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[OPEN] Maximum Effort [Festival Race]

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He’s not really sure what he’d expected when the Lord and Lady of the Basin had insisted that all herd members participate and/or contribute in some way to this semi-sort-of-not-really-annual festival, handing out duties and explaining areas of responsibility, but if he’d thought to take a guess he wouldn’t have said anything pertaining to Race Coordinator. If he’d thought to say anything at all he would have complained that he’d already contributed by hanging the little bundles of glowing mushrooms along the main pathways between events, perhaps sneering that it’s not his fault they’d planned for most of the attractions to take place in full daylight, when glowing, glittering decorations are at their dullest.

Fortunately for all involved he’d been too disgusted surprised to do more than furrow his brows and look aghast at the idea, his bearded jaw hanging slightly open as the rest of the group splintered off to begin whatever bullshit preparations were necessary, leaving the old man completely to his own devices. Whose brilliant idea was that? He's made no preparations of his own, of course, only bothering the show up at all for fear of Rikyn's cutting horn and hooves, the long healed scar across his left shoulder twitching momentarily with remembered pain.

Sighing in prodigiously over exaggerated suffering he positions himself at the very center of the Basin, his chipped hooves planting squarely on the main thoroughfare of the territory with his nose pointing southeast, toward to the pair of decommissioned sentinels at the border. The road is winding, uneven, and marred with hoof holes, water runoff, and unkempt shrubbery, but if these asshats are going to give him a bullshit job he expects them to run a bullshit race too. Fair's fair after all.

"The race will begin in fifteen minutes!" He bellows, turning to aim the sound of his voice toward the main crowd, a surprising strength in the bass of his announcer's shout. Yelling is one thing he's never lost his aptitude for. "Come show off your summer body before the booze wears off!"

OOC // Everyone welcome! First round of posts will establish who is participating. Alby will announce the rules and start in my next reply. Placings will be determined by dice roll. Prizes possible. Fun unlikely. Insults guaranteed. <3
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Laughing at the salacious invitation from Albrecht to join in on his race, I make my way that direction, having waited for the duration of the evening for just this moment. Having participated in a race as a foal, and very nearly winning it, the love of galloping for the lead had forever been instilled in me (even if, for that race, I’d been a goat). My amusement drops away slightly, however, when I make my way to where he has prepared the starting line, to discover that the race is not where we had initially discussed.

With eyebrows skeptically raised as I look down the hazardous trail he has selected instead of the natural, even footed track around the shore of the lake, I wonder if he’s not trying to kill the contestants. Potholes, muddy puddles, boughs, and more litter the path from here, and that is just as far as I can see at this point. Sighing as I look over at him with one ear tilted back, I think my face lets on more about how I really feel than my words do.

"This isn’t the lake, Albrecht," I state of the obvious, my lips quirking into a smile as I make my way to his starting line regardless. Casting a joke his way while I wait for the others to get it together and line up, so we can get this shindig started, I find it hard to remain frustrated with the change of plans, when presented with the chance to have a bit of fun for once. "Were you scared I’d kick everyone’s asses if the track was easy, or something?"

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She debates whether or not to participate in the race, especially when she sees that same stallion that seems to have been everywhere already waiting. He’s muscular and has legs much longer than hers, as she is still growing, and Maude is quick to assume that the others joining the line up will, most likely, be stronger, faster adults as well. However, when she meanders nearer and peers down the raceway to discover it literally covered in obstacles and dangers, the girl decides that, while it is certainly more dangerous this way, it is also quite fair.

You can be the fastest all you want on footing like that; it’ll just break your ankle. Thankfully, with a precautionary pat to its brown surface, her bag of healing leaves is chock full, and ready to go, should someone do just that.

Stepping up to the line up with trepidation, she smiles at those alongside her awkwardly before looking ahead, waiting for the call to gallop forth with the rest of the North, and their various guests. Wondering, also, just how she’ll do, as she’s never run in a race before, Maude quickly finds her anxious excitement for the old man to call the runners into action builds all the more quickly the longer she waits, and, soon, her hooves dance restlessly beneath her.

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At first I stay in the main area around the lake, enjoying the light hum of family, friends, and frenemies chatting among themselves. It's nice to be part of something but not actively participating. After standing there a little while I hear a call for a race and turn to look in the direction of the shout. A stallion, a little ways in the distance, is beckoning festival-goers to a race. Ha! As if I were able to beat anyone in a race. I can gallop with the rest of them but not with the speed I would like.

As I watch Rikyn and a yearling walk in that direction, I decide perhaps I will try my luck. I approach at an amble, deciding to save my hurry for when I get there. By the time I arrive any conversation has died down and the other two participants are standing at the line marked in the ground in silence. I nod a greeting to the stallion that is conducting the race, wondering idly who he is. I take my place in the line-up on the other side of Rikyn and glance at the younger stallion.

"Ready to eat my dust?" I cackle under my breath, enjoying the rub. Not that I have hopes for winning such a race but I'll give it my best shot. I'm not one to let anyone else beast me just because I feel bad for them. I glance ahead at where the sentinels are in distance, presumably where we will run to and come back. I dig one hoof at the ground and wring my tail, feeling adrenaline build within me. I'm ready!

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