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The sky is painted in hues of red, swathed with flashes of orange and crimson to create a flaming sunset of colours. Beneath the resplendent glory of the early evening, the massive black stallion moves at a fluid trot, his huge hooves kicking up chunks of sand behind him as he marches through his kingdom. Considering his inexperience at fighting on sand when he first came to live here, Volterra now fancies himself as an expert at duels within his desert home. He is master of his sands; he knows every inch of them, and has vowed to fight upon every grain.

Today, his path brings him past the Throat's oasis. He casts an interested eye across the lake, observing the way it reflects the beautiful sky above, but his assessment of this lasts only a few seconds - beauty is unimportant unless it is a mare or it concerns battle. But ah, what's that he sees in the distance? It's a winged figure, and one twitch of his nostrils informs him that it is a woman. He increases the pace of his thunderous trot, moving closer until he can make out the mare's markings, with her gigantic wings immediately drawing his attention and informing him that it is Azulee. The spark-marked mare had expressed interest in a spar when she joined, and the onyx warlord is in the mood to dance.

"Azulee!" he booms, his voice an earthquake. "Let us spar!" It is unusual for Volterra to take the first attack in spars; truthfully he finds it dishonourable to charge at an unsuspecting opponent without offering prior warning, yet he's also aware of the fact that in an invasion, his notions of chivalry must take a back seat. It's rather embarrassing for a man of his considerable fighting experience to have only initiated the first attack on a handful of occasions, although he supposes that it speaks of his strength given that he's won almost all of his spars despite allowing his foes to land the first blow. Often, their first attacks hit heavily, causing him considerable pain for the rest of the fight.

This time, he prays he will be able to use the first strike to his advantage instead of his detriment.

He takes a moment to assess the pegasus mare. She's two hands smaller than him, yet her sturdy build suggests that she's not weak by any means. Indeed, he suspects that she's fairly strong, although naturally not as strong as him. They seem fairly well matched in all other areas, although he wonders if she might tire faster than him especially if she's not used to fighting in the gruelling Throat conditions. As it's early evening, the heat has died off somewhat, but it's still on the warmer side of comfortable. A thin sheen of sweat makes the goliath's skin shine in the gleaming sunset, but he's determined to not let that affect him. This close to the oasis, the ground is more like soil than sand, so it's harder underfoot than the soft grains of the rest of the Throat. This should help both of them keep their balance, although the sun-scorched sod beneath could cause shockwaves through unsuspecting limbs.

His assessment complete, Volterra throws himself into a rangy canter. He seeks to approach Azulee from the front - his honour is being stretched enough by having the first attack, he's not going to push it further by attacking from behind like a coward - and attempts to slam the full force of his bulky chest into her own one. Using his colossal, superior weight like a battering ram, the stallion hopes to force his opponent backwards, maybe even causing her to unbalance.

Unfurling his jaws like a sword pulled from a sheath, Volterra simultaneously attempts to plant a bite right on the very end of Azulee's nose. The sensitive area hurts immensely when nipped, and he hopes to cause the mare considerable pain and discomfort that might niggle at her throughout the rest of the fight.

Two specks of colour circle high above; his dragons. For now they're forbidden from helping, much to their displeasure. Excitement begins to thrum through the warlord's body, a great pulse of anticipation that causes his muscles to shudder in delight. This is what he was born for. This is what he lives for. Just the Indomitable and his winged opponent, exchanging blows as others might exchange pleasantries - and the fact Azulee is damned attractive doesn't hurt, either.


Teaching spar for @Azulee ! Set in the Throat, early evening, still hot but not unbearable. Magic and companions up to you :D

1/3 - 748 words


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I'll start my teaching notes in full after your first attack post, but here's just a couple of things to bear in mind :D

- How much do you know about the dice roll system? Let me know and I'll tailor my next notes accordingly :) I'm happy to explain anything about how the dice work, and feel free to ask any other questions as well!

- Try and mention your surroundings in your reply, and also mention the differences between our characters' stats. If you go into their profiles and then the fight tab, it'll give you their base stats, like for example Volterra's strength is 9 compared to Azulee's 7.

