of ambition already shared between her and her fellow Lady—it electrifies her bones to think of it all coming to fruition.

First, she looks through the crowd for a familiar black, scarred face. “Along with Lena and Enna, Mortuus Nox will be our third Time Mender,” finding her friend, she smiles broadly, believing that he has the skills and aspirations to successfully fill the position that she had vacated. “And working alongside Eldala, Vertigo has been chosen to be our Weaver,” she searches for the antlered mare then, thrilled to see the draft settling into a place that she can call her own. “Our two Thieves will be Rikyn—” she can’t help but give the gilded stallion a wide smile as well, thoroughly proud of him, “—and Imogen, a new member of our northern family.” Briefly her eyes find the pegasus, offering her an encouraging glance of welcome.

“Cassius will be our new Haruspex,” she says with another smile given to the pleasant gray stallion, before her eyes search for another. “To aid him in his endeavors, we offer Öde the rank of Disciple,” Tiamat glances between the two men, nodding to them both happily. “Additionally, in an effort to bolster our fortify ranks, we invite both Weaver and Wessex to serve together under our General as Corporals,” she looks to each woman accordingly, and then glances to Erebos, hoping that he will appreciate such promotions. “Both of you will be given rank magic. A responsibility we also extend to Oizys, who has shown great enthusiasm as a soldier,” Tiamat has yet to meet the young grulla personally, but she has heard promising things about the budding warrior’s potential.

Broadening her attention again to the whole crowd gathered, the Ocean’s Light smiles—and the gesture is soft this time, almost doting, “Congratulations to all of those who have been promoted. We expect great things from you.” Her tone is one of encouragement, support, and optimism—one of hope for their future. “Furthermore, as many of you will remember, our herd was given a quest by the Time God many seasons ago. Aisling and myself feel it is time to complete this task,” and with that, she turns to the white woman, shifting the attention of the meeting to the Fae’s words.


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Notable changes:
@Mortuus Nox - promoted to Time Mender
@Vertigo - promoted to Weaver
@Rikyn and @Imogen - promoted to Thief
@Cassius - promoted to Haruspex
@Öde - promoted to Disciple
@Weaver and @Wessex - promoted to Corporal, given rank magic
@Oizys - given rank magic
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The sea maiden looks to her fellow Lady to continue their meeting, but the Fae humbly waves Tiamat forward, encouraging her to go on. The blue mare sighs a long, deep breath through her nose, and returns the whiteness of her eyes to the people of the Aurora Basin, looking out over them with a solemn affection. There is nothing that she wouldn’t do for them—nothing that she wouldn’t do to strengthen and protect her beloved family. While naturally a bright and cheery woman, Tiamat finds herself sobered now, realizing the seriousness of their task at hand.

“For those of you who do not know the nature of our quest,” she begins again, pausing in order to ensure that she has captured their attention once more, “it is for the protection of our borders—with the God of the Spark’s assistance, we seek to have electric wolves that will guard our herd land. In a time like this, with such an unpredictable threat looming over Helovia, I think it will ease all of our minds to have the additional security.” The line of her sapphire lips softens as a smile pulls along one side, a flicker of humor sparking through her eyes, despite the gravity of her own words. The monster that is Kaos is never far from the sea maiden’s mind these days—and she wouldn’t be surprised if it is the same for most of them.

Still, even in these dark times, she sees hope in their future—and the strength to not only carry on, but to grow. After all, resilience is not uncommon with those who live in the northern mountains.

Sweeping her eyes over the crowd, she seeks to make eye contact with everyone, especially those who have just been promoted and given their new responsibilities. “In order to complete the quest, we must learn more about the native wolves that live around us, as well as feed them—by hunting, delivering, or placing food for them to eat—and protect them from their natural predators,” Tiamat, with her fragile heart, cannot help but stumble a little bit at the last part, wondering what kinds of savage beasts would dare to prey upon wolves.

Only with the strength of her young companion does the Ocean’s Light manage to continue, her resolve rising once more to light a fire in her expression, flames which glow and blaze with a faithful determination. “We will need everyone’s help!” Her eyes intensify, imploring them to join her in her purpose. “Arrangements are already being made to get these tasks started as soon as possible. Does anyone have any questions?” For a moment, she fears that she will be unable to help them with their queries, because how much more could she possibly know than them? Pressing her lips together, she tries to disguise her unease, standing strong—dutifully bearing the mantle their God has placed across her shoulders.


