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[OPEN] moment of truth [Basin Festival Invitations]

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The last leg of her journey ended amidst the open fields and wonder of lavender and thistles, along the rustling, autumn wind, amongst the gathering of the vivid air and the pressing red oaks. Their intentions were to catch any wandering souls, any curious minds, to tempt, beguile, and allure those of an inquiring nature to listen to the proclamations prospered from their mouths, their leaflets, their invitations into another world for an evening.
Tiamat’s presence was a welcome one, and she teased with several notions, like: “How many do you think will come?” and “Are you going to have your fortune read?,” along with a silly wink, imagining the stage and world from seasons past (once interrupted by damned figures and hollowed souls, another spent spinning tales of other times and events, but life had changed, altered, quickly and erratically), pondering what was to come from this one, which frames would make the journey to their summits and glaciers. She didn’t want their efforts to go wasted, preparations garnished and decayed because others were unaware of what their realm had to offer. Perhaps, she thought with an inclination of hope and faith, some lonely figures would take to the spacious community made of ice and rock and persistence, some would yearn for the fortitude, the might, the strength required to live within their wondrous kingdom.
So, without any other forethought in mind but dreams and aspirations for a better future, a rise above chaos, she called out to the travelers and ramblers, to the nomads and rolling stones, to the drifters and migrants, intending to reach their ears with serene sounds and vivid harmonies; an invitation to a festival dedicated to their God and the rise of the mountains once again.

[Stopping within the Thistle Meadow to invite any outcasts/wanderers/intrigued people to the upcoming Basin festival, starting May 8th!]

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