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So early in the morning the meadow seemed to be a heavenly paradise, a gentle breeze teased the grass and from the trees birds sang their songs for all the world to hear. Everything seemed peaceful and perfect, and for once Sabia was at peace. Resting against a sturdy oak the mare had her eyes closed as the rising sun warmed her coat, and her bloaded stomach. The mare was heavily pregnant and getting ready to pop any day now. However, this time the child wasn't of rape...the father was a man Sabia actually enjoyed talking to, she felt safe and comfortable around Astarot. Memories of the night that the child was conceived came flooding back.

The first time Sabia and Astarot had met the skittish mare had paniced and fled, unable to trust the stallion whose only intentions were good. The second time they met Sabia had been wandering the lands late at night when she happened to run into Astarot and his lovely dragon, immediately Astarot had apologized for any discomfort he had caused with such a boyish charm that Sabia had surprised them both with a giggle. "It seems like fate that we meet again" he had said and Sabia dropped her guard. One thing lead to another and Sabia ended up pregnant, though she hadn't told Astarot, too afraid to show up at the Throat. Sabia was sure he hadn't wanted to see her if she was pregnant, he was the head healer and a pregnant mare was probably a inconvenience for him. So she thought.

A harsh kick inside her stomach rips the mare from the amazing memory, the little life inside her stomach was a wild one, just like Saoirse was. Sabia thought nothing of it until two more kicks followed, the mare (with struggle) got to her feet and waddled to the stream for a long ice cold drink that seemed to soothe the kicks and pains.

"Now now you little monster" the mare cooed, "not so hard alright?"

Sabia turned and began waddling back to the oak tree, the sun now high in the sky, when the kicks became stronger. The pain came and it came strong, the mare let out a low moan, her knees wobbling. Sabia attempted to take another step but the labor pain was too strong, another moan escaped her lips. The child was ready to come, and it seemed she would be having it alone. Just like last time.

Put me through hell again, I miss the fire.
 Notes: Lol so this is awkward...Pare has given me permission via pm to PP Astarot. I also find it funny that Volterra sent out horses to find Sabia because she wasn't caring for her child and now he's found her because his son is the father of a new baby. Will post for the baby after you two reply!
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