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the world is kept alive only by heretics

I've returned. Because this is my home. It doesn't matter how many other lands I see, who I meet or what relationships I've formed there because I will always belong in Helovia. The gods have disappointed me and so have the residents. I've seen the errors in our ways in my absence and hesitated to return because I know what I have to do, and it's going to be hard.

The road ahead of me is difficult and some would say impossible, but I have to start somewhere. Helovia deserves better and I was born for a reason. My purpose is to make this world stable again while are fathers and mothers do nothing but watch as Kaos and the demons from the Rift threaten us yet again.

So while I walk through these familiar trees, it is like a dream. Or a nightmare. Orangemoon leaves make the trees look like fire, and the ground is damp with that rich, rainy smell. Helovia is beautiful. No one can deny that, but it is also flawed. I can see it even now amidst all this beauty and splendor, and it takes every ounce of self control I possess to not set it all ablaze right now.

I weighed that option carefully. I could burn Helovia down so it could start again from the ashes, but it deserved one more chance.

Just one.

Then I'd have to destroy everything so it could begin anew.

I stop at a small stream to drink, wondering if the noble herd activists would come running for me or if they would steer clear. I've been gone long enough that new faces wouldn't recognize me - that is if rumors about the sun god's child hadn't infected everyone's ears.

Zera huffed from my back, the gold and white griffin perched daintily there. He wasn't happy about returning. I don't exactly blame him given all he had seen and all the damage done to his bond mate. He saw our travels as a vacation when it was anything but, and he didn't want it to be over. "This is where we belong, Zera," I told him gently.

But burn down our home
I won't leave alive

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home is behind the world ahead
there are many paths to tread

The wolverine cub, now a few weeks old, had grown used to the cloud-touching altitudes the halfling commonly flew at. The speeds, however, were something that would take some getting used to (and, perhaps some light training). In the saddle-like patch of feathers between Pippigrin's wings the kit would roost during flights, coiled in the half-man's unruly down feathers and mane, always assured that his host's powers of wind and light could usher him back to safety should he fall.

Now with a real fight under his belt (that run in with the White Witch had NOT been a drill.), one that had passed without any loss of limb or too much pride, Pippigrin now felt even more confident to take his flights further north and to the realms less explored.

The blood Falls had been his destination, but it would not be so, not with the new sack of weight on his back that cooed and yapped for food. It had taken Pip a while, but son he had realised that the beast hatched in the isles was a carnivore; he didn't know they actually existed!
Fluttering through a hobbit-sized hole in the canopy, Pippin allowed himself to land upon his back legs first rather than zooming straight down upon his front two (that look a lot more practise). Perhaps he'd stop for a rest while the bairn rustled some grubs. There had to be some dinner about, a skink or even a mink!

Cozying up to a grand old oak, the hobbit gaze a cooing sigh of exhaustion as he stretched his limbs, stretching out a round hoof toward the forest floor in a plot to take a nap, though not a moment later his ears twitched at the sound of a voice, causing his nose to wrench in the direction of the prodigal.
The ground bent beneath her, the Inquisitor, daughter of the sun. The hobbit did not know her as she had left shortly before his entry to the continent, but still her appearance was enough to cause the word 'Inquisitor' to clammer around in his mind. The ash that blossomed from her footsteps was enough to cause the little one's jaw to drop, though it was the smoke that pooled from each mark in the ground that struck him. She was of this land, so why did she smell so strange?
Striding forth, knowing that a Guardian of the Dragon's Throat should have no reason to be afraid, Pippigrin gave his greeting.
"Hallo!" He bellowed, squeezing over a high-grown weed. "I am Pip, Guardian of the Dragon's Throat!"

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Are you ready for
The perfect storm

Ampere often came here when she was nestled too deeply in her thoughts and needed to escape. Though she preferred the many coast lines of Helovia to ease her mind and her heart, sometimes there was something refreshing about weaving through the trees of the Threshold and spying the newly arrived, usually so hopeful and full of wonderful tales from the realms beyond. Ampere needed a reminder right not of what was good in the world, and what was beyond Helovia and its gods.

It wasn't a newcomer that she came across today however, quite the opposite.

A familiar voice tugged at her ears, and a scent too if she'd had half the mind to pay attention to it among the pine. Still, Ampere's heart quickened at the familiar sound, and like electricity prickling through her she felt the hairs on her nape tingle, her feathers fluffing up of their own will. Aithniel her mind whispered, and the word instantly tugged on the bond of the parrot fluttering above. He cocked his head and hurried down to Ampere's side, claws tangling in her mane just before she turned and hurriedly walked through the forest.

There was another familiar voice, Pippigrin, but the halffling's presence wasn't enough to deter her from seeing Aithniel once more. Much as she might have wanted the girl all to herself, having her at all was better than not. So it was Ampere broke through the foliage and into view as Pippigrin just finished speaking. The sight of the Sun's daughter standing in the clearing, a dark angel, left Ampere momentarily breathless.

All this time she had wondered, had thought, had even tried to ask. Now though, with Tandavi's confessionals still echoing in her ears, Ampere knew without a doubt, this was her daughter.

"Aithniel," she greeted, barely above as whisper as the name tangled up in her throat, caught amid too many emotions.

"I'm so glad to see you safely back. I'd heard the Sun had sent you away on a mission about Kaos, and I'd feared for your safety given the dangers of going alone."


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