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[challenge] FOR HONOUR! FOR THE THROAT! [Cathun]

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- Manticore knife

ver sea and sand the hobbit flew, over an elevensie* of dunes and trees, his eyes his only scope. Today his wings must not falter, his lip not tremble; For today he was the newly appointed Guardian of the Dragon’s Throat, and his orders were crystal, they were clear. Primarily he had assumed the quest he had been given was just that; a quest, a test, and something for Missus Ampere and Mister Volterra Sir to assess him on, though now he saw as his wings groomed the Halcyon Flat’s air that he had, in fact, been entrusted with an actual task!

From the knowledge he had gathered and sustained, his target was a former member of his own noble pride. Should any fierce harm or insult come to the gent,  it would reflect more than poorly on his great land. It was a job that Pippigrin intended to carry out with a professional attitude (or rather, all the professionalism a hobbit could muster), and with minimal heckling; as hard as that might be.

It was only as he drew close to the surface of the flats, his true size and reflection shining back at him as he swam upon the air current above that, once again, for perhaps the eleventh* time that day, he became aware of how much less he was. There were foals in the throat who towered over him, had perhaps double the strength, and Mathèo even had a prince as a friend. Pippigrin slept in a nest built constantly in view of Mister Gaucho’s statue every night, and that would be the only company the hobbit ever received on those long Tallsun nights.
And though, while Pippin saw nothing in himself, The Sultan and Sultana had - this was the only thought that kept the tiny guardian afloat.

Wings remaining outstretched to their full expanse, Pippins keen stone-coloured eyes gazed down upon the blinding expanse of white, watery flats. How he was supposed to find anyone around here was one of life’s great mysteries, seeing as the sun shone directly upon the mirage in such a way that damn-near blinded him. Perseverance was the only thing that had got Pippin this far though, and so he continued.
Soon a dark spot came into view on the horizon; the kind that when he blinked it was gone, and he’d have to spend another thirty seconds searching for it. Though, as he soared in the dot became larger, and turned into the view of a dark, wandering stag. The dark, fire-made stag appeared just like the description of his target!
Though appearances could be deceiving. A key - that was what he searched for.

Tilting his wings so that he halted upright in the air, wingbeats holding him up as he tread the air like he would water, Pippigrin cooed down to the man “You there!” He bellowed, gaze flickering over every nook of the man until he saw it. A golden key. A gasp fell from the hobbit’s maw, his chest flaring and lip stiffening.
“Yes, you!” he continued “You carry property of the Dragon’s Throat! As it’s Guardian, I challenge you for the key’s return!”

With that said, perhaps even without thinking, the less-than-half-sized creature began his assault. Now angling his wings in the opposite direction on their axis, tilting the down so that he would swoop with speed down towards the coal-coloured man. Horns at the ready, his crown bowed as he gathered speed, Pippigrin anticipated the crash by releasing a great roar from his small mouth; “AAAAAAAH!”. Aiming with the little precision he had, though propelling himself with al the power of wind and speed, Pippin attempted to ram the stag with a great swoop from above.

footnotes; *Hobbits like Pippigrin cannot count past four; any more than four is eleven, and a great number is an elevensie which means a thousand

Attack No 1/4
Summary; Pippigrin is challanging @Cathun for his Dragon's Throat key.
Pippigrin attacks Cathun by swooping down and attempts to ram him on the off side with his horns.
Damage; none yet

ISHY of thq, art; araxel.

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