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Gypsy. [Misael Challenge]

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R  E  I  C  H  E  N  B  A  C  H

With a beat of the drum that made your head spun
See no, hear no, speak no, son
Look like a gun, held by the young
In a far gone land shooting everyone

How was he supposed to find this ex-Throater Misael? An outcast was free to wander wherever they liked, something that Reichenbach envied slightly - after all, he liked nothing more than to be free and under the stars... unfortunately this made his task close to impossible. He'd already asked around and found little information on where the old Throater was, so he'd ended up at the Riptide Isles - for he'd always loved the ocean, and looking for Misael seemed like a brilliant excuse to check out the beautiful archipelago for himself. As Orangemoon had begun to take effect the wind had grown colder, and it bit into his mahogany skin now with an icy force, causing the Guardian to shake himself roughly. His abundant curls bounced about his rough hewn face chaotically at the movement, catching in the breeze and falling inconveniently about his long lashed eyes and gold ringed ears.

The archipelago was beautiful, a stunning array of delicate reef and abundantly green islands, swarmed by colourful fish and other intriguing sealife. Reich watched them for a while alone, enjoying what little sun there was whilst keeping a lucid eye out for Misael - whom he had heard was quite the man. Apparently the outcast stood even taller than Reich himself, a feat not many accomplished - though, admittedly, Helovia did seem to be full of abnormal citizens. As the day slowly wore on, Reich chose to settle himself into a little nook of wind-blocking rocks, enjoying the scratch of stone against his rump and the feel of sand underneath his hooves. He'd always loved the beach, it was the only other place he'd consider living, though it often lacked the heat of his beloved desert. He recalled, almost unwillingly, that the dunes of Tathra had backed onto an ocean much the same as the one he stared out at now. He and Rhaegar had often gone to the waters edge and stared across at the aptly named Jungle Rock - knowing that war would soon break out between the usurpers that had taken the island. Yet war had never come, and they had grown into young men... Rhaegar had found his wife.

Reich shook his head swiftly, throwing the memories from his mind with irritation. Must everything go back to Rhaegar? A grumble left his throat as he continued to watch for Misael, hoping that by some odd chance, the key-holder would come his way.

Reich is challenging Misael for his DT Key!

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Time limit exceeded. Misael defaults to Reichenbach. Reichenbach takes Misael's DT key. No VP as no attacks made.
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