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[FOAL STATS] together at the end

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Your Character: Alysanne
Gender: female
Species: pegasus
Breed: thoroughbred mix (3/4 TB 1/4 WB)
Height: 16 hh
Color: black tobiano
Markings: white star on forehead
Eye Color: green
Health: healthy!
:: [ Magic: EarthxLight | Able to heal wounds by rubbing dirt on them ]
:: [ Restrictions | Larger wounds require more focus, energy, and dirt ]
:: [ Magic: EarthxLight (P) | micro-organisms and nutrients to leech from her hooves when she stands still for extended periods of time, making it more fertile for plants to grow ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
Other: two companions
Request: up to @Rover!

Dam of your Character
Gender: Female
Species: pegasus
Breed: thoroughbred
Height: 16.3 hh
Color: black tobiano
Markings: stripe on face, two stockings on legs
Health: healthy
Other: none

Sire of your Character
Gender: Stallion
Species: equine
Breed: thoroughbred x warmblood
Height: 17hh
Color: green
Markings: none
Health: healthy
Other: none

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Your Character: Miykael
Gender: male
Species: pegasus
Breed: warmblood mix
Height: 17hh
Color: dunskin tobiano
Markings: wide irregular blaze (almost white face), classic dun markings
Eye Color: blue
Health: healthy
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Can summon a warm, glowing light to heal. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Healing wounds comes at a cost, ranging from mild effects, nausea and headaches to physical afflictions and lacerations/bruising for healing severe wounds. ]
:: [ Magic: LightxTime (U) | Can block unwanted memories in an individual without permission and/or can unblock any memory he has previously blocked. ]
:: [ Restrictions | In battle, only a 10s span of memory can be removed. ]
:: [ Magic: Wind (P) | When he is feeling brave, confident, assured, positive, etc., his voice alters and becomes a booming echo. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
Other: One companion
Request: anything Rover wants! :D

Dam of your Character
Gender: Female
Species: Equine
Breed: Mustang Mutt
Height: ??
Color: Classic Champagne Tobiano
Markings: A few white patches
Health: Healthy
Other: None

Sire of your Character
Gender: Stallion
Species: Pegasus
Breed: Warmblood Mutt
Height: ??
Color: Perlino Dun
Markings: Dorsal stripe, leg barring
Health: Healthy
Other: None
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permission for all except death and dismemberment.
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Rover Posts: 1
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I only have two request for the foal :)

Coloring: I want it to be light grulla. Tobiano or solid is up to the die toss (or admin), but if the foal becomes tobiano I would like it to either be mostly white or mostly grulla.

If magic is rolled: I would like the magic to be moon or star inspired. Maybe he/she glows like the moon in the dark or something like that.

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Congratulations you have a newborn colt!
Gender: Male
Breed: Thoroughbred mix (3/4 TB 1/4 WB) x Warmblood mix
Build for Stats: Takes after the sire
Species: Pegasus
Height: 16.3hh
Eye Color: Teal
Color: Grullo
Markings: White star and a stripe
Health: Unhealthy
Born with allergies to feathers that you'll grow out of by yearling age
:: [Magic: Light (P) | Illuminates at night, reflecting the glow of the sky's moon and stars ]
:: [ Restrictions: Of no use in battle, glow dims when there's cloud cover or a new moon ]
Other: 3 magic mutation
2 companion mutation

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