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[OPEN] Silken wings in silent flight

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Word arrives via the bush telegraph that Bad Banksia’s have been spotted in the threshold more than three times now, hunting always for the elusive bat who all but vanished with a winged equid a week before - it will be only a matter of time before their search expands into greater Helovia. Also, noted by the nut-folk, is Mrs Snake’s retied allegiance with the brutish Banksias, and that a new base now exists for their sly planning somewhere near the last sighting.

With softly fluttering breath and a mask of bravery to compliment her gratitude, Stellaluna thanks Mr Frogmouth (who had travelled three days to find her), for the information. There is a soft, concerned murmur among the nuts all gathered about the pair to listen; then, just as Mr Frogmouth turns to leave, a thought strikes the pup and she starts suddenly on the spot. “Please, kind Mr Frogmouth,” she gestures in undertone behind him, for the silence around them this night is great. “Is there news about Charlie?”

The old bird’s mottled head shook grimly, “no…” and then he swooped from the bough and was gone.

A hot stew of liquid pools beneath long, lower lashes. Never has she been without her sister for this long. The soft, naked skin of a hand touches her leg, and the bat smiles quietly down at the Blossom there sitting (with legs swinging in the cool wind), staring up with wide, sympathetic blue eyes. “Not to worry,” the distant note of her own tiny voice announces quickly; they will continue their adventure nonetheless, and surely if the ‘little red’ was out there, someone (nut or bush, folk alike) would notice her.

Above the congregation, starlight glitters through the midnight hour, free of the long black ribbons which had sullied the pretty blue of the previous day’s sky. Stellaluna presses her warm velvet nose into the demented, wind-warped bark of their clifftop host thanking him, before sailing away east into the thickening coniferous forest.

There are few about (the fantasy-creatures of this region, mostly, share not her nocturnal nature), and the airspace is delightfully clear. She swoops and curves nimbly between the the pyramid, prickly tops of juvenile firs, searching for the exotic, cylindrical fruits ripening beneath the protection of needly leaves. When she comes upon a small crop at last, the bat alights eagerly and the tree bends awkwardly down beneath her fidgeting weight.
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Note: For those unfamiliar with Stellaluna, she lives in an imagined world and the folk she speaks with are not real :)
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The golden dragon who roosted amongst the trees watched with golden eyes, his irises wide in the twilight as he noted the little shadow that ducked and dived, darted and danced through the foliage of his home. He was silent, still, his hues muted by the moonlight and fog: he was the perfect predator.

Yet, he knew this was not prey. He knew this child (for what else could she be, being so small and playful?) was not for eating, for feasting upon, though her meat would surely be satisfying in his stomach. Who's not prey? came the question from his bonded, who was curious to know why Dramyrth would be considering eating (or not eating) anything.

A sigh huffed through the dragon's slitted nostrils, a thin trail of smoke leaving them. He sent a general idea of his thoughts along the bond, and felt his beloved's curiosity pique upon receipt. There's a child up there? With you? she asked, and he could feel the worry colour her thoughts, and swiftly reacted to quell it. She is capable flier, and not afraid, was all he managed, as his still somewhat immature mind grasped for the appropriate words.

I'm coming closer, the decisive thought arrived immediately after, as he knew it would, and he felt his bonded move along the forest floor below towards where he was hidden.

"Hello?" drifted the gentle tones of the dragonmare not moments later, kind and soft, singsong in its melodic intonation, inviting and warm. A branch bent then, as the filly alighted upon it, weighing it down. "Is someone up there?" came the secondary question, as the dragonmare looked unsuccessfully in the darkness above for the vague shape her bonded had sent her before.
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