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[OPEN] beautiful chaos [DT patrol]

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It is raining softly as the procession of Throat members makes its way from their desert land towards the eerie Spectral Marsh. At its head alongside Ampere marches Volterra, his black skin gleaming like polished ebony thanks to the light sheen of moisture that clings to it, emphasising every thick muscle and deep-set scar. His neck is powerfully arched, allowing his head and eyes to swing around to take in as much of the surrounding landscape as possible whilst his ears pivot like satellites to catch the potential sound of danger. It's hard to hear much through the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops slapping the leaves around him, and he counts himself fortunate that he has his dragons circling high above to lend him two extra pairs of eyes.

The conditions are certainly not ideal. The drizzle has made the ground muddy, causing brown filth to splash up against the stallion's sturdy legs until it's impossible to tell that he has any sort of white markings, and each step is difficult as the mire seems to cling to hooves and hold them against their will. The Indomitable is concerned for the morale of the rest of the patrol, as it's been a long and arduous walk with the rain in their faces and with undoubtedly a few sore heads from the party the night before. He glances over to Ampere at his side, the concern evident in the furrowing of his brow and the hardening of his eyes. With the rain in their faces and their bodies focused on prying their legs from the muck, the patrol might grow distracted - easy prey for Kaos and his foul tricks.

Maybe the weather is his doing. Maybe this is all part of the trap that he's set up for them, ready to ensnare them into his fetid grasp. Volterra's muscles are tense and his body is fully alert as he moves, and he can feel his cerberus magic close to hand - shifting into a massive three-headed dog might distract Kaos long enough for the rest of the patrol to escape should they be attacked.

"I suggest we split up and fan out. Go in pairs or threes - do not go alone. My dragons will circle overhead to keep an eye on you all, and if you encounter danger or anything of concern, shout as loud as you can to alert the rest of us. Az istenek menetelhetnek veled, Throat." He dips his great head to them all, before moving off towards the shrine with anybody who might choose to accompany him.

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Harcos was the one that alerted Tyrath to his father's presence, and those from the throat who accompanied it. He'd left, for a lack of a better reason, to strike out and see what he could learn about Kaos himself. Inaction was the start of downfall, of compliance and laziness. The stallion would not allow himself to simply stand by the sidelines and watch it all unfold without him, he'd lingered enough on the side, pondering and contemplating his life choices and which path he would set a firm hoof upon.

The scars which gouged deep lines into his neck were a permanent reminder that he'd nearly lost his head, to the bone creature the God-like amalgamation had conjured to protect his black altar. The rain only served to emphasize the grizzly keepsake, slicked his ashen fur against his hide and reduced his mane to limp ringlets that clung to his neck in thick ropes. The wounds had healed, with help of Tae and her magic, but the damage had been done, the sloping lines of his thickly muscled neck would forever be claimed and marked by the shadowed God in the Marshes.

Harcos trilled his song toward Tyrath through their bond, red eyes pulled from a fixed point in the distance toward where his dragon had already darted toward. In the depths of the marsh he looked like a beast, red eyes alight and body aflame from the inside out, against the backdrop of muted colours and rot, an unmoving ominous statue of flame. Until he heaved a sigh and began to trudge after his bonded. His footfalls landed heavy in the water and sucking mud, and his thunderous pace slowed to a determined walk after awhile, not that he minded, Harcos would announce his arrival to his father.

Announce he did, he broke through the branches and limp foliage in a burst of speed, wings spread to circle over the indomitable with a happy shriek. A breath of smoke exhaled through his toothy maw as it broke into a reptilian grin as his head nudged towards Tyrath when he finally appeared, then turned his attention to look for Verzes and Vadir. He had missed Verzes, and he had developed quite the crush on the golden queen, despite being painfully aware that she wouldn't spare a second glance toward him for the colour of his scales alone.

"Apa." He greeted, warmth laced in the single word and allowed a small smile to appear on his lips. The skull faced colt turned his attention to the rest in turn and nodded a faint greeting to them, words withheld purposely, then turned his attention back to his father. "Need an extra pair of hooves?"

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he pair didn't mind the rain as it fell in a soft patter. Zafir found she enjoyed puffing frost out at the drops freezing one or two causing them to ping off of Astarot's bone marked side. After the first couple it didn't bother the young stallion very much. It was the mud that annoyed him. His legs were already close to mud color, but actually having mud all the way up to his knees aggravated the man. He knew he would have to wash off as soon as the rain stopped or the filth would pull at his hair. Grumbling he looked over at his massive father reading the tension in his bulging muscles. He wondered if Kaos would show up and cause trouble. He picked up the pace to walk beside his father. "Apa, I need a bag, so I can carry some herbs with me. Maybe we could seek out the Basin crafters?" He met his father's eyes for a moment hoping he wouldn't shake him off.

