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Another night, more hours spent doing nothing other than existing, breathing each breath right after another without a single purpose in this world other than to walk her bones into the ground. They tell her that they ache, whine with the soreness that overpowers them as of lately, asking in barely polite fashion for her to make use of her fragile wings. She stretches them almost every few minutes now, and in return, they work feverishly to fend off her suffering.
Today will be the day, fear not.
Sunlight warms her into a wakefulness with ease, and while Skeyti isn’t one to wake up and simply go, the liveliness of the weather is enough to get her going. Every bit of it comes back naturally. The wind against her skin is hardly cool, instead sharp when she pushes herself harder, eyes clenched shut so that wrinkles build over them until burning eyes leave invisible scorch marks down her cheeks, but none of it stops her as the breath in her lungs soothes her till she finds her courage again, taking its hand and clutching it tight as she prys her eyes back open.
None of it makes her small anymore from this angle, looking out as the trees shrivel beneath her height and the mountains run to and from her at the motion of her wings. Try as she may, she can’t begin to make herself feel bad casting something like this away for so long.
It ends short. Her little body is worn from everything she has let been thrown at her, weak against the world, and pushes her back down to the ground like she is nothing and will never be anything. The feeling is minut though. She lets her hooves hit the earth and herself stumble forward as her heart works to breath life back into her legs, limp from ignorance.
Once her sense of balance is regained, holding tired wings outward and clutching them under themselves as her body works to stabilize her, walking continues. It goes on for however long it takes for her to climb the pass to the Basin, up until laws that she cannot understand cuts her off.
Or well, till the sentinel gives her a firm no.
She had seen it from a distance but simply thought of it as a hallucination, coming ever closer with a skeptical mind, brows steadily working their way into confusion and disbelief as it finally rises above her, looking at her as it moves into her way. A touch of fear hits her but does little to deter.
The word flies out of her mouth with sharp edges that she wasn’t even aware that she had, blunt as it rings the leftovers in her ears. It does nothing, and she can’t help but feel a touch of impatience. The vast majority of things that have blocked her path in the past have been easy to get around, not having the ability to move whenever she takes sidesteps to slip by. Her small stature typically aids her in that, but not today.
Enough arrives sooner than expected. After a yell having firmly stating her annoyance, uncharacteristically bursting from her with something she didn’t know she had, the beast still hasn’t removed itself from her path, and while turning around and going a different direction once out of the path is an option, it’s not something she’s particularly fond of. It’s something she’s rarely had to do, and today will not be one of those days.
Despite their weariness being immediately brought back up, she throws her weight into her wings and urges them to put her back in the air. Her success is experienced in momentary glory, triumphant with only a sliver of a smile and the turn of her head to see how the machine takes her disregard. Flying over it feels like nothing, and once past the beast, checking around her shoulder and right wing to see how it is taking her decision, her legs continue to carry on with only a quick scuttle in them as she picks up the pace for a few yards, the sense of victory in her fading as the count of her steps rises.

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It’s morning now, a clean, cool Tallsun morning in the Basin. The pair, raven and unicorn, are returning from a several day trip to the south and can feel the air shift as they enter the northern region of Helovia. Though they did not venture very far down, the difference is still quite dramatic once you cross the ice bridge. With the ice bridge behind them they now travel across lichen and tundra meadows, squishy with moisture from freshly melted snows travelling down from the ice streaked Steppes. Caribou, creatures she feels very akin to, graze on either side of her as she moves slowly toward her home. The fellow mammals spread peacefully to make way for her, the eagle sized raven soaring steadily just above as she saunters proudly between the gathered grazers.

She stops somewhere a mile or so from the sentinels, she’s spotted patches of purple flowers. She knows this flower. ‘Lunar Eyes’ or ‘Moon Petals’ – from afar they appear like little purple ‘forget-me-nots’ but upon closer inspection their small petals are sharp half-moons with a bright full moon middle. The centers are frosted with yellow pollen, it’s tiny mercury colored tentacles reaching out with an offering of eager pollen. Honey-bees are busily landing on each silvery middle and collecting what they can of its offerings, Tangere watches them and picks at a few buds they’ve just harvested from. “Just a few.” She tells herself, never making a sound with her mouth. The raven lands and plucks a few from himself, hopping up on her shoulders and tucking his bounty along the base of her mane. He ties the sprigs carefully along, nine of them from the back of her ears to her withers. There. Her raven’s voice is firm, but affectionate in its own way. Phrixus takes wing and flies ahead some, toward the sentinels, toward home with a feeling of relief. They share this relieved feeling. Her wide cloven feet pick up to walk home.

A black figure smudges her thoughts, Phrixus sees this figure. This Pegasus, she recognizes this body type but surely never sees them here nowadays. Once and a while the Basin will allow others in, by others they mean anyone not of the Unis Cornus Equus category – something Tangere has never been down with, or participated in, but also never rebelled against said regulation. She liked Deimos, for whatever reason, way too much to ever speak out over such a thing. This figure is in the air and Phrixus maneuvers around it, diving and circling, calling out with a classic raven croak and many taunting clicks.

Don’t scare. Tangere’s words resonate in the bird’s mind, but he is hesitant. The Basin is his home too, something he’s willing to protect, wants to protect. He shrieks and swiftly dives once more, purposely missing the charcoal mare. He falls from the sky like a weighted stone, his wings folded to his sides and parachute him just before he lands on the peak of a sentinel. He ruffles and croaks aggressively, feeling the urgency of his partner to stop his defensive behavior. When the mare lands Tangere lets out a loud, echoing whinny, hoping to grab her attention.