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The world was in a constant state of movement, and he’d learned that he had to adjust, or sink beneath the perils, the trials, and the tribulations. He didn’t erode quite like his father, bit by bit, piece by piece, one miniscule motion at a time, but in pulses and waves, a restless mind reaching for the stars, for the denizens, for oblivion, staring out over the vast walls and mountains as they were called to order again – and he followed, taking his sire’s place as one of their wandering blades. Erebos wasn’t quite a scythe, had yet to master the irreverent, immoral stride of the Reaper’s weapons and entity, but he embodied daggers and swords, a fine Cheshire grin, a beckoning multitude of schemes, of soulless designs, that would eventually ruin or escalate him, to triumph, to damnation. The prince was a lingering slate of the unknown – thrust into roles and titles, paying homage to a broken, beaten-down world that was suddenly fighting for its place in the onslaught of terror and treachery (a chaotic twist, a flame he couldn’t quite resist) - succeeding, continuing to persist in the anarchical realm of Kaos and his bone monsters.
He played his part too, a wicked, boyish, handsome smile chiseled along his features (as if he were not made of abhorrence and vengeance), bobbing his skull to the Queens, trying to forget the wrinkle in time where his father had stood there, nestled along the valley, a king of the north, a sovereign of the chilling winds (all ghosts now, labored and done, succumbed but not finished, not until he too was good and buried). He listened as well, ears swinging back and forth, while his gaze cast and sorted out the chosen beasts, laden with their worries and complexities now – to Rikyn, his beloved friend, were he whooped and shouted for his blade brother with an exultant joy (Thief; christened into secrets, cloaks, and daggers), to Ode, driven back into his cave of hours and minutes, and to his own fellow soldiers, Wessex and Weaver, honored and named to statures of Corporal. A touch of pride scalded over his chest, and he didn’t mind puffing it out for the world to see, pleased, satisfied, content this wondrous army of his was going to make a name for themselves, by blood, by fortifications, and by defending the illustrious cold. “Congratulations!” He shouted for them (Enyo clicked her beak by his feet, Orsino hissed something ridiculously feral), over the swell of the realm, a defiant, seditious sort of splendor curling and coiling within him; waiting for the days where they’d all draw their blades and march into scalding ripples of war and melee, before casting his sights back to the sea mare and fairy sovereign. “Ode and I will be patrolling the Marsh soon, if others would like to join.” His beguiling smile reappeared, a lure, a cast, a sense of humor not burdened by prior patrols ending with bear assaults and wounded prides. The news of the electric wolves was a divine one too – because his father had started the project, and the youth intended to assist in ensuring it was completed (predators everywhere; carnivore rapture and opulence). “Let me know if there’s anything else my soldiers or I need to do,” he swept back to the monarchs, before bowing back in the same impish decree.

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The large mare roams the land, alone. However, it is not a sad thing for her. Vertigo is content. She's happier than she's ever been in the Basin and that was more than she could ask for. It was like a prayer that had been answered, a blessing. The antlered female grinned to herself. Yes. This was home.

A booming voice startles her out of her thoughts, feathered limbs coming to a halt. “Tiamat?” Tilting her head slightly, Vertigo feels the pull of the calling. The desire to follow the other female's voice is greater than the longing to enjoy her own company and she follows. Tossing her large head, the Shire canters forward, eager to see her friend again. It was Tia that had saved her from loneliness, saved her from herself even. Ve couldn't even begin to thank the ocean mare and was forever grateful for her friendship.

It isn't long before Vertigo comes upon the blue mare and she grins in welcome. Halting, she nickers a silent hello, sapphire eyes turning to the other maiden at her side. She is bare of horns or wings, her frame small, yet lovely. The Draft smiles softly, nodding her head in a shy hello. Vertigo has still yet to meet many of the others in the herd.

Others follow suit, showing up and giving their own version of greetings to the two leaders. Tiamat speaks once it seems like everyone has showed up. Dark ears swivel around her antlers, listening intently to everything the azul maiden has to say. She speaks of a Time God, but Vertigo has the slightest idea of what she is speaking of. Within time, Ve knows that the maiden will fill her in on the things she's missed. She was still new to the herd after all, there were bound to be things she didn't know or understand clearly.

At the mention of ranks, Ve allows her full attention once again. She was eager to see where everyone stood in the grand scheme of things. Where she stood. A dark colored stallion is acknowledge, Tiamat giving him a bright smile of congratulations. The large mare is lost on his name, but she still nods and smiles her own form of congratulations. At the mention of her name, the mare's dark eyes widen, blinking rapidly several times. Had she heard right? Her? Ranked? A wide grin reaches her features and she puffs her chest forward with pride. “Thank you, I'm honored.” Her voice is soft, the worry of being ridiculed still ever present despite the friendliness she's found here.

Tiamat continues with her speech, uttering a name that wipes the bright smile off Vertigo's face. She turns to look around, failing to notice when and where the winged female had joined the gathering. She cannot spot her and for that reason alone, Ve shivers. Imogen wasn't what she had expected when she first met her. A wolf of a mare, a beast that, honestly, Vertigo didn't want to meet again. She's happy that she hadn't see the other maiden, for maybe that meant that Imogen had forgotten her.

In her worry about the winged creature, Vertigo failed to catch the rest of the rankings. She swallowed hard, her mind running a mile a minute. She was fine. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding, right? No one could be that cruel....

Tiamat's change of tone dragged Vertigo out of her misery with a snort. She speaks of additional security at the Basin's edge and Ve can't help but wonder what that will entail. Wolves. That's what it entailed. Listening, Ve was taken aback. They had to take care of predators? Wasn't that something a little out of the ordinary? Tilting her head slightly, a new wave of thoughts overtook her brain. What a confusing time this was for her.

