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[OPEN] for that -berry- special someone! [HERD QUEST]

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An Orangemoon breeze rustles through the undergrowth, weaving through the woodland until it finds the blue Lady, and then twirls up one of her slender legs before it dances with the sapphire strands of her hair. A shiver trembles down the length of the sea maiden’s spine. Although there are still many weeks until winter, the promise of snow and hoarfrost is already coming alive within the mountainous valley. Even now, as Tiamat makes her way slowly and leisurely through the forest that surrounds the Basin, she can feel the ground cold and stiff beneath her hooves.

Behind her, Nimue lingers around a large woven basket, crooning soft whistles and chirps as she looks over its precious contents. Various berries and edible herbs lie together, collected by the Ocean’s Light, and intended to be used as part of their quest. With Frostfall seemingly so near, many of the fruit has already been either frozen or harvested—Tiamat finds herself nudging deeper into the bushes, and searching both high and low for the wolves’ food. Sighing softly while a grin curls her lips, the sea mare glances through the trees and out into the valley, wondering if others will join her in her endeavors.

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The Haruspex comes upon Nimue first, offering a low, throaty call to the little black and white whale. Of all the companions in the edge, she is Wessex’s favorite, because there is something so innocently delightful about her croons and flips, and most importantly, for her returned affection towards the spikey mare. “Hello, Nimue,” she offers with a smile, looking around for Tiamat. The bushes rustle, and if Wessex peers into the browning foliage, she can make out the curve of the Lady’s rump. A snort escapes, followed quickly by a short chuckle as she takes an opportunity to tease the sea-maiden.

“Tiamat…” Wessex yells into the shrubbery, “What are you doing in there?” I mean, it’s obvious that she’s foraging for herbs and berries, but what for? Their greenhouse is stacked with stores of fruit, ready for the coming harshness of winter. These extra ones might feed one horse for a day, but then they might as well travel down to the Throat if they’re that desperate.

“Are you that hungry?” she inquires, teasingly, never thinking that the Lady's endeavors might be mistakenly directed towards their Herd Quest.

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Hibernation for whatever reason comes so easily and quietly for these two. So comforting to keep to one’s self, collecting samples and experimenting however she wishes. This is not how you live in a Kingdom, though, and she knows this. She has not seen or spoken to anyone since Tallsun and rumors of a Quest are starting to really make her think. She can feel the rising itch to leave her cave and not turn for the trails to the fertile Meadow or the shadowy Forest; maybe she go inward today.

She emerges from the cold mouth of her cave, the curtain of broken pieces, feathers, mosses, flowers and glistening sea-glass falling over her smooth painted hips. Orangemoon in in the Basin is wet, chilly but not cold and surprisingly still colorful. Blankets of fog are not uncommon and this morning it is particularly abundant and thick across the jade mosses and tundra vegetation. She looks down from the flattened surface of stone and earth at the opening of her small cave and Phrixus is preening on the gnarled old apple tree that guards her ‘doorstep’ and gifts her delicious fruit this time of year. She plucks a deep red one from within the skeletal branches with its sparse greenery and bright apples, a mysterious little tree indeed. A favorite perch of the raven’s and a certain favorite of the unicorn’s.

Let’s find something to do, shall we?” Chewing the last of the apple’s lush sweetness she reaches out to tenderly kiss her pink lips to the raven’s pearly white feathers. He returns the nuzzle with a purr and rubs his beak lovingly against the silky softness of her muzzle. A few flaps and stretches later the massive bird takes wing from the mountainside and Tangere picks her way patiently down the slope into the valley below.

It doesn’t take them long to find something interesting happening. She followed Phrixus into where th pines crowd together just a bit tighter the everywhere else, allowing a small forest to stand up against the brutal gales of winter. Some of the trees are ancient and huge, pines and hardwoods alike. It is quiet and serene, also hiding a few yummy treasures. Her companion lands somewhere ahead, shaking the wet branches of a hemlock and disturbing the silence with the patter of temporary rain. “Oh!” the gray stallion is almost directly under where the raven has landed, he may have even gotten a little wet (Phrixus is preening, ignoring them all). When she walks closer, smiling kindly already as if she actually knows the man, she then sees a much more familiar face. “Tiamat…” Her doughy, honey voice comes through a cordial grin and bright hazelnut eyes. “What’s up?” She sort of laughs as she asks, unaware of what has been said or what’s even happening at all. Her eyes find the stallion beside her, “I’m Tangere.” She nods and turns curiously back to the Lady.

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I like the trees. They are like a warm embrace on a cold day. The smell of pine that fills my nostrils always seems to bring me alive inside. My lungs, full of oxygen, feel close to bursting, and I exhale the carbon dioxide back to the trees, exchanging the gases of life with them. Of course I enjoy covering myself in dirt and mud, trying to blend with the earth. I'm not one for appearances and disregard my outward image on a daily basis. The trees are often devoid of mud, but I don't mind. I rubbed now against one to scrape dried mud off my pelt, releasing loose hairs and dead skin as well. I dropped to the ground then and rolled on the pine needles, scratching the itch that until then I didn't even realize I'd had.

