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The days after the festival were quiet, the members of the herd each nursing hangovers, sharing fond memories, or picking up the mess left behind by guests and live-ins alike.  I could count myself among all three groups for this period, occasionally righting some bush or another that had been flattened by an overly jovial, inebriated, or both individual, or picking up stray berry twigs and other refuse which had simply been cast aside.  This all came after the first day, of course, which I had spend alone, in the dark, feeling quite sorry for myself, and regretful of my decisions to eat so many of those damn apples.
Still, when the headache faded away, I had been left with only the pleasant feelings.  Like a drug they carried me from one day to the next, easily hiding away the freefall of my darker aspects.  Feeling as much like a boy again as I ever have since coming home, I find that my steps don’t feel so cumbersome today, and that the valley is quite beautiful, laying out before me.  I had spent the first hour of the morning with my daughter, basking in her eyes and questions, and had parted our cavern with a smile lingering on my lips, to greet the Sun.

Such a day requires company, I think, I thought I have not thought in, well, years.
Gwyn and her giggles are gone with Glacia this morning, and I have only quiet Duir for company.  The sun has finally risen to full, and the valley illuminated and slightly less cold than it was an hour prior.  The frost slaked grass in the shadowy fringes of the evergreen wood and towering peaks crunches under my hooves, and though they are unseasonable, diminutive icicles dangle from the tall boughs of the sentinel pines, where the dark is deepest, and the chill finds true purchase. 
I hadn’t seen Mordecai at the party, which I suppose I should have expected.  She lacks a certain fun streak, that is for sure, and likely spent the night up on a rocky perch somewhere, looking down her nose at everyone.  Smiling to myself at the thought of the moody mockingbird, I direct my path towards where I’ve often found her lingering.  Her resting place is likely nearby, but, like many things about this intriguing mare, it was kept secret from me.
Lips quirking upwards at the thought of a game, I glance down at Duir.  Hide us, I ask, and he rolls his eyes, but does as he’s asked, already gathering the game from my thoughts, and finding it premature, and also of the sort to get me beat up.  Feeling particularly puckish today, however, even his small warning that it is likely not good to play with such a volatile raven doesn’t stop me from calling out into the forest, once we are near to her suspected resting place.
"Mordecai!" I call out, snickering to myself as I imagine her looking everywhere for the source of the voice, but finding it no where, "ohhh, Mordecai!"
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