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“Papa, look!”

You barely manage the words as you bound further down the bank, stopping just shy of the object as you gasp in awe at the way that the light shifts across the surface, seemingly changing color with every tiny movement you make. There is only a moment’s hesitation, a glance thrown over your slender shoulder at your father before you hop in place, pressing your nose to the strange object. To your surprise it is warm to the touch, and smells like… nothing. Your brows furrow with confusion; you had expected some answers upon closer inspection, but so far the strange little thing has only given you more questions. You nudge it in your impatience, squealing as you pull away from it, as it begins to wobble, as a barely-audible crack weaves its way along the smoothness.

At your sides downy wings twitch, your heart taking moments before it is no longer a loud thrum in your ears, a painful rhythm in your chest, before you are emboldened by the lack of worry from your father, enticed by the sound of another fracture. You move clockwise around the thing, still slightly unsure, your tiny limbs tense with anticipation. It is moments still until the top of the opalescence falls away and you lean closer, your wide eyes being met with the odd shape of something fuzzy. You blink; watching as the creature unfolds itself, sticks its little head from the hole it had made. There is no escaping the urge to touch it, your soft nose pressing against the wetness of its own as it, too, reaches for you, a gleeful laugh bubbling from your chest as your darling soul drinks him in.

shitty shit post, but yay hatching ♥
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