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"And this is the bedroom..." the hobbit declared, gentle prodding the tallest peak of his sand castle with his hoof. Aiming to pluck a drifted leaf in it's top, Pippigrin stood back to survey his work with a grand smile. A sand castle fit for the most royal crustacean, but now that he'd completed it he had no real idea on what to do. His assignments had all but run dry with the turn of the season, his jobs and duties all but completed.
His trip to the riptide isles had mainly been out of curiosity, but truly he had wished to conquer his fear of flying over the ocean.  Perhaps it would always be a great fear of his, one that couldn't be overcome by any means of coercion or training, but stil lthe hobbit wuld try; he always would.

Sea-coloured gaze crossing to the distant island he called home, He gave a huffing sigh at the prospect of having to fly back over the krakens and ningens that dwelled beneath the waves. Perhaps he should just roost here until low tide?
Turning his nose in the direction of the vibrant sound, the startled hobbit shyly scooted from the cliffside he stood at the bottom of. A rumble and beat was seen in the grass, the sand flicking up around a mystery creature. What was that!?
"Uh, Hallo!?" Pip cooed, carefully striding forwards with his wings wide and at the ready.

An egg, the kind he'd only ever seen guarded by otters in disguise or chickens was rummaging in the grass, three paws having escaped the confines of it's shell. "OH!" he bellowed, striking forwards to help the creature out. Giving it a knock with his hoof (and accidentally sending it flying) Pippigrin watched as the creature within emerged from the shell; furry and button-nosed.

Brandybuck hatching!

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