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This was never supposed to happen.

Sex is something that the small mare has long been familiar with—it is a weapon of hers, a tool, and one of the many instruments she wears on her belt of manipulation. Crossing paths with Ilios that night had not been planned, but the huntress has always fancied herself as an opportunist. All she had wanted was to warp the young stallion’s mind, play with him, and leave him as a footnote should she require him as an asset for any of her later escapades. A means to an end—that’s all this was ever supposed to be.

Needless to say, all of that has since been taken over by mother nature’s wrath, and morphed into an entirely different direction. Instead of wrecking havoc of her own accord and tending to her own conquests, the witch is left here, resting next to the ever-burning heart of the caves. Despite the chill, her slender body shines with sweat, and her usually well-kept hair clings stubbornly to her neck. She stands over a small bundle of long legs and downy feathers, head lowered while her dark lips play along the child’s spine.

Despite the derailing of her plans and the months of cursing the little boy before her now, she finds herself almost smiling. He is beautiful, she will admit, without a horn marring his brow and her dark eyes staring back up at her—if things were different, perhaps, she would not be preparing herself for goodbyes.

But Helovia is dying—and she is not ready to see herself fade with it.

With more care than she ever intended, Imogen bathes her son, feeds him his first meal, and watches with quiet pride as he fumbles with his first steps. When exhaustion soon claims the babe, she guides him close to the fiery heart, and encourages him to rest against the warmth of the cave. If Ilios does not find him in time, then Kaos’ darkness will take this land quickly, and the boy with it—it is as kind as the huntress can be. Pressing her lips against his sleeping brow, she kisses him goodbye before turning, ignoring the silent tears as she leaps into the darkened skies.

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The pair had been flying over Helovia inspecting it for any signs of corruption. Isabella had flown away from him her golden eyes gazing towards the ground when he noticed a mare flying away from the heartcaves. 'Something wrong.' Ilios turned swiftly and raced towards his bonded. 'Imogen? I wonder where she is going...' The last time he had seen her they had spent the night together. Why did she seem to be in such a hurry? A dark thought shifted through his mind. 'No...' There was noway she could do that, surely no mare would!

Fear pounded through his heart as he dove Isabella beating him to the ground. She shifted immediately her stripped cat tail quivering. She dove into the cave as her bonded landed behind her. The scent of blood set them both on edge. The raced into the heart of Helovia hearts pounding. After a few heart wrenching moments their eyes adjusted and the sight that greeted them brought tears to their eyes. A tiny newborn colt laid curled against the warmth of the fire wall. The teal ivy stallion's heart broke in two as he gazed down at the innocent baby. How could she have abandoned his son? There wasn't a doubt in his mind that the small grullo boy held his blood. The golden ivy markings that graced his body said it all. Without a word the stud quietly walked towards the sleeping foal and lowered his body beside him.

Startled the colt jerked his head up with a panicked whinny. His black eyes were wide showing the whites around them. "Shhh love, I am here now." At the sweet warm words the colt slowly calmed lifting his muzzle to smell the large golden man beside him. Some deep instinct told him this man was his father and he relaxed cuddling against his side. "You will never be alone again." The promise was given with a deep set paternal need to protect his sweet offspring. Isabella strode closer cautiously shifting to her wolf form. She bowed her head tail wagging slightly as she licked the tiny colt's muzzle. 'He looks like you.' Ilios smiled halfheartedly as he gazed down at his second son. "His name shall be Kyros, 'like the sun'." He sighed softly and lay quietly beside his child while he napped.
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