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[OPEN] It's only awkward if you're talking to yourself [Welcoming!]

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To be completely honest, Wessex isn’t sure what they’ll (they being the motley, somewhat douchebaggy and aggressive members of the Basin - herself included) think of the fellow she’s got in tow. An unusual specimen to be added to their ranks, to be sure, but there are some kind members of the herd, she thinks, like her beautiful Tiamat, Lena, and Johnny. Oh! Won’t Tia be thrilled to find that Wessex has brought her a kindred spirit instead of another soldier. Not that Yoruko couldn’t be a soldier - but at the moment, the mottled tank can barely imagine him swatting at a fly, let alone setting himself on the enemy with a great roar of rage.

However, after a while even Wessex grows tired of the silence and begins to indicate points of interest as they travel, such as the former Hidden Falls herdland, the Heavenly Fields, the general direction of the World’s Edge land, the Frostbreath Steppe, and then finally - the majestic Basin, in all its late summer glory. Already, the air smells crisp and bright with the promise of colder weather, and as the pegasus-unicorn pair make their way to the Sentinels, the Corporal briefly begins to describe some important folks. “These are the Sentinels. They keep danger out, but you’re with me, so they’re quiet. Tiamat and Rikyn are our Lady and Lord, respectively. Tia is sweet… Rikyn is not, but don’t let his unfiltered mouth get to you.”

Her gaze sweeps across the rusted guardians as they pass between them and through the narrow Valley that will soon open up. “Got any skills? Fighting? Healing? An urge or learn or um… weave?” While trying to get the multi-hued man to open up, Wessex simultaneously has an eye out for someone who might be able to offer him an ‘official’ place in the herd. God be on her side, with anyone but Rikyn.

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Someone come accept him plz!
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Yoruko walked along with Wessex and paused at the great statues. They looked mighty and indestructible. But at the same time dull and lifeless. He wasn't sure how he felt about them but he certainly wasn't scared.

After looking at them he looked back to her and noticed the muscles she was given. The strong muscles that stretched and contracted with each step she had that were born from hours of training and fights. He didn't know exactly who she was but he was thankful to be given a place to call home.

Skills? Yoruko didn't know if he even had any good skills. He knew he liked to fight and he'd never back down from a challenge for sure. But the gentleness and child-like behavior that lingered in his heart wanted to be a gentle healer. His silence sure did prove he was gentle, in a way. "Fighting? He-uh-Healing?" he gestured his wings as a sign of 'I don't know' in hopes that maybe she might suggest whichever one he was needed in that they were lacking.


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sweet bitter words, unlike nothing I have heard:

"Or story gathering and telling, or spying and thieving," I add upon my approach, nodding hello to Wessex, Duir arriving along behind me, and remaining along the outskirts of the trio of horses, nearest the lake; the stranger with her earns a longer look, one that appraises him from hoof to wingtip, "whatever calls to you, though you don’t have to chose now. The council leaders should have meetings cropping up all over the place before too long, if you’d rather test the water, so to speak."

I don’t know what I’m looking for as I talk; signs of the wild madness that my mother claimed besieged their winged kind, or sickness, or some other weakness evident by glance alone. I just look. It seems like the appropriate thing for a Lord to do. Smiling, ever so slightly, the warmth to my expression suddenly blooms into full, having decided that, whoever the stranger is, I guess he’s okay.

"I am Lord Rikyn, welcome," I say, with a nod of greeting, "the Corporal has been nice, yeah?"

Not a brooding storm cloud with a stick up her ass, like she is towards me, I hope.

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Wessex Posts: 149
Aurora Basin Haruspex atk: 5.0 | def: 8.5 | dam: 7.5
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for there are many ways to kill a man they say
The truth is that Wessex still isn’t one hundred percent who or what she brought back from the Threshold, but he seemed to have ‘potential’ and a natural curiosity, so she can’t find any true fault in him. What she doesn’t want is for her decision to extend an invitation to come to come back and haunt her. She manages to withhold a sigh and an eyeroll when Rikyn appears, but for once, he manages to sound like a leader. It’s a pleasant change - dare she think that maybe the fact that she kicked his ass has something to do with it. In a rather upbeat, jocular manner, Wessex enters into their normal verbal spar with considerably less acid than usual.

“Nicer than I usually treat you, Rikyn dear. This is Yoruko -” a tilt of her head towards the stallion indicates the newcomer, followed quickly by her gaze, hoping he’ll be able to summon a proper greeting. If not, she’s sure she can easily explain it as being intimidated by the Lordor needing to warm up or something. Then a tour of the Basin Valley and she’ll send him on his way to find a suitable cave for himself. The nights are getting awfully chilly - he won’t want to be caught out in the open.

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