A satisfied groan escapes my lips unbidden - the happiest noise I've made in days. Not always, but sometimes life just felt good. With a grunt I rose to my feet again and started walking deeper into the small forest. It was only a few strides later that I heard voices. I followed the sound and was greeted by the sight of the Lady, a somewhat familiar-looking grey mare, a creme female that I did not know, and what I presumed were their companions. Though how a small whale was alive out of the water was beyond me. I contributed this to some black magic that I had not learned of yet.

My chocolate eye took in the woven basket, the berries and herbs within. I heard when I was approaching someone ask if Tiamat, the queen, would eat all that food herself. I wondered the same, for what on earth might she be gathering them for otherwise? I learned the name of the mare was Tangere, and snorted to announce my presence. Canaan. I murmured my name, my voice deep and gruff. I glanced over at the strange queen. What do you gather for? My curiosity brings more words from me, instigating a conversation that normally I might wait to have happen.

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The chill ruffled through her mane, her tail, her fine lacing of sienna and honey, and the alluring, beckoning twist of its summons provoked, stirred, and incensed her and the ivory fox into movement. They became minstrels of motion, coasting over the earth on the eve of another bite into Frostfall’s disciples; turning into the grandeur of wind and speculation, because she’d done it so many times before – it was habitual, it was perennial, it was satin days and cold, desolate evenings, and daunting as they might be, the Songbird knew they’d endure it all again.
Their soft, dulcet dance steps swiveled upon another scene, and from her distance amidst the pine, the fir, the rustling of nymphs, dryads, and sprites, she could only spy a small gathering. She glanced, stared, against the outcrops for a while, pondering over whether to join or to fall away to wild abandon again, when Imogen purred, chirped, extended her senses into the foray. Tiamat! she proclaimed, eager and bright, as if the mere notion of the blue mare’s presence (and likely that of the whale, which the wily kitsune thought was incredibly curious-looking) would send Lena into the throng. She was right, of course, because no sooner had the sentiments been bestowed, did the Mender curl and coil away from heathens and autumn shadows, extending her stride, her limbs, into the grandeur of speculation.
“Good day!” She called as she neared, paying close heed to relishing the others’ nestled and tucked within (some staring, peering, into a carefully-woven basket), extending her salutations and greetings towards those she recognized – Wessex, Tiamat, and Tangere – and to the unknown stag as well. Imogen couldn’t help herself, bent into more inquisition, parading over and peering over the edge of fronds, settling her gaze on the contents. “What have we here?” The Songbird trilled, a glorious aria, brow arched, smile radiant, intrigued all the more.

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but i remember warmth and i could have sworn i wasn't alone

It would soon be winter again.

The promise of it hangs in the air, mild as it twists among the pines, into the valley and along the mountainsides, its chill permeating your lungs as you move through the tall boughs, too, breathing in its familiarity, the scent of snow as beautiful as it has always been to you. The excitement that bubbles quietly in your chest is not missed by the furry creature that has been bounding ahead of you from the moment you left the confines of your little cave, and for just a moment he is distracted by the change, pausing to look up at you just long enough to ensure that there is nothing he should be excited about as well before returning to the haphazard path that his nose has picked out.

'It will be your first winter, won’t it?' There is no response from the pup, too engrossed in the same things he had smelled the day before, and the one before that, too—and you only smile, rolling your eyes gently. 'Perhaps we will go see the ocean, once it freezes, it’s always so pretty.' Your smile wanes into a wistful smirk recalling the last time you had gone to that shore with your world, building crumbling castles of snow, snow-horses that looked nothing like a horse at all, and how the two of you had laughed and laughed again at them. The emptiness in your chest stirs painfully and yet you shove it away, blinking your eyes as you look to the path that your little wolf always follows.

'Mehr?' You pause, listening for the rustle of leaves, his less than quiet prowl, but you are met with nothing. A sigh, and you rock on spindly legs before pressing towards the treeline, fighting the instinctual, overbearing worry that has already begun to bloom. It isn’t long until his lily white silhouette becomes clear against the reds and oranges of the wilting leaves, until your worry turns to mild annoyance. 'I thought I told you not to run off.' His tiny shoulders seem to shrug and you huff, unappreciative of his blatant disregard. It is as you turn to tease him with the thought of getting lost in the snow that the sound of voices hit you, and as you look in their direction, the wolf trots forwards, feeling rather triumphant that you were able to catch on to the reason why he had left in the first place.

You scrunch your nose as you reluctantly follow, eventually happening upon the little group bunched around nearly empty bushes. It is easy to recognize all but one of them, and in your typical fashion you only smile before settling quietly a few arm lengths away from the bay Mender. Mehr finds his spot underneath you, his head poking from between your front legs, watching each individual for moments before moving to the next.

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