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[OPEN] Big wheel keeps on turnin' [BIRTHING]

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She arrives into the world with a graceless tumble, all legs, and slick black parts, and lays for a while, still, recovering from the struggle that had led to this escape to the unknown. Slowly peering at the horribly bright place she has been deposited into, her head tosses back when Glacia’s lips first touch her back, a wary, wet bleat escaping her lips. When the touch speaks, however, a sudden ember blooms in her chest, and spreads like wildfire. Love pulses through her, and comfort, for the depths of that rumbling voice feel like the warm place she’d just arrived from. With jerks and wobbles, and a wet blast of mucus from her nostrils, she alerts the tall shadows about her that she is alive, as she seeks out the source of the voices.

Mewling a cry of displeasure at the suddenly noticed chill and overwhelming nature of this multi-tonal world, the filly finds her voice to be somewhat startling, and stops as soon as she starts. Her spindly legs lift her knees into peaks before her, and she gazes over their wet backs with blue eyes, pale as the waters of the lake gently lapping against the shore outside, and wide with wonder at this world, damp ears tilted back. The mare she first sees is warmly colored, like the earth that Gwyn has never seen, and her sweet voice ensnares note by note the tiny one’s ears until they slowly lift forward. It is not her, however, nor is the deep rumble belonging to a very tall, imposing figure clad with metal in the cavern with them.

She doesn’t know her name, mother, not yet, but it already fills her whole soul with elation as she tilts her head back to behold her. There! There she is!

A desperate bleat accompanies her notice of her white emblazoned dam, her small hooves scrabbling on the stone beneath her. A rumbling in her belly growls and snarls, and adds haste to her cries and struggle; it takes her some time to manage her hind legs beneath her, before the fall over. Another few moments and she does it again, and again, before her front legs make their way up, too.

With a frustrated wail, she topples; so it continues over and over, until, at last, she stands, on trembling knees, with her gaze holding Glacia captive. With wobbling, uneasy steps, she does not topple down, but makes her way to her dam’s flank, nudging her nose instinctively beneath her warm, round belly to put an end to the ravenous thing in her tummy.

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