“Does anyone have any questions?” Well of course. She had millions of questions. What was going on here? What could she do to help? Could someone as clueless and benign as herself really be of any use to the herd? Of course, Vertigo remained silent. It wasn't for her to speak just yet. After all, she was sure someone else would ask the questions she needed answered first. Maybe. Possibly. Swallowing hard, the youngster looked around her, waiting.

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They lived on, forever enduring, strong, and mighty beneath the mountains, the chasms, and the cliffs. The Basin always had; it was habitual, it was instinctual, it was from seasons, cycles, years, and eons of constantly treading into the weight of fury, into the onslaught of terror, and coming out on the other side. She wasn’t surprised to see them swell again, numbers escalating, encroaching back to where they used to be, under directions, guidance, and obstinate hearts, from the General, to the sovereigns, to the hordes of newcomers who’d settled and tried to make their home in the chilling, but protective, strong, and eternal kingdom. Lena couldn’t help but smile as she listened to Tiamat, for the sea maiden fit well into her role, regarded them all with humbleness, with tenderness, with warmth, and attempted to fill in the gaping hole the Reaper had left. Roles were obliged, bestowed, granted and given (and she prospered a wink to Mortuus Nox, no longer under her tutelage but beside her, gone from a demon, to a fledgling medic, and ultimately to a skiller healer, a master of mending), titles no longer empty or forgotten, each and every one of them destined to help, guide, and foster their world, their empire – just as it should be. Even if she didn’t know some of them – the incoming Weaver, one of the Thieves – she was still proud of their achievements, their tangible abilities, the ways in which they’d earned their mantles. She bobbed her head in time to each of the announcements, peeking this way and that for the individuals taking legendary places (a whisper of Faelene towards the Thieves, D’art for the Menders, Ulrik for the Weavers), declaring her congratulations with a bright, luminescent smile and a resounding melody.
Even when the talk came to wolves, predators lurking in their midst as a means to guard, she wasn’t immediately withered, dismayed, or disappointed; she and Imogen simultaneously glanced to the decaying, metallic guardians crumbling into the dust, pondered over the means, the measures, of protection from the vile, wicked evils they'd seen amongst the unearthed catacombs. “Will these wolves replace our Sentinels?” She asked on a whim, gaze fixating back to Tiamat, to Aisling, wondering over what Ulrik's ancient machines would become too – another part of the backdrop, ground into the earth, sharpened for something else, or forgotten, one more piece lost to time's ills.

Lena the Songbird

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[Please don't take sour Ode personal!]

They are gathered once more, and Öde manages to make a more timely arrival, fully geared up this time - he can't help but steal a look for Wessex in memory of the last meeting. He's near his cousin as usual; the stallion is perhaps his only friend in this entire herd. Öde has managed to make connections elsewhere, but even those bonds are few, having spent most of his childhood embodied by a wraith, and his young adulthood rotting as a corpse. He surely knows how to put his daylight hours to good use.

Such facts linger in his mind when it isn't his name, yet again, that is shuffled beside the honor of Haruspex. No, once more he is but a Disciple, a mere servant of a horse he doesn't know. He can't help but shoot this Cassius a baleful glare, wondering if the man has ever even seen their god, much less spoken to him, like Öde has. Or was this newcomer there when the strange gods delved into their world, was he there to slay them as Öde was (admittedly Öde did more masturbating than slaying...)? He snorts, contemptuous, if only because he doesn't like to lose, to be forced to accept the fragile mortality and the lesser quality of it in any manner. So though Öde knows why he is once again subjected to such inferiority (the Queens do not know him, how could they after a year's absence?), it does little to ease the bite of failure.

Öde catches Erebos' eye and the almost ever-present smile his kin harbors. It eases the stiffness from his own foul features, and he is reminded once more of the manners he's been schooled on time and time again. One day the charm will stick.

He listens to the rest of the announcements with half a heart, and at the mention of the electric wolves another worm of jealousy burrows into his heart. He was there when they were first handed this quest, was anyone else? He couldn't remember now, but it was certainly interesting to hear they hadn't progressed after all this time. Well, he'd just have to prove himself by doing more work than Cassius, make them regret their choice.

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Using the wide span of her dark wings to help balance herself, the pegasus perches daintily on a little jutting of rock, which protrudes from the mountainside just above the heads of those settled in the valley. Her golden hooves are close together and her slender muscles are taught in an effort to keep her steady, but nevertheless, the cat-like mare stands with an ease that belies her rocky location. With beady eyes that are only slightly narrowed, she watches as the members of the Aurora Basin trickle in to head their Lady’s call. Much to her pleasure, she is one of the first to arrive to the meeting, and so it is not hard for her flinty gaze to rake over each of them.

Almost immediately she recognizes the antlered beast, and with a twitch of her smoky lips, Imogen wonders if the draft mare will become a problem. After all, she had not parted with Vertigo in the most cordial of ways—after having encouraged a fair amount of alcohol into her system, and then luring her apple-addled body into the lonely shadows to be abandoned, Imogen suspects that Vertigo would not be keen to meet with her again. She suppresses a dramatic sigh, glaring for the shadow of a second before she shifts her attention elsewhere, while already the back of her mind works like the conniving gears of a clock.