- We both get three posts each, and I also have a closing defense because I attacked first.

- Have fun ;D

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The lightning-mare rises to attention, her boyish figure drawn up tall and black wings brandished to the sky. White-rimmed ears prick to her sultan's summons, and she feels the blood quicken in her veins. His voice is deep and thunderous, a battle-cry! and it electrifies the storm-child's bones, waking sparks that hiss between her feathers and lick at her heels. 

Let us spar!

Inky lips split into a smile made for war. She lifts a cloven hoof to paw at the air, a declaration to her eagerness. "Let us! I've been waiting, Sultan!" Her voice trumpets across the distance, a riotous sound, lips drawn up into a snarl. Before this goliath, Azulee is skinny and stout. But the storm-bird, all long limbs and rough edges, captures her strength in the instinctive craning of her neck, the unfurling of mighty wings. She knows her strength, the passion of the storm that paints her skin the same which electrifies her veins and sparks through eyes of the same voltage. They glow ferally below moonspun lashes as she casts her gaze over Volterra's imposing form, a fortress of flesh and hardened muscle hurling itself toward her like a freight train.

The little bird cloaked in thunder braces for the impact of his body-made-battering-ram, ducking her head down and away and lowering herself a bit as to avoid becoming unbalanced. His teeth clasp the bridge of her nose, and she lashes out with a bite of her own in retaliation just as he hits her full force, his weight forcing the air clean out of her lungs. She stumbles as the sand shifts beneath her hooves, her limbs tangling beneath her. Her wings flare outward, hoping to muster some semblance of balance as she crumbles to a knee, feeling her heart climb into her throat and hang there for a second. She tries to swallow it down, her eyes swimming in water. Her muscles throb and Azulee grits her teeth, anger burning in her chest as she scrambles to her feet, her right leg lagging a bit. 

With a growl she swings her right wing forward, hoping to clobber him in that fat head of his with a vengeful right-hook. Her wings are mighty, and she knows it. They are her most impressive asset, and she means to wield them like the worthy weapons they are. 

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ok so I know this is hugely lackluster and probably doesn't make much sense fundamentally but I've been struggling a lot in real life lately so I hope this can suffice :<
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Into the thunderbird he slams, his chest having the desired effect and causing her to scramble upon the Throat's shifting sands. Those great wings of hers unfurl, and Volterra is once more taken aback by the sheer size of them. He knows pegasi - indeed, he's bedded them - but he's never seen one with wings as huge as Azulee's. Again, he marvels at the fact she can even get them to work, whilst also admiring their obvious power and possible use as a weapon. He'll need to be careful of them, as they undoubtedly hurt when they strike.

His bite finds its mark and she launches one of her own, but the behemoth flings his head to the left with reflexes borne of constant sparring and hard, sweaty practice. Her teeth whistle just past, and he steers his gaze forwards as the lightning-mare stumbles down to one knee. The stallion's ears pin and he rolls his eyes, but stands his ground and doesn't attack; it's foolish, perhaps, for a warlord as battle-honed as Volterra to not take advantage of his foe's vulnerable position, yet it's that lingering sense of chivalry that he just cannot shake. It's ironic, because when the Indomitable was a boy he'd pictured himself destroying opponents even when they crawled at his feet and begged for mercy. He'd imagined himself as an annihilator of the masses, seizing any advantage that the battlefield could offer him and using it to secure his victory. Colt-Volterra certainly wouldn't have imagined his adult self standing prone and allowing his foe to stand because of some irritating notion of honour.

The adult Volterra knows that he's better than that, though. He doesn't need to resort to underhand techniques in order to win, as tempting as it is to press home his advantage by trying to kick sand in Azulee's face or striking for her head to knock her out and gain an easy victory. No, it's far more satisfying when he allows his foes to stand, look him in the eye, and then defeat them. Honour brings with it battle successes that make the leviathan feel proud to be a warrior, not the hollow victories that would come if he embraced the dark arts.

