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It was home, regardless of how she felt about it. Don’t get her wrong, other than the blistering sun, the Throat wasn’t a bad place. She’d fallen into the trap of it easily enough, lingering on the border with the sea lapping at her feet, avoiding leaving. One, what was she going to do anyway? She will recruit, but she’s basically terrible at it, so it’s not something she does often. There are much more outgoing horses in the Throat better suited to representing the herd than her. And two, she does not like flying. It is really freaking weird, her feet just sort of useless in the sky and she lands kind of like a brick still. Maybe she should practice that part, but hell if her feet are going to leave the ground and the sea any more than they must.

Thea, on the other hand, very much enjoys their home. She better, because it was her idea to come here. Orangemoon has cooled the Throat down some, and it’s possible to be out during the day, rather than hiding in the water and sleeping in the little shade they could find. She’s gotten lazy, truthfully, complacent in this place and the quiet life she’s established for herself and Thea. On occasion, Thea drags them both into social situations, but even Thea seems largely content with their quiet life.

Today is a usual day for them. The day is surprisingly beautiful. Thea, content in her hydra form for now, slithers along their usual path toward the water, Syrena trailing in her wake. Her companion is a pile of energy, always ten steps ahead, or just moving circles around Syrena. They reach the water, and Thea dives in, creating a ruckus like she always does. Syrena wades in quietly, letting the warm water lap at her legs, turning her red and orange and yellow where the water touches.

Like usual, she assumes her day will pass like this. Thea playing, Syrena doing nothing useful at all. She just doesn’t know where to begin, though she’s trying. Giving away keys, waiting for orders from her monarchs. She’ll work when given the work, but what else do you do? When life just takes and takes everything from you, why work for it again?

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