More come, but the huntress doesn’t identify any of their faces. With a cold and hateful twist in her gut, she realizes that she is the only pegasus within this herd. There are a few others—a scant few—who have wings, but this mountain land is noticeably dominated by those bastards with horns. She had heard as such when she had first wandered to Helovia, but to see it before her now, she feels a fire in her belly ignite with a righteous contempt.

(Why come to join them, then?)

As with every one of her actions, there is a purpose to this choice. For now, however, she draws little attention to herself, except to stand over the rest of them. When the promotions are announced, the iciness of her eyes settles upon the one whom she is to work with—Rikyn, a unicorn brute she has yet heard nothing of—and regards him with a cool neutrality. She intends to pick him apart, piece by piece, and leave him exposed to the cruelty of her own whims. Patience, she reminds herself, breathing in deeply through her nose as her dark eye wanders across the others of the crowd. Wordlessly she listens—the rest of the promotions, their herd’s quest—while the clockwork of her mind turns.

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Ah, another meeting, though the call this time is far friendlier and far less demanding. Though she still liked Sparky pants and his demanding tone. Maybe more than Tia and her “family” nonsense, except if she’s being honest (and she often isn’t) it’s nice to feel like she belongs. In truth, she likes Tia well enough. She’s a good ruler, even if she is all sunshine and rainbows. Weaver heads off toward the source of the sound like a dutiful little solider. Raven perches on her back, uninterested in the politics of all this herd nonsense, but never willing to be too far from his bonded.

Weaver could pretend she didn’t like herd meetings. That they were droll and full of a lot of talking and not a lot of anything else. Which was sort of true, but also not. Stuff tended to happen in meetings. Promotions, demotions, tasks, action. They got to leave some purpose. At least, they better leave with some purpose. Because if Tia called them here to sing songs she would stop liking Tia real quick.

Weaver settles in next to no one in particular. She’s neither the first nor the last, which seems reasonable. So she settles in to wait until Tia starts talking. The beginning is dull and stupid, but she knows it’s necessary. It doesn’t take Tia long to get into the meat of the meeting, dolling our promotions like candy today. She pays attention to who gets what, keeping up some running mental commentary in her head, though her feelings don’t cross onto her face. Raven, for his part, sits looking impassive but mildly amused at his bonded’s swirl of emotions.

Though then her eyes following a promotion to another girl with wings. Wings Hell freaking yes. Maybe they’d get the hell over this weird thing against her wings. Though at the same time, a childish part of Weaver doesn’t like that she’s no longer special, no longer the only one. But the rational, reasonable side of her hopes this girl wants to spar. Because Weaver wants to practice with some in the air as well, wants to remember what it’s like to fly without feeling guilty about it.

Then Tia is saying her name. Brand new little Weaver, the tiniest of their warriors, and Wessex (that one she gets, girl is legit a tank) to serve as Corporal. Erebos shouts his Congratulations, and she turns to find him, giving the General a smile and a nod before turning back to Tia. “I won’t let the Basin down,” she says simply, feeling entirely thrilled and pleased with this turn of events. Though she tries to school the look on her face, keeping her outward appearance her usual, mischievous self.

The other Queen says nothing, making Tia go on to talk of electric wolves. Weaver’s smile grows devious at that, perfectly content with the notion of taking care of real wolves and hunting for them in order to have electric ones. So much like the Valley’s wolves. It reminds her of her childhood, of visiting that particular kingdom. Wolves don’t scare her, but of course, she can just flit off in the sky and get away from them. She says nothing more, listening to the various comments and questions.

[Stares and Imogen and her wings for a moment, nods and smiles at Erebos when he yells congratulations]


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Toulouse didn't expect that Tiamat would actually be capable of yelling that loud - this was why he lifted his head from the ice cold floor of his cave with a hastened, slightly panicked jerk. Instict told his that the mare was being attacked, and so his pale hooves dug quickly into the earth to push himself up onto his haunches. Though, when the rest of her boom was prcessed, he gave a grunt and a nod; she was fine, and he'd probably just woken up for nothing.
But no; she requested the herd's attendance. His attendance. There was scurrying outside the entrance to his home, and for once the gelding felt like he mustn't miss out on a herd meeting.

The kind he'd watched at the edge had always been an ugly pissing party of promotions and demotions, and a chance to cat call any the leaders might want to publicly humiliate (namely, himself). He prayed that there was a slightly more humble approach in the north.

Treading lightly across the craggy hillside, Toulouse caught sight of a growing crowd. He stuck to the trees, preferring the cover of the pines and snow to the snugness that came with standing out in a clearing with his new herd brothers and sisters.
Not a single face was one he recognised, all apart from the Lady herself, which was what brought him to another conclusion.
The lady stood alone; was there no Lord? He didn't doubt Tiamat entirely, though still, he wondered how on earth she could run an entire herdland alone.




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The call stirred the scarred mare awake, but it was more of a peaceful sound rather than what she was used to. She liked Tembovu, she really did, but his calls were sometimes too sharp, too intense, almost militarized in the way he called the Edge. This call was different, and surprising to the mare. Quickly, or as quickly as her old bones let her, she made her way to the meeting. As she arrived, she noticed a gathering had already began, and she simply took a glance around before finding a familiar face. Quietly, the mare lowered her head before making her way toward the man she once knew as a specter.

