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[OPEN] busy earnin' [patrol volunteers]

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The sun had just begun its ascent into the brilliant blue sky. The heat was already becoming slightly overwhelming for the man whose body was mostly a dark blue. His only respite was the pale fur that lined much of his face and neck. However, despite the heat, there was something more pressing on the blue bird’s mind. Kaos. And what exactly it was that he was doing here and where he might be hiding. Yet, there was only one way of finding out. And that was going there himself. He had been previously with a mare named Iona from the World’s Edge, and yet came up with nothing. This time, he’d bring his family and see what the bunch of them could do.

Quietly, he made his way toward the diviner’s fire, a place where had he had better planning, he probably wouldn’t have gone to a place so hot if he was just mentally complaining about the heat. At least the fire served as some sort of beacon as he cleared his raspy, dry throat. “Dragon’s Throat! I seek volunteers for a patrol!” He called out across the orange sands, blinding with the glint of the sunlight overhead. His gaze lingering on the shadows that protruded along the earth as he squinted his eyes against the bright light.

All he needed were a few to patrol. He could always come back for more, but at this point he was sure he shouldn’t go alone. And so, he waited for others to gather, those that might be interested in a trek to the Spectral Marsh to see what kind of secrets the land might hold beneath it’s dark and bloody history.


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Open to anyone interested in patrolling with Sunjata to the Spectral Marsh for info on Kaos!! @Pippigrin for interest. I think two more people should be good for this round! Don't want to have an overwhelming amount of people patrolling all together xD he'll probably offer to do it again, so if anyone shows up and wants to put their name down for another day or make a group of their own, you're more than welcome! :D

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Swaying to and fro along the shores of the oasis, even with his wings flared Pippigrin found it incredibly difficult to keep himself balanced upon the fallen palm. Balancing; that was today's sobject to practise. His teacher? Himself, as it was every day. As long as he found a way to get better at whatever it was he tried to do, the hobbit was greatly satisfied at the fact that he was learning each and every day, honing his skills, and becoming a better warrior for it. Soon it would become a case of putting everything together; running along balancing beams (fallem palms), leaping over fallen obstables (sleeping Throatians) and shooting down his targets! (gulls, manticores, or if there was nothing to aim for, a piece of driftwood he'd lodged far away in a dune).

The boom of their informant, however, as something that startled the hobbit altogether. Flailing upon the palm and spilling right over into the clear oasis pool below, Pippin gave a vibrant grunt as he hit the water.
Plucking himself out, The boy dragged his soggy water-logged wings out of the oasis and attempted to shake them out. It would be difficult to fly in that state, and so the boy reluctantly began his walk in the direction of the spy's call.
A patrol with the other warriors would be just what he needed! A chance to meet them all, to discuss tactics, all that cool stuff!  

Tottering over the dune, the hobbit looked over the made others that made up their home. Spotting the vibrant pegasus by the diviner's fire, Pip angled his drying wings in that direction, walking down the dunes with his wings flared in a better attempt to air them out.
"Hallo!" he cheered "I'm Pip, the Guardian"

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Kaos was something constantly nagging in the back of Ampere's mind. Her sleep was fitful because of it, a worry that knotted her gut and whispered in the back of her mind. She was especially worried because it had been so quiet as of late.Nothing since that first disastrous betrayal of Kisamoa and the Earth's name, since the revitalization of the Marshes and the invincible bones and altar. She had searched the lands a time or two since, always fearful, but never met anything more, and found even less.

Yet problems like this did not just go away. Kaos was surely biding its time, amassing strength or ideas for something far worse, or perhaps trying to kill their gods. She shuddered at the thought.

So as Sunjata called for a patrol, Ampere was happy to oblige, eager to get in front of this monster and eradicate it.

"Sunjata, Pippigrin," she greeted as she flew down to land beside them. Her tone lacked a true warmth, if only because her features were tightened with a seriousness that belied her anxiety. Still, she was happy to see them both -
they were quickly proving to be very motivated and capable members in their specific roles, and she was acutely aware of all the work they were doing. "Thank you for not going out alone," she praised with a bob of her head. "What's the plan?"
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