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Not everyone can experience the love that a mother has for her children. It runs deep, hits rock bottom and still continues to carry on for the sake of her young, the special few that hold places in her heart filled with so much love that words cannot even begin to explain. She loves them with every part of her heart and soul, and would even go as far to die for them.
The proof in those words today has hit its crucial point, for a mother has finally gone far enough to give her life away for her children.
Whether or not her valiant effort to save them, a small clutch of three, perfect diamonds now shattered and ignored in the glow of their nest, tangled up in vines and flowers, all gone except for one. It lays abandoned, seemingly forgotten a mess of moss and mushrooms, their glow reflected into the shell of the precious egg to give a false idea of blue.
As for its mother and siblings, her small body lives in the crevices above, barely visible with only her tail hanging off the ledge, blood staining her white body. What remains of her eggs are cradled in their nest, surrounded by her corpse as if she loved them through each of their dying breaths.
What a tragedy, but at least their sibling is left to push on in their place, the confines of their shell only just beginning to give way beneath the pressure.

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" i hate to think about you with somebody else
but our love has gone cold
you're intertwining your soul with somebody else "
The sky cries them a whole new ocean. It pours until it feels like the world is falling apart in the form of raindrops after some time, powering on with an uncontrollable feeling of pain and suffering, locked up in a heart with no key to be found.
They withstand till they can't take it anymore, the winds picked up from the sea throwing themselves in land and bringing the waves in with them.
She actually feels like an idiot, and Hobgoblin thinks the same way towards her as well, standing on the brim of Helovia and looking out into what used to be the closest definition to the words home and family, now nothing more than a place where a man who painfully carries some portion of her heart reigns supreme.
"Skullface wear your crown. Skullface take."
She looks back at him with some ancient look of sorrow, downtrodden and worn like today was going to be The Day, you know, the one where she goes back to there only to remember it's not worth it. It wears a hole in his heart to see her like this, evident through the aching resonating in his chest and the soft coo of a whine in his throat.
"He didn't take it from me. He just deserved it more."
Disappointment burns a hole through her in a place she doesn't want it to, Hobgoblin's deep eyes urging it on as it goes. He knows that she likes to think that she gave it away, that giving it up was what was right for her, for the entirety of the Dragon's Throat, but when the story runs out and someone else is playing everyone else's parts, and Sikeax is left to suffer with the agony of failure and shame, no part of it screams that it was right.
She leaves no room for arguments though. Her footsteps ring in his ears and her long, drawn-out sigh weeps more than the rain does as she goes, driving back into the caves, looking to hide, looking to weep, looking for somewhere to run herself down in the mess of hormones that are likely moving through her veins even now.
He wastes not a single second on watching her go, nothingness replacing flippers as his legs struggle to keep with her pace.
If she cries in the rain on the way to the glowing room, then he doesn't see it, masked behind the mess of raindrops and salt staining her cheeks.