Her pale, blood stained body, made its way toward the pale man – avoiding the full gathering in the center for the refreshing cover of the trees. As she approached she offered him a small smile. “Toulouse, I didn’t know you’d moved to the Basin too.” The words were almost comical, a strange difference to the cracked and unused nature her voice took back in the Edge. She was happier here, and it was evident. Her bones didn’t protrude as much as they used to, her eyes weren’t as dim as they once were. She even smiled without cringing. So many things had changed for her, and she hoped that things were going better for him as well.

Then, after introductions with Toulouse, she turned her attention to the gathering of promotions. A few names stuck out to her, Cassius for being a Haruspex now and how she’d need to congratulate him on the honor. Another, Vertigo, someone she needed to meet up with soon if she were to take up her post as a crafter here in the Basin like she had been in the Edge. Her eyes briefly scanned the crowd in search for someone by that name, but Tiamat had begun speaking again of a herd quest, and she remained paying attention to the tasks at hand.

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I arrive to the meeting a bit late, which, as my mother used to say, was fashionable, unless you were the one in charge of it. Not feeling particularly the part, however, my head is relatively low and my gaze is lack luster as I find a place to stand among the fold. Though part of me wants to find Erebos’ side, and cling to it, as I might have as a colt, I reject the weak feeling for companionship, and instead pick a place among strangers. Duir lingers some where, the images he sends me hinting that he is close, but hidden, likely among the nearby pines, or against some boulder or outcropping, utilizing his peculiar, vanishing power.

It’s good to see Tiamat up there, and I listen to her with more attention that I’ve probably given anyone else who’s stood in her place. Maybe it’s that I view her as a friend, not a captor, or maybe it’s something more, but she seems suited to be one half of the ruling force of the Basin. In most of my years here, there had always been wickedness on the throne, my mother probably being the worst of them, and the sea-mare is pretty much the opposite of who the Lady GildedBlade was. Honest, kind, compassionate, and with more love than I could possibly stand to have inside me at any given point, maybe someone like Tiamat really is what the Basin needs.

I’m quite surprised, then, when my name is called out among those being honored.

Erebos’ cheerful call of praise draws an awkward smile to my otherwise glum expression, the faintest light returning to my eyes as I lift my head, and look out towards Imogen, the fellow Thief. Though I try to hide my slightly diminished delight at the notice of her wings (for the love of Moon’s voluptuous ass, why?), I finish the rest of the meeting feeling quite a bit better than I had when I’d arrived.

Duir, however, is only worried, knowing all too well that I’m, well, not responsible.

When Aisling makes Tiamat finish the meeting on her own, however, I frown, making a mental note to keep an eye on the pair, to ensure that my friend isn’t being overworked, or taken advantage of. Being the sort of horrible person who would manipulate someone like Tiamat, I certainly have noticed that she’s, well, probably more naïve and good natured than is good for her, sometimes. Regardless, it’s not just her wellbeing at stake – we all heard the Time God, the last time he was here.

The sound of electrical wolves sounds like the worst thing that anyone might have concocted. Immediately filled with trepidation, I swallow down the rising fear that floods me at the mere mention of wolves. The thought of them constantly roaming about makes my skin crawl, and I admit that I probably won’t be overly keen on starting up those projects; sounds like a job for my compatriots, to me!

Lena’s question causes a crestfallen expression to mark my face, a sudden inspiration to speak taking hold of me. Quickly gathering my thoughts, I project my voice, finding that I’m quite good at it, despite having not done it much before.

"I will try my best to uphold my duties, Ladies," I begin, nodding to both of them, and the rest of the herd, before continuing, "if the soldiers are to search the Marsh, I would ask my fellow sneaks to meet with me shortly after the conclusion of this meeting, to discuss the study of the beach, as well. Perhaps there is information there that was missed during the False Gods arrival. In regards to my…"

Clearing my throat, because it tightens with pain, and the empty hollow inside my heart, I try to not let my voice break as I continue. Cementing my emotions away behind a wall, only the faintest hint of how much they really mean to me bleeds through when I look back up.

"The Sentinels," I manage, looking, in particular, to Tiamat, though I vacillate my gaze between the unicorn and the equine both, "I implore each of you to consider their restoration. They have stood as a symbol of strength and unity to me for my entire life, and I am sure they mean the same to many others. I pledge whatever of my own time must be given to see them whole again."

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Being called family draws the serpent’s head from where she dwelled in the dark, reaching depths of the shadow between the granules of earth at her hooves. With a snarl, she looks in the direction of the summons, a sour taste already rising in her mouth at the chipper insinuation that the white witch has kin to answer to. Still, she is not an idiot, despite the blathering giggles which trail after her serpentine, peculiar path, and makes her way towards the bright ballad of her Lady Ocean’s Light, which calls across the vale.

