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She could remember the night she had stumbled across the stripped stallion and his horned hound. She had been captivated by his dark and mysterious ways. His tall lithe body held power she wouldn't have expected to find in an older stallion. She had never imagined sleeping someone someone like him, much less bearing his child. The mare was pulled from her thoughts as pain pulled at her sides. 'Now?' Sighing she turned her dual colored eyes around searching for a safe place to settle down. Carefully she made her way towards a clearing backed against the side of the Rotunda. She knew this would not be the time to be ambushed.

With a heavy sigh she lowered her bulky body to the ground and stretched out as another contraction ripped through her. Foals always seemed to pick the worst time to come into the world. This one especially; with the end of the world and shit. Green and yellow eyes squeezed shut tight, her teeth meeting with an audible snap. Pain wasn't something she would ever shy away from; it had become such a large part of her life. Silently she made a promise to care for this foal better than she had her last. A memory played out in her mind. Tiberius's first breath and his first steps. The physical pain was easier to bear compared to the mental anguish that plagued her mind.

This birth didn't seem to take nearly as long as the first time. With a wet thump the colt landed on the blood colored ground. Panting and covered in sweat the mare lifted herself up and leaned down to start cleaning the newborn. She could tell the foal was a healthy colt. She smiled down at the boy looking over his dark coat marked with black stripes just like his father. Then her eyes trailed to his blood dipped mane and tail bringing a smile to her face. "You look so much like your sire and grandsire." Her voice was warm rich honey as it dripped from her lips. Pride shone in her different colored eyes as the colt lifted his head to look at her.

"I shall name you Abigor, warrior of hell. You will grow strong and powerful." She licked his forelock feeling for nubs,and easily found two strong bony structures behind his ears. Her smile deepened as she carefully lifted herself to her hooves and circled him. On the left side of his face the telltale markings of his grandsire slashed over his face. Then her gaze shifted to his solid yellow eye. Her brown creased slightly as he looked up at her solemnly. The pupil was stretched and oddly shaped as if it was bleeding into his iris. Even thought it looked strange he held her gaze easily, and she assumed there wasn't any vision lose.

"Come now Abigor, stand." Her words are warm, but dipped in command. She watched silently as he tried and failed several times to stand on his own. When he fell once more she carefully lowered her horned head and nuzzled him gently. "You can do it, front legs first then steady yourself before you move on." Lifting her head back up she watched as he took her words and ran with them. His dark forelimbs reached out and lifted him slightly and he paused wobbling slightly before he pressed on. She grinned brightly as he finally made it to his hooves and bleated confidently.

"Good job sweetheart." He turned his bright gaze up at her pride flashing in his eyes. Pride made her chest puff up;to her amusement the colt copied her. A deep chuckle rumbled from her lips as she watched him carefully step to her side. Without any preamble he ducked under her belly and headbutted her stomach. Rolling her eyes she smiled softly. Carefully shook her head sending the feather tucked in her thin mane fluttering to the ground. When he had finished his first meal she dipped her head and grabbed the ice colored feather and tucked it into his red tipped mane. "That way my father will help guide you in life." She smiled as he turned his head and watched her his tiny tail flicking madly with his excitement.

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