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[SWP] The beginning of the end :: it continues

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It was onto the herd-lands that Kaos now set his sights. Since the Gods had left their lands, there was nothing in his way. Nothing to prevent his thick black smoke from choking the lands and forcing all of its inhabitants out. 

“Do not struggle...Your efforts will be futile. Only come to me.” Kaos' voice flooded the lands as did the black smoke.

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The ocean mare screams mightily, the single word ripping from her throat with enough force to make it hurt, but she doesn’t care. She only sees Kaos’ black smoke, thick and deadly, poisoning her home and draining the life from the land like a mosquito drinks blood. The monster’s eerie voice seems to hang in the air, tangible words that slither across her skin and make her shiver, haunting as the Basin begins to die right before her eyes.

Tiamat cannot watch this happen—she cannot simply stand by and watch while the home she holds so dear is razed to nothing. Tears stream down her cheeks, but instead of being reduced to numbness and despair like she had when the Time God left them, the sight of Kaos here is enough to ignite something within the sweet, docile maiden. With a ferocity that is entirely foreign to her, she rears and lashes out at the smoke, ignoring how it stings. No! You can’t do this!” Tiamat nearly snarls, her voice underlined with sobs that tremble across her whole frame.

For the first time in her life, she tastes hate.

“You can’t take our home away from us!” The mare’s teeth are bared, lips quivering, her fragile mind lost to this foreign darkness and this terrible monster. She goes to dive into the black fog, to fight, but suddenly her whale is there—Nimue darts in front of her bonded and pushes back, preventing Tiamat from losing herself in the abyss forever. The Leviathan tries to encourage Tiamat to leave, to flee with the rest, but the mare only screams harder.

Again, she lashes out at the smoke, stumbling blindly forward. With a high-pitched squeal of alarm, Nimue suddenly unleashes something she never has before—magic. Erupting from the orca’s blowhole is a spray of hot water, enough to dissipate the fog where Tiamat charges and effectively distracting the distraught mare. She tosses her head, balancing on shaking legs. “You can’t do this!” The ocean maiden cries at the monster, tears continuously wetting her cheeks while her fragile heart breaks.

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So when Wessex said that she’d always protect Tiamat… she didn’t expect to have to do it so soon.

Thick black smoke seeps its way over the mountains, crawling over the peaks like an invading army of ferocious, toxic ants. And the worst part it that there’s literally nothing she can do to fight it - how do you fight a smoke monster? Her magic is useless here… there is nothing to do but gather the Basiners and move on out. Except that as the Haruspex mentally tallies the residents, she notices her favorite Lady is missing.


A defiant scream rends the air, and the warrior woman is off towards it in a hearbeat, hooves churning the frozen ground to pieces, legs carrying her as fast as they can back towards the thick, black mess. She’s mentally cursing Tiamat, knowing full well that the anger that lies inside the tiny woman is potent, but jesus fucking christ, coudn’t she choose a better time to be defiant? “Tiamat!” she bellows into the darkening interior, before she spies a flash of white, that can only the underside of Nimue, and the horned woman alters course towards it. The smoke beats her, crashing in upon their darling Lady with nary a sound or warning - she’s just gone, and Wessex hears a roar of rage ripped from her throat.

“Tia! she screams again, begging the woman to follow her voice, “Tia, where are you?!” And then, yes! A blue leg, and all of a sudden some of the blackness clears, and Wessex can see her target again. With a deep growl, she puts all her energy into a leap forward, trying to join Nimue on the other side of Tiamat and drive her back, back out of the smoke, back towards safety, though it may break both of their hearts. She’s never used force on the gentle soul, but she’ll be damned if a couple of scratches and bruises aren’t worth the maiden’s life.

“Enough, Tia! Stop. You can’t fight him!” she growls, lowering her head and brandishing her spikes towards the blue woman, coughing all the while. “Go!” she barks, eyes stinging and leaking involuntary tears. “You’re going to kill Nimue if you don’t!”

And me, she thinks, but her vow is ever in the forefront of her mind, and she’ll either get the former Lady out, or die trying. Such is the stupidity of nobility.  

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“No!” She screams, again and again, kicking out at the choking fog because how dare Kaos take her home away from her! From all of them!

She doesn’t hear Wessex when the warrior mare calls for her—it is Nimue who sends a shrill whistle towards their beloved friend, their savior. The former Lady, shell-shocked and numb from the trauma beating against her fragile mind, is barely able to realize when the dappled woman reaches them, when she braces herself between the sea mare and the monster.

Wessex’s words initially fall on deaf ears—
Tiamat doesn’t care that she can’t fight him, because she will. For the first time ever in her life, she will fight.

It is only when the life of her cherished companion is endangered that some semblance of sanity breaks through the blue maiden’s daze. Slowly she begins to calm, balancing on legs that are sprawled wide while every muscle quivers, tears still wetting her cheeks. With eyes that are glazed and frozen, she looks to her friend. “Our home...” is all she is able to muster before her voice breaks.

The pain of defeat and the despair of loss sears through every bone and every muscle of Tiamat’s body, until her posture wilts, as though she has been physically beaten and bruised. Pressing her face tightly into Wessex’s shoulder, she leans into the warrior for support. This can’t be happening, she weeps to herself, even as the mountains are slowly left behind.

She will never forget what she has lost here.
Never forget the piece of her that is gone.

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