Hey!” She calls out, a shy smile across her lips; she’s unsure if this girl is simply confused or acting aggressively. She looks over to the pale raven, “He won’t hurt you….” If the mare was worried, she tries to soothe it, glaring at her companion momentarily (warning him to stay put). “Do you know where you are?” Her chocolate eyes squint against the sun, following the inky little mare’s silhouette as it moves.

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There are two at the border, this afternoon. One is called Tangere, a soft gray healer and learner who had served my mother and the Lord Deimos for most of my life. I remember her in some of my most early memories, in which she had always been kind and gentle; the sight of her aggravated companion bobbing irately at some unknown, winged mare is, thereby, somewhat amusing, as is her embarrassed call of greeting.

Picking up speed, my buck keeping pace alongside me, we arrive together, and I sweep my eyes over the stranger quickly. She seems to be about my age, and pretty, colored like the evening, though a bit weathered by what I can only assume to be a life on her own. If she had spent long in the wild lands spanning between Helovia and the other bountiful realms of Loorien, like I had, it was no wonder she was lean. It was easy to find food in a place that was tended by a fucking Earth God. Out there, with no Gods?

Sometimes there were stretches with naught but wild onion, and sun dried brush: papery, tasteless, and gritty with sand.

"Probably not," I conclude, without adding considering she just barged in here of all places, giving Tangere a nod as I come to a stop, my deer drawing nearer to my opposite flank from the mares, as we approach, wary by nature, as always. Despite his hesitation, he is quite interested in the white raven (having only ever seen black ones, before), and peers around my chest at the healer’s bird. "Welcome to the Aurora Basin, though I suppose you already felt that way, considering…"

I eye her current location, well inside our borders. Smirking, I casually tilt one hind hoof to a point.

"Can we help you with something?" I ask.

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Skeyti Posts: N/A
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Mountains scale everywhere, triumphant against the harshness of the land and the brutality of the winds. For the faintest moments, she finds herself thinking of what it must be like to live here, how it must feel when the cold runs its deepest, something she barely knows from travels but still has the slightest idea of it. Some of them are cloaking their shoulders in the false warmth of snow.
Her flight, aching the muscles in her wings till the ground reunites with her, now becoming somewhat hesitant to give up the gift bestowed upon her at birth, although slightly nervous at the remembrance of its consequences, bares her one more gift.
A bird.
Its presence and announcement of it, spewing aggression that shoves a brisk gasp in her lips and makes her eyes widen to their brims, almost instinctively drawing her wings in for protection before remembering that that is an act of death, or at least great harm, pushes in a touch of grief. It’s not an emotion she’s particularly keen on it. The lump growing in her throat creates a loss of words that she already had a lack of, and the tightness in her chest sends a scowl across her features. Snapping teeth find themselves in sync with the bird’s cries and thrashing, and at the feeling that one approach is just too close, her little body dives down to the earth.
It doesn’t bring the escape she begs for.
Hard brows and stern eyes glare at the little bird as it comes back around, one thought filling up the space in her head as it does so.
Down comes the bird, her wings now pulled upwards in some desperate, awkward attempt to make her size look larger than it truly is, hoping to scare the beast away. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, maybe it’s just Vauphine’s way of taunting her absence and abandonment, her previous failure to tend to things deemed unsavable.
But someone is also yelling at her, her lips scowling harder as their approach comes closer, telling her that the bird doesn’t intend bad. Equal disapproval and disbelief fly out in the harshness of a snort, head shaking with the force, something equivalent to “fuck you” when Skeyti has no words to describe that feeling. Leaving passes through her mind now, pulling her wings towards her sides and angling her body so that her language obviously states her intention to carry on without answering that question.
Nonetheless, someone is there to do it for her, capturing her attention shown through raised brows and a lack of her scowl, discarded to retrieve some type of surprise. She hasn’t exactly been paying attention, and now that someone even larger than her company is here, instinct screams for her to run.
She can’t help herself though. Anger has already wiggled its way into her, and faced with a chance, she jumps on it.
So, with a sureness that she’s never known, head jerking up with her words as her body tenses into a state of smartass-ness, Skeyti finds her best know-it-all face. “Yes!” The word chirps out with the briskness of a spring thunderstorm, her eyes alight with delight as she makes sure to watch the horned mare for a reaction. “Aurora Basin.” Her smile can only grow in size as she looks onto the stud, contentedness displayed as much as she can manage as a silent ‘thank you’ is made in his direction.
A small dance finds itself in her bones as she finds her body shaking further into tautness, rising to the occasion with that same ol’ smile, shoulders shifting about in self-centered pride. The smirk riding his face only makes her feel better about her actions, and while Skeyti is very unlikely to find herself enjoying someone, Rikyn might just be one to win her over.
He pops her a question she’s not ready for though, furrowing her brows in quiet confusion as he asks her if she needs something. All of this feels over the top for her. As far as she is concerned, her presence shouldn’t bring this much interest, but her voice is already out there, so with a quick, rash thought based on her curiosity, she finds two words to pop out at them.
“No. Why?” Her small face gives away every bit of her confusion in the process, ears pointed towards him, not the horned mare with the particularly rude spirit.

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