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[SWP] The beginning of the end

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The Helovian's had such a propensity to believe that the world couldn't possibly be so ugly and dark as it was imagined in their nightmares. Surely the Gods would protect them? Surely things would go according to plan? And while sometimes things were unfair and went against the grain of their dreams, it must be the case that this all turns out alright...right?


Kaos had placed Helovia in a little bubble to give himself time to think. The Helovian Gods were growing increasingly wise to his sly comings and goings and Kaos had been forced to accelerate his plan far past the timeline he'd created for himself. Although he was annoyed, he still thought his plan was feasible. 

The God's had thought that they had won.

But they were wrong.

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Together the four appeared. Things might have been paused for the mortals, but they were certainly aware that something had happened-the God of the Spark especially.

"How could you let this happen." The God of the Sun hissed under his breath, his words directed at his sister. "You said you had this under control" Without taking her eyes off of the black altar, the Goddess pinned her ears, her words full of ice and regret. "His lies deceived even me brother. Direct your anger towards him, lest we all fall for this."

Wearily the God of the Earth allowed his wings to droop from his sturdy shoulders. "Is there truly no other way? No recourse other than violence?" Stoically the God of the Spark shook his head. "Not that I have seen ... I fear this is the only way."

Together the four Gods nodded and suddenly vanished, intent on stopping Kaos in his tracks.

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