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It's exactly the kind of morning I prefer: comfortably crisp, insects whirring, sunlight coming through the evergreen boughs all buttery and delicious. Most mornings are like this in the Basin, and usually I don't have a problem, but today I'm in a particularly livid state of mind because I've slept horribly and my muscles ache all over. And to make matters worse, there's nobody to complain to this early. So, I go looking for entertainment.

Stepping through the Basin, I find that my legs have it the worst. I slept with them tucked beneath me, like a cat, and now I'm paying the price. Although I'm sure most Basiners are either snoozing off fulfilling their duties or whatever, I maintain a certain posture should wandering eyes find me. Head high, chin tucked, hips swinging, it's all part of the aesthetic. Only I'm semi-limping, which pretty much ruins everything. Is there a solution? Of course: the hot spring.

It's impressive how much time I've spent relaxing in the spring, considering how new I am to the Basin. But nobody seems to have a problem with it, and I certainly don't, so that's where I head. Besides, I'm sure Weaver would be delighted to learn how well I'm taking advantage of the springs' natural healing abilities.

And I'm about to take advantage again, only I get a little sidetracked on the way. I come across what I guess to be the greenhouse - where the Time Menders work with all their little plants and stuff - and I immediately forget about going for a muscle soak. Getting high would work just the same, right? And it'd be a little more fun. Stepping around the garden area, I peek through the trees, searching for someone who I know at least tolerates my interest in recreational pleasures.

"Ohhh, Noxy, dear," I call out into the empty air with a devious smile, swishing my tail as I search for the large, dark brute. "Fix me up with your very best. I slept like actual shit last night and could use a pick-me-up." He's got to be around here somewhere.
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Like the branches that grow into an old tree’s canopy or the many streams that channel into a river, paths lead hither and thither, all though the long valley. Over the course of (nearly) three weeks, he has ventured along many of them, finding at each end a lake, a sentinel (two actually), or more commonly the sheer, unfriendly face of a cold rock wall.

As dawn breaks above the sharp, snowy peak of the far eastern range, a shaft of rich sunlight descends to soak the basin’s opposite edge; the grove of old pines that Noah prefers to huddle with (he is too claustrophobic for caves), is engulfed, warmed, and easily the dozing stallion is pulled from his rest.

The dove grows bolder by the day. She explores when they are not together (though seldom that is), and he finds himself on these occasions, with little else to do but wander. Blonde lashes part slowly at the summons of brightness, to reveal the groggy turquoise glow beneath and out of habit his face turns to view the small den in the distance, that generally keeps her. He is instantly surprised to find that her body is already missing from the dark blur of crevice - a brisk snort sounds and he proceeds to stretch the night’s stiffness from each wing and leg, in turn.

The grass is damp beneath his bold, heavy stride, and soon the decoration of thick, ivory plume about each hoof is soaked through - soon to be sludge as he aims for a path that will carry him further north than the lake. Already the inhabitants of this secretive basin were hustling and bustling, moving about the business he knew nothing about; part of him preferred it that way, he’d not encountered someone pleasant (memory of the Songbird and the bay grew hazy), for all the time spent about the place. If they ignored him passing by, so did he take no notice of them; however the few that threw forth a look of kindness received the same back tenfold.

He walked for a solid time, searching the spots for the dove that he’d before seen her mulling; yet at no point did she appear.

By and by, he came upon the strange structure that had avoided his concern during previous trips this way. It was a large (though equivalent to nothing he had experienced before) and strangely enclosed by… whiskers brushed the unsettling, translucent surface, but recoiled instantly and he drew backward to behold it. “What in the…” came the perplexed response, and he glanced both left and right along its length, before noting a deviation in the wall - a frame perhaps, which served to suggest that an inside did really exist behind it.

Quietly he slithered towards it, cautious should their be any others nearby, but before the chance came for him to investigate any deeper, a voice erupted in the trees to the rear. Partly panicked and appearing unnecessarily suspicious, he spins clumsy across giant hindquarters to meet the visitor, head on. “Hello?” …he calls as smoothly as possible, swiftly assuming a cooler, more inconspicuous, pose should the other linger and give him the opportunity.
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