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Colt :: Unicorn :: Growing :: 7 months



Gender: Colt
Age: 7 Months
Species: Unicorn
Horn/Wings/etc: Deer antlers (still growing)
Eyes: Blue
Mane: White/silver
Body: Buckskin/pale gold
Hooves: Normal
Markings: White face/broad blaze
Tail: White/silver

As of now he is barely more than a foal. Long legs, short mane and tail, small hooves etc. When grown he will be 15.2 hands.

Yamurru is a silver buckskin; a buckskin with the silver gene making his mane silver white ish.

I have not really decided on how he will be described as an adult.

Shy, but curious. He will be rather confused in the beginning because of his history. It is hard to say how he will develop because it comes down to who he meets and what he learns about this new world.

Yamurru is of a land where horses do not speak with words, but act natural and live in herds of mares and foals kept by lead stallions. The inspiration to his history comes from the Silver Brumby books that are set in Australia, but there are no humans in Yamurru's old homeland.

Yamurru was a natural horse, but when he crossed in to Helovia he transformed into an antlered unicorn.

WRITING BACKGROUND: Some of you may remember me. It has been a few years since I last roleplayed, but now I want to come back! I thought I'd do it the right way and send an application.

RP LEVEL: I am not a native English speaker and so I may make mistakes more often than not, but I have been roleplaying since I was 14.


ANY RPing PEEVES? I would say Metaplaying, it takes away a lot of the fun

ABOUT YOU: Well, I am a happy girl from Sweden who loves horses and dogs. I have a standie mare, a Japaneese Akita and a Samoyed and they are, together with my amazing boyfriend, my world.

What is our word minimum? 150 words

What companion/s can your character bond with? Any non-extinct animal, no larger than 2.5 ft (larger animals are miniaturized) and griffins.  

What is passive magic? Uncontrollable magic that only affects the character having it.

What is the max profile image width? 750

How do you get stats? Post in the Stats-thread

How do you get magic? Seasonal slots if you want to join a character with magic. Else it is: Contests, Random events, a quest from the Gods, magic drops.

How many items can your character join with? How do you add them to your character's records? One small item and you post in the character records-thread.

Which RP rules are broken in these sentences? Please explain, and then correct the sentences.
"Ophelia reached over Anna's back, teeth bared and bit her on the withers, hard."


Ophelia reached over Anna's back, teeth bared and aimed to bite her on the withers.

"Ophelia knew by looking in his eyes that he had to be thinking about the recent death of his daughter (that she was not present to witness)."


Ophelia looked into his eyes. What could possibly make him so grim? What ghouls of the past haunted him in this moment?

Or, if she knows of the death; Ophelia looked into his eyes. He looked so grim. Could he be thinking of his daughter?

"Ophelia looked up at the sky and knew that the gods would descend from the sky today."


Gazing up at the skies Ophelia wondered if the gods would descend and grace her with their presence today.

This is complete, however there are a few things I would like to note/ask:

- I hope it is okay to be so short with the description, he is not totally fleshed out yet. There will be no changes to his coloration or horn (antlers) however and I will not add any items or stuff like that.

- I will make a better description of myself on my OOc account. :)

- The last roleplaying rule had me totally confused. If we consider the gods as other players (they do turn up from time to time) it would be powerplay, would it not? And she could not possibly know the thoughts of the gods IC (even if the player knows that a God-event is coming) which is metaplaying? And to assume that my character knows the thoughts of the gods would be godmoding, or am I wrong? Godmoding is to be untouchable, god-like, the best and most beautiful, is it not?

- I am looking forwards to start roleplaying again and I hope I have not made too many mistakes xD

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Hey there Rover!

Sorry about the delay with this! As you could probably already tell, Helovia is closing soon! However, your application looks great and you are welcome to write here until that point! You are also welcome to join the sequel site that is opening upon its closure!

To answer your questions: your descriptions are fine! The last roleplaying rule is Godmoding because the player is being omniscient, like you just explained :]

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Haha yeah my timing was not the best xD

I'll be coming to The Rift with Tamlin at first and maybe if I feel I have time I'll join Yamurru there too. ;) See you there!

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