After a moment he turned his attention back to the forest around them. His own highlighted muscles were tense at the thought of some kind of creature flying from the damp world around them. He turned to look at everyone else in the party wondering how they were all fairing. Zafir jerked her head up sharply eyes intent. Astarot looked around his muscles quivering ready to defend the others. Instead a familiar red dragon flew towards them circling his father's head. He turned to look where the dragon had come from his ears pricked hoping beyond hope that his brother was about to step from the trees.

His breath caught in his throat as a familiar fire burning stallion stepped out. Zafir screeched her joy looking at her brother.She had only met him once before, but the joy pulsing from her bonded was contagious. Unable to help himself he stepped forward laughter rolling from his lips. "Kedves bátyám!" The words were loud and jubilant. He tried to throw his neck around his lost brother's withers. "Where have you been asshole?" He chuckled softly swallowing against the lump in his throat. Zafir looked up at the red dragon growling softly. She took off intent on getting the respect she deserved from the lesser male. Her claws were primed to catch the other unless he gave her what was rightfully hers.

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He follows the patrol through the early-morning drizzle, trying not to be disheartened by the adverse weather conditions. The bull also has to try his best not to grow frustrated by the slow pace they're keeping, largely because of the amount of none-winged members in their party. If Arakh took to the skies, he could be there in seconds - he could also enhance his ability to discover clues by flying, soaring across the trees and using his sharp eyes to hunt for the suspicious altar. Alas, he must go at the pace of everybody else, and he does so with much reluctant head-tossing and prancing.

It finally seems as though they're here, and the bull shifts to the outside of the gathering so he can get a better look. His grullo fur is splashed with mud to the extent that he looks almost bay in colouration, and his mane hangs lank against his neck thanks to the constant moisture. His ears flick forwards to listen to the Indomitable's commands and he gives a curt nod to show that he's heard, then looks around for somebody to pair up with.

He soon finds somebody - a stallion of a similar age to himself, pale-pelted and with a complex array of horns, wings, and a dragon. He is handsome, there's no doubt about that, and Arakh feels the now-familiar pulses of lust between his thighs. These lusts are not just directed at men - women, too, incite such delicious feelings of heat deep within his gut. It seems no horse is a safe bet, as each one seems to turn the usually composed bull into a sweating sex pest. He flicks his damp mane across his neck so that the muscular arch of it is exposed, then heads towards the hybrid male with his dragon. "Patrol with Arakh?" he questions in his incredibly deep, heavily accented voice. The pale stallion is speaking to Volterra, and it only increases Arakh's ardour at the idea that this man is son of the king. Hmm...he hides his desire well, with the only sign of it being a twitch in his tail and a slight darkening of his eyes.

There's another male too, with a blue dragon. He receives a nod of the bull's powerfully-horned head, although Arakh senses any advances will be more well-received with the first stallion.


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Ampere alternated between flight and foot as their [atrol group set out to investigate Kaos and the new findings on the day after the party. She kept a keen eye out for any reckless foals, a passing grunt given when she saw Arakh tagging along - she supposed he was finally old enough now (never forgetting he was Gaucho's son).

Ampere caught Volterra's eye, his thoughts not spoken, but she could hazard a guess. They were desert-dwellers, and though they celebrated the rain for the life it brought the sands, they were certainly not accustomed to it, and Ampere felt her mood dampening alongside her hide, cutting her into something sterner and less forgiving, especially when coupled with her frustrations regarding Kaos.

Ampere didn't like feeling powerless, and Kaos had managed to accomplish that. She'd been given hope during the Rift wars when it became known gods could be killed - a difficult thing to stomach given her devotion to the Sun, but a necessary tidbit when she considered her greater crusade against companion bonds.
That hope was nothing but false however, as Kaos then proved with its reemergence and invulnerability in the moments after that first (second?) betrayal.

Ampere's lips curled in a sneer as she thought about it while they trudged on.

Eventually they reached their destination and she halted as Volterra did so, an ear flicking to his words, nodding as he spoke. "I'll be securing the perimeter," she announced, "if anyone wants to accompany me. We'll make sure the rest of the group stays safe, and be on the look out for bones or black flowers."

Waiting for one or two to accompany her Ampere then set off, heading further into the Marshes.

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