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:: Final SWP & Helovia Closure ::

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Hello Helovia,

This past week has been very illuminating to the admin team on many levels, and thus we have made the decision to close Helovia.

Helovia has been an incredible experience all around and (despite being a magical pony site) it has impacted many lives. So this decision was not made lightheartedly. However, given the dedication this team, previous teams, and you as players have put into the site, we want it to have an ending that reflects all 5 years of writing, friendships, and work.

Because we understand that the site break was sudden, we are planning to close Helovia July 12th in order to give everyone a chance to ‘wrap up’ before the final Kaos plot. (An IC post will come shortly to re-open the boards.)

That said, there will be a sequel site opening upon Helovia’s closure set directly after the final SWP. (More information here.)

Thank you all so much for letting us be your admin team <3

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A few updates to questions being asked:

1. The Gods cannot be summoned right now. Unfortunately this means that you cannot use or turn in any quests. Sorry!

2. Spars will not be rolled or judged. If you want to continue you spar you may, just make up your own damage and continue as you see fit.

3. Characters can be taken out of AA in a cluster if you want

4. Foal stats will be rolled until July 12. Foals may be born in the rift as well, so no need to rush. We have removed the need for a breeding and birthing thread as well.

5. No stealths.

6. Prizes can be traded and used. Just post who is using the prize and the 'giver' confirming the trade. No need to go through the whole form process

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Helovia closes in 1 week!
1. Please make sure you get all your updates in asap.
2. Don't forget to save all tables/codes and be aware the image uploader will not be staying.
3. Some boards are already being closed so you'll find new threads cannot be made, but current threads can still be posted to.
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