It is peculiar, answering to seraphs, and it is writ in all of the beasts vesture as she stills her motions among the company of Yr’s Weaver, the first she finds and knows. With a rancorous snarl accompanied by laughter, the bitch nips at the warrior paint in greeting, before turning her malevolent focus upon the beacon of laughter and hope which guides the mountain folk, in the wake of Death’s Death.

Glancing about her for the old man, she does not see him, and settles more fully alongside her fellow the longer the blue mare’s words lilt out over the gathered crowd. Titles, stations, bidding, they all ring clear, but of all the tidings brought by the Lady Tiamat, what Beloved hears is the promise of the power of the wolves. So drawn into herself and her mad tittering of approval is the wicked one that she does not take note of the rest of what is said about the massive, metal unicorns (who frighten her, with their empty, glass-made eyes of blood, though she will never admit it).

Regardless, they can certainly count the pale demon among those who will serve the wolves, in a hope to earn their service in turn.

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My most hated season is back and of course there’s a herd meeting - so I can’t just crawl into my cave and hide from the sunlight. I mean, what sort of husband would I be if I left Aisling up there and didn’t show up to support her?? And Tiamat too!!! It’s too bad Deimos is on vacation (thick in denial, remember) because I bet he would love to see those two mares leading the Basin as wonderfully as I know they are!

I just need to get off my powdered sugar butt more often and help out!

I trot over towards the Meeting Hill and join in with the group - kinda. Anyway. I’m lingering towards the back again because although I still absolutely love this place and want to help in any way that I can - I don’t know how I can. I’ve flopped at being a Weaver and now there are other faces that will step up and take up that job. I just need to find the right position for a lil old Candy man.

Jellybean is fast asleep on my back so she doesn’t make her usual announcements, for which I think everyone can be thankful. So we’re just a pink and white pair, hangin’ out, and I honestly have no idea what to do. I mean, like, I listen to the announcements and it looks like everyone is getting promoted - which is super cool! I don’t know most of them but I’m happy for them anyway.

“Congratulations everyone!!” I call out in a bright voice, though it is surely mingled with the others.

And then I just keep my happy little smile and stay where I am, wondering if I have the guts to help feed some nasty wolves… or if they would like candy.

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As much as the tank of a woman can, Wessex slips into the meeting. Where she would normally have greeted Tiamat and Nimue with a friendly nudge and coy words of how the Leviathan couldn’t possibly have gotten even more lovely since the last time she saw her (she saves her affection for the companion, knowing not how the Lady would take them, and never daring to hope that it could be reciprocated. She is too effervescent for a creature like Wessex). Manon, for all her long-legged beauty, cannot compare to the sea maiden who first joked that the Basiners were fools for cuddling.

From the fringes, yellow-orange eyes scan the crowd and light on those she is well acquainted with: the warriors and their freshly-scarred skins, Johnny, Vertigo - even Ode and Rikyn. Whether or not she catches Ode’s eye is debatable, but there’s a 50-50 chance their gazes collide in an unusual fashion. Still, it roams on to the many she does not know, and Wessex realizes just how limited her circle is. She must expand. Just a little bit. Like maybe one new member a week? That’s an easy goal, right?

Perhaps easier said than done - but once the horned woman makes a promise to herself, she *usually* keeps at it.

Promotions roll out, and to her surprise, Wessex is advanced to Corporal, along with Weaver. Her head whips around to find the pegasus, and she flashes her fellow soldier a ‘nice job’ sort of smile. A nagging sort of doubt pipes up ever so briefly in the back of her head, though, wondering if they deserved it. A spar and a bear-killing do not a soldier nor leader make. And then resolve sets in - because if nothing else, she would prove she’s worthy of the title and its power. So help her various Gods.

A few questions pepper the announcement of electric wolves, something that makes Wessex’s inner voice go - REALLY? As much as she hates to agree with Rikyn, she finds that she must, as she spends a good deal of time patrolling around them. “Aye - I second Rikyn. And I must ask - we’re supposed to watch and feed and protect wolves? Without being attacked by them?” It all sounded rather unnecessary, potentially dangerous, and altogether futile to the overly practical Corporal.

With a glance around to the rest of the herd, she wonders if anyone else finds this 'herd quest' rather... ridiculous.


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»› C A S S I U S ‹«

Familiar is the call that beckons them. Though it has been long since the stallion has come into contact with her words. Her tune as it lilts and grips the air with a wholesome purpose, one that is light and hopeful in the cool airs.

Cassius embarks from the edges of the kingdom, entering pine as he does. Becoming more than acquainted with the lands, familiar with its frigid airs and poignant pine smell. From afar his eyes spot two figures ahead; one that he can make out as Glasgow, the other, remains the foreigner. As most of these inhabitants do.

With an excited lurch seated deep within him, Cassius picks up his pace into a strolling trot. Stretching his limbs out, eyeing his friend as she settles beside the pale phantom. Before he can catch up to her his pace is lulled into that of a walk. Curiosity beckons his voice to greet the handsome stranger. “ ‘lo there.” He offers with a friendly smile, a near curling grin that ushers a hint of playfulness to his prompt, before he regards the mare with a soft, rumbling hum. Making his stand beside her.

