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Multi-colored hooves dance upon browned grass as the little filly moves along. Beside her ambles Eytan, and she chatters freely with him, accepting his gentle growls as affirmation to whatever it is that escapes her. She tells him of her home, of her mother, of her family, and he nods his head. She tells him about these two super cool other fillies she met, and how an egg hatched into this awesome golden bird, and how it was a companion like their mother’s dragon, and when the bear had released a gentle grumble and seemed to puff out his chest, she tells him he is cooler than any dragon. She had found little reason to be jealous about the girls and their family’s seemingly attraction to companions. Maybe some day she would find her own, but with Eytan willing to explore the great world around them, with Ktulu sometimes following behind, why would she need her own?

She had been warned to avoid many corners of Helovia, and she had been corralled into the eastern reaches. There was still so much to see, and her little legs could only carry her so far. She had been practicing her flying, occasionally being able to gain the smallest bit of air, but she was unable to truly take flight. She had given up her attempts, however, because a painful raw rash had broken out beneath the joints of her wings, and despite all of her itching and attempts at healing the painful bumps, they seemed to get worse. She didn’t understand why quills and down had begun to sprout from the area, and at night she tried to hide her whimpers as she licked and chewed at the areas. So now she finds herself rubbing her wings against her sides, feeling relief with the friction.

The grove is beautiful, and peaceful, and somehow sheltered from the coldness of frost fall. She dips her head down, tongue lapping at the still surface of the water, and behind her Eytan rubs against a tree. She looks to him and smiles, and casts her gaze again across the water. Everything shifts and she grows distracted from her curious bear friend, from the painful mutation of bones and feathers on her sides, of anything and everything at all that might be in her mind, as she sees something in the water. It bobs and floats, bumping tenderly into the shore of a small island, barely more than a dirty rock, resting a ways off of the shore.

“Eytan,” she calls, honey eyes never leaving the basket, “What is that? Not waiting to hear his answer, not willing to obey his low growl, not caring what might be waiting for her, she splashes into the crystalline pool. She raises her wings, and is soothed by the cool lapping waves that douse her irritated areas. Another growl, this time concerned, calls after her, and she tosses words over her shoulder, “No worries, it’s just over here. I’ll be right back.” A snort, a splash, and the bear sits, waiting, watching.

The basket, appearing as though it’s growing waterlogged, still floats, and the girl reaches out a nose and gently touches it. There is a hinge, encapsulating the whole basket like an egg, proving containment and protection. The top hangs ajar, ever so slightly. She noses the object, gently pushing it upon the shore, and gently noses open the wicker basket.

Shock, dismay, surprise, excitement, trembling energy forcing it’s way through her every fiber, barely describes the rush that sends every nerve alight. There, cradled within the basket, rests an egg. A beautiful, perfect, spotted egg. “Wow,” she murmurs, captivated, enthralled, entranced. She touches her nose to it, the soft velvet barely brushing the shell, but no electricity leaps to meet her, like the egg that filly found in the flats. Instead, it is like, ice, freezing, and dread drops her heart.

She pushes the basket into the water and follows it in, