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[OPEN] Red, Red Wine

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R  E  I  C  H  E  N  B  A  C  H

The sun had descended fully now, and Reich was on his third drink, humming quietly to himself as he sipped at the honeysuckle liquor and watched the festivities. The party was a success, though he hadn't yet seen Aelfwine arrive - and he was waiting on her to begin, for she was one of his closest friends at the Throat, and certainly a party could not start without her. Still, he had danced with Pip and welcomed his Sultan and Sultana, rumbling his pleasantries and watching his friends with eyes full of pleasure. How wonderful it was to live at the Throat - to have a family. In fact, he was so full of joy (and honeysuckle liquor) that he could not help but to toss his ebony curled head and stamp his strong hooves in some strange semblance of elegant dance, which really made him look quite handsome. The flames behind him lit up his mahogany coat quite nicely, also catching the gold hoops in his ears and the coins that tangled amongst his wild hair. They jingled as he danced, creating a merry tune and widening the grin on the Guardians rugged face. Too often, drink made him remember times that hurt his chest, memories of Rhaegar, of Sonnet, Iscariot and Severina rising to haunt him - but tonight he avoided the hurt, and smiled in earnest.

Open rapid-fire for anyone that wants to chat to Reich at the party! Possibly @Aelfwine or @Syrena !

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After the quick chat with the colt, Aelfwine made her way toward Reichenbach as the light flickered from the flames, igniting the beauty that enhanced his chocolate face. He was alone, it seemed, and Aelfwine knew that the feeling in her chest was growing fonder of the fellow warrior. So what better than to make her way over to him and spend some time with him before he got called away? Upon her approach, she smiled softly to the man, lifting her crowned head as her compasses clinked and glimmered with the lights. “Reichenbach, this was a lovely idea!” She exclaimed to him as her smile grew wider. As she stood up to his side, she aimed to reach her pink muzzle out to gently brush his shoulder should he allow it in more of an intimate, friendly greeting. Then, her gaze traveled across all those that had gathered, spotting Vanya running about and bleating in excitement while Aelfwine stood beside her very handsome friend.

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