She scrambles to her feet and still the Indomitable holds his position, his breathing levelling out thanks to the swift rest. Then her right wing appears like a great hammer from the depths of her side, swinging towards him like a savage punch. The beast flinches backwards, causing the wing to deal him a glancing but rather painful blow across the forehead that leaves him seeing stars. He grunts, his ears flat to his head and his eyes blinking furiously to try and clear his momentarily blurred vision. A bruise begins to blossom upon the tight flesh of his forehead, painful and irritating but thankfully not debilitating. It serves to remind him again of the fierce feathered weapons she possesses, and he realises that although they might seem overly large and cumbersome, they are not to be underestimated.

He lunges forward again, propelling himself with the massive bulk of his muscular hindquarters. In a mirror image of his previous attack, he thrusts his chest out to try and slam it firmly into her own, hoping to cause her to stumble once again and bully her with his formidable weight. He's banking on the fact that she might not expect him to use the same attack again so soon, utilising predictability as a weapon rather than a drawback.

She'd appeared to favour her right foreleg when she stood; with his warrior's eye Volterra notices this weakness and seeks to exploit it. His left forehoof flicks lightly forwards, aiming to smack it into Azulee's injured right front leg just below the knee in an attempt to further the damage and pain. He doesn't put too much force into the attack, not wishing to maim his soldier, but he wants it to hurt. He wants to test the thunderbird's limits, to push her to them and to break them. His warriors will be a band of indomitable beasts, overseen by him, the warlord; they will be feared, revered, worshipped. Azulee must be forged into his vision of perfection, so he's not intending to hold back too much.


Teaching spar for @Azulee

2/3 - 715 words


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No worries at all! :)

Your post was beautiful! I love your use of prose and your sentence structure, and I also didn't spot any typos or grammar errors which is awesome! Getting the writing part of a fight right is half of the battle already won so it's great that you're doing well in this section :)

I loved her wing attack - it was simple, well-written and easy to understand, and using her wings is definitely a good idea as they're a major asset that she has over him!

My only small gripe is regarding her earlier bite attack. It's very unspecific and I wasn't sure if it was even an attack at all or just a throwaway comment. I'd liked to have seen more detail about it, such as where she was aiming for, how forceful she was etc. Also, be careful with your timings. As per my post, both of Vol's attacks - the slam and the bite - are happening simultaneously, however the way it's written in your post, the bite happens before the slam as she has time to take the bite damage and then launch her own bite before he hits her.

It's only a minor thing, but be careful with timings like that, as they can cause deductions for GM/PP :)

Damage taken:
You mention that his bite hits her nose but I couldn't really see any mention of how much damage was caused to her. When taking damage, it's best to be as specific as possible so the judge can make sure you're taking enough for the dice roll. Try to go into detail about whether she's received a bruise or a cut, if it's deep/light, if it'll affect her throughout the fight etc. For a 3 dice roll with Vol's high damage stat you probably don't need to have her injuries be too debilitating, but the bite attack seemed to be really brushed over.

You did well taking the slam attack though! I liked how she stumbled and hurt her leg.

At the end of your fight post, make sure you put the post number (so it should have been 1/3, to help the battle admin know to roll the dice) and also your word count! You get penalised for going over 800 words, so adding a word count to your posts helps you remember to stay under the limit :)

You made a vague mention of their breed differences but I would have liked to see you go deeper into this. To do this, you're better off going into their profile pages and into the 'fight status' tab, which gives you their base stats. For example, Vol is strength 9, speed 5, agility 6, endurance 6. Azulee is strength 7, speed 6, agility 5, endurance 4. So, surprisingly their strength isn't that much different! You could go into how he's going to be able to land heavier hits and how she'll tire faster due to her endurance. If you also show her beginning to tire towards the end of the fight as well, it'll show that you're using these stats as well :D

I'd have also liked to see some mention of the surroundings, such as the soil underfoot and the heat. It helps to give the reader a good idea of how she's handling the surroundings and also lets the judge know that you're paying attention to where the fight is set. Overall though this was a solid post!

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