“Glasgow.” He hesitates a moment, witness to the changes that have transpired. Her supple body and radiant eyes, healthy and aglow with exuberance; has she found what she’s looking for? - he wonders. “You look good,” the stallion fumbles, briefly, hardly a stir as he tries to formulate what words he might use. Laughing into the open air, as if to mock himself

“See you around?” A boyish smile envelops his painted maw, before nodding cordially to the stranger beside the tree. Inhaling the air, he steps ahead – determined to join the throng of brothers and sisters. To take faces, spy possible connections and persons he must speak to at some point in time.

The disciple sits and listens as Tiamat makes her announcements. He finds himself caught off guard by the promotion, and an unpredictable weight quickly settles against his shoulders. He offers a bow to his Lady, feigning a smile as his eyes followed the mare’s gaze to Öde. A stranger swaddled in darkness, casting back his sharp gaze at a distance. They will have to meet, he realizes. And nods to the stranger, despite the coolness that inhabits those crimson eyes. Wondering what sorts of mischief or purchase of goals they’d be able to accomplish together.

Filling his lungs steadily, he spoke allowed, “Thank-you my Lady. I will do right by the Aurora Basin. If there is anything you seek from myself, or the Disciples, do not hesitate.” Despite his lack of experiences, expertise, or the worrying thought that the stallion still knew so little of their lands - his voice had managed itself. That would have to be rectified quickly, soon, as the tide arose precariously from Kaos’ arrival.

Among the jeers of congratulations, a festive spirit appears to inhabit their group. But the Queen heralds a task they have yet to complete, a task Cassius has hardly known of until now. Other than their God’s scalding remarks for not completing it, Tiamat finally outlines its goals, purposes and due tasks.

The stallion is uncertain about the presence of electric wolves. It seemed nearly similar to the World’s Edge spiked fences – though perhaps they served their purposes well. And the stallion hadn’t given it enough thought about these defensive measures. They were, after all, requests given at a time where he hadn’t arrived in Helovia.

There are those who offer their questions. Of the sentinels and the quest itself. “I agree with Rikyn. The Sentinels are an important part of the Basin, that need not waste away… I would like to offer my services as well, in that effort.” Somehow his voice is not wavering, somehow it holds – seeking purchase to retain what history the Basin keeps. Even if parts of it elude him, at least he is aware of the Sentinels and their former glory.

He glances to Wessex, and turns his gaze back to Tiamat. The prospect of observing the wolves is truly alluring. But the risk is evident; with a group effort he doesn’t see this as being too problematic. Evidently observing their behaviors might give them an edge on how to approach them. Even if it came to blows, they would have to defend themselves with caution. Simply killing the animals outright, appeared counterproductive to their task…

The challenge fills the stallion with a confident thrill. He feels as if it is quite possible to complete. And waits quietly for their Queen’s response.

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The beast was hidden deep within his cave. The sound of the crackling fire was all the could be heard. Then the faint sound of footsteps clicked against the hardened cave floor rung through the murky depths. Nox was cleaning out and tending to some of the herbs that he stored in his cave. Some are dried, and others were just dust. Gingerly picking through the herbs, the beast burnt the ones that were no longer of any use. Gray eyes watched the fire brighten, and the smoke clouded the cave. The demon continued his work with removing some of the poisonous plants that were of no use anymore. Of course, he would replenish the ones he burnt, but after awhile they lose their potency. Turning his heavy skull, he heard the call of their new lady. It was something the beast was not used to yet. The bone-chilling call of the reaper was no more, and Hotaru was gone. Slowly the basin dwellers have started to thin out. Well, there was the new faces of others who have ventured north. Maybe it was a good thing, but the old Basin is going to be missed by the darkened stallion.

Venturing out into the opening of the cave, Nox found his place amongst the others. His heavy frame came to a halt next to the painted mare Weaver. She was a fresh face that the man enjoyed seeing. So much life ( and death) loomed in her deep eyes. There was just something about the mare that Nox enjoyed being around. Letting his stone gaze fall upon the new lady she started the meeting. Everyone listened quietly with intent to hear what she had to say. One was missing... the small white mare that was appointed by the spark God was nowhere in sight. Snorting and shaking his heavy skull in disappointment he waited. Her features softened as she looked at his cold face. The beast nodded softly to her with a very small smile. "I will not let you down. I look forward to serving the Basin as the New Mender. Thank you." When Weavers name was mentioned the black beast reached over to touch her shoulder "Congratulations you will do well."

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Another meeting, another round of haphazardly filling ranks and demanding fealty as if the leaders of this herd actually provide a valuable service instead of repeated empty promises and irritating distractions. The old black sighs, wondering exactly what the punishment for missing one of these shit shows might be and how much more of an inconvenience it could possibly be compared to attendance itself, even as he drags himself upright and turns in the direction of the Ocean Lights voice, grumbling to himself and asserting to no one in particular that if it had been the other half of this new regime calling the herd, he’d have rolled over and remained comfortably curled in the dark of his cave.

As he approaches the rear of the semicircular gathering, the Lady continues her spiel – declaring, promoting, assigning. His brows furrow at the distinct absence of a second voice, their illustrious “clever tiny one” seemingly sitting this one out, perhaps taking a little too strongly after the recently demoted Valkyrie. He tries to blink sleep away from his stinging eyes, begrudging and glancing from face to face with crankiness ever apparent in his gaze, little care in his heart for what transpires here.

New spies – The Asshat? Really? - New healers, new crafters, a new Haruspex to replace the one who left them long ago; new, new, new, and yet the same old complacency and lack of attention. It’s the subject of their herd quest that truly sets him off though, having hoped the whole business would be forgotten if they ignored it long enough. At its mention his surly frown intensifies, his upper lip curling and ears sweeping backward. Why does it always have to be wolves for fucks sake?

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She’s always late, always.

Hurriedly she finds her place next to Albrecht, his normal attitude wrinkles his handsome face and she smirks at him mirthfully. Her ears and eyes move then to the women, their newest wave of leaders. She’s tired too of the constant switching and lapsing, no monarchy managing to change much or even stay long. Other parts of her, more parts of her, do not want to give though. She cannot blame anyone for the ever changing leadership roles – who was she to judge, anyhow? She disappears always. And never can you blame others for the failings or mishaps of another. She looks to them with a fresh face, smiling amongst the other smiles, she remains unnoticeable and she’s okay with that. She doesn’t mind joining the flood of bystanders to congratulate the promoted, the active, the honored ones.

Congratulations!” She chimes in with the others, the raven on her shoulders flaps and caws with a brief display of celebration. It is nice to see the Basin be alive, at least the blood is still flowing here, they have not crumbled and their God forsaken them. She can at least be thankful for that.

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She's almost late. It's a close-run thing, the mare forced to gallop from the other side of the Basin in her haste to not miss her first meeting inside the place. That would make a rather poor impression, and whilst Oizys rarely cares what others think of her, she has already grown fond of the Basin. Ironically, it feels more like home than the Edge ever did, although she confesses to missing certain members of the former herd. These things aren't on her mind as she charges through her new home, finally arriving at the back of the meeting drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

The gargoyle is in time for announcements, yet she can't help but do a double take when her own name is mentioned. Her ears ram forwards, her breathing steadying as she listens - A responsibility we also extend to Oizys, who has shown great enthusiasm as a soldier. The mare's eyes boggle, but she finds herself growing taller and prouder in the face of this new responsibility, this new magic blessed upon her. "Thanks. I'm going to spar my ass off." It's not quite the scholarly declaration of acceptance that others give, but it works for the crude stone mare. Ker, nestled on her broad back, gives a happy chirp of congratulations, but the raptor's attention is largely focused on the small robin that she's busy devouring with her savage beak. Blood trickles down Oizys' back, staining her grey fur hideously.

Tiamat continues, and at the mention of electric wolves, the mare tilts her head. Well, she can help in this quest moreso than most - not only can she create electric wolves, but she can willingly turn into one. Wolf blood is stashed in one of her vials, as it's possibly her favourite transformation. It was, after all, her first. "Uh, I don't know if it helps at all, but I can create electric wolves. They don't last long, but they sting like a bitch when they hit. If there was some way to make them permanent..." To echo her point, she summons two of the creatures, their bodies sizzling into existence beside her. She creates them larger than normal to prove their worth to the rest of the herd - it's a badass idea that Oizys is more than happy to assist with. Her wolves prowl around for a few moments, strutting and displaying their sizzling, ominous grace, before fizzling back into nothingness.

"I can also transform into a wolf, which might help us infiltrate their ranks to study them. Or you can practice fighting against me, so you know what to expect when they inevitably try to eat us." She doesn't display this magic - she doesn't want to waste any of the precious blood for no reason. Gathering it isn't easy, after all.


[ the gargoyle queen ]

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There seemed to be more changes of late—more meetings, more obligations in the Basin. More action, more movement, more horses around. And, while not all of this was bad, the lemon drop (in her youthful angst) chose to focus on her irritation rather than the exciting opportunities of how many more others she could prank with this influx of ‘more’.

So, her flaxen tail slapped uncharacteristically against her hocks as she listened to all the promotions and power passed out—pale teal eyes brightly glancing to each person in turn. However, they were truly searching for her mother—where was she? Why was Lady Tiamat running the show? Her ears tilted backwards, another uncharacteristic emotion shooting through her sweetly sour chest: worry. She had lost her father, once. Was now the time she would lose her mother?

She cannot help the disgusted ’ick,’ sound that comes out of her mouth at the thought of killing animals and bringing them to these ‘wolves’ for their quest. Her ears tilt back as her tongue sticks out, soft pink nose wrinkling. “Is there anything else we can do to help?” was her pert question, “Besides, y’know, kill things?” It went, without question, that the little lemon drop girl would be unable to ‘protect’ the wolves from their ‘natural predators.’

Her eyes darted to Oizys as the grey filly made practical offerings, before she asked, “What d’you mean by ‘learn more about the wolves’? How do we know they won’t ‘eat us’?” She parroted the gargoyle’s claim of the wolves inevitably trying to eat them. The lemon drop wasn’t sure if wolves liked sour-sweet candy, but she wasn’t keen on finding out.

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