The air inside is cold in the kind of way that makes Sikeax want to turn back, to dive into the raging seas and simply forget, to give up on everything she's ever worked for and pretend that none of it ever happened, or to turn tail and run to wherever her mother is now and to fall into her arms, weeping as much as the sky and crying out every part of her story.
Or maybe she could choose death and run away to all the people who mattered the most, and finally crash down in happiness beside Tonka, or possibly Africa, letting the world forget her like it's done everyone else.
Either way, fate has no time for her sorrows and failures, for as her body sinks into the body of water at the end of the cave, sighs and groans running along the lines of her lips and the whispering of her breath, her eyes capture something she's never gotten the chance to witness before: a baby dragon being born.
"Hobgoblin." His nostrils flare somewhere else in the room, jaws opening only to close briefly after at the scent of an easy meal, hunger digging a hole in his stomach. He's almost got the mind to ignore her, if it wasn't for the second round of urgency in her quiet voice.
He slinks over with the stench of crankiness following behind, slouching in his shoulders as his body breaks apart to slide into place beside her, damp skin meeting cold hair. The sensation shouldn't bother him, seeing as leopard seals are specifically made to withstand the cold, but Hobgoblin chooses to give a firm middle finger to any laws written to his forms.
His eyes follow hers, mumbling something in the back of their heads as he does so. "What?"
"If you used the eyes inside of your head, then maybe you'd-"
Crying fills up the places in her head that she's never known to be empty, or at least till Hobgoblin...
If he could have actually screamed, then the world would have known the absolute horror that comes rushing in when the child finally breaks through what should had been their casket, crying out for love and attention and any food that might do something to relieve the stress of the entire situation. He's been there before, in her spot, but never Sikeax's, and now that it strikes him with the force of a freight train, he isn't exactly sure how to go about handling it.
So, Hobgoblin does what he feels is right, and with jaws spread wide and hunger reigning some sort of supreme in his head, the child's cries dull out in his head.
Rage bursts through him like a bomb with the background interference of terror, and while he can't decide if the fear is his or well, the child's, he can at least be sure that Sikeax's horn tastes terrible, the slick piece of what he now discovers is bone tasting of aged salt and raindrops. It collides into the ends of his mouth and holds him back as the small reptile finds its feet and attempts to flee, diving for Sikeax.
He rips backwards as the child finds her mane, clutching into the damp locks with small talons desperate to find some sense of safety and mothering, and while she doesn't mind at all, evident by the short burst of love that always comes right when she witnesses her children for the first time, covered in all sorts of ick, it tears him limb from limb.
All he manage is "Why?"
Why her? Why me? Why us?
"I can't control it. Neither of us can."
She's getting closer now, climbing into the horned mare's mane and making short chirps as happiness flutters around in all of them, so much more aware of the dragon's imprint on their bond now. Her little body finds the right place at last, clearing into a collection of tangles.
"You're going to have to get used to it. She's ours."
There's never been a collection of words that he's hated more, except for when he found out they actually had to keep Zhu at the beginning, when the black colt consisted of nothing more than the grossness of birth and whining, long before Hobgoblin had found any joy in his company. One hell of a hateful huff flies out of his nostrils to ensure that she knows he still thinks she'd make a better meal than bonded.
"Get over it." The firmness of his voice confirms that he's lost this battle and actually the entire war, but there's nothing to go back on. The world has seemingly decided to carry on without him.

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"We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."
        -- Flemeth, Dragon Age II

Call it fate. Call it coincidence. Either one could easily describe why Bellanaris happened to be near the Heart Caves on this day, at this time, during this storm. How it came to be is anyone's guess. Perhaps it was because of her own wandering heart or perhaps some outside, unseen force placed her here. From her particular position, north of the caves, her eyes swept over the familiar forms of mamae and Hobgoblin as they stood gazing off in the distance. Bella isn't certain of what they are looking at but they don't pause for long and soon they disappear beneath the ground. Bellanaris hasn't been here before, hasn't explored this particular part of Helovia. She's walked passed it, sure, but never taken a good enough look to not be puzzled the moment her mother disappeared once again.

Honestly, what is it with mamae disappearing in ways that defy logic?

Bellanaris is frozen for a moment, green eyes glued to the spot where the two vanished - as though waiting for something to happen. Moments tick by with nothing but the wind and the rain to keep her company. Nothing changes and she admittedly begins to question her own eyes. Bella's ears remain forward as she cautiously approaches her mother's last known location, inching forward as though something terrible might pop out at any moment. Each step is high, almost bouncy from the building tension of her own anxiety; muscles stiff, cocked and fully loaded - waiting to explode. Even as she creeps closer, the entrance to the cave becoming more clear, she can't seem to relax. Her ears remain forward in curiosity but her brows are furrowed. She is hesitant but committed. Standing outside the dark hole, the yearling girl hangs in the balance between stop and go, coward and fearless.

Eventually, daring youth wins out.

Down she goes, slipping beneath the surface. The lack of rain and wind is unsurprisingly pleasant but the further into the caves she delves, the cooler the air feels. Involuntary shivers ripple through her, pricking her skin, ruffling her feathers. Bella pulls her wings in tighter, attempting to clench in any amount of heat she can before continuing forward - searching for any sign of her mother or Hobgoblin. The various rooms and hallways connect like a darkened maze, leaving the yearling lost and somewhat disoriented by the time her mother's voice bounces off the walls towards her. She pauses, eyes wide and ears erect, peering ahead of her. "Mamae?" Bella calls out, her voice slightly shaky. "Hobgoblin?" Where are you? She is certain they must still be down here, but for the life of her Bella isn't familiar with this part of Helovia and now she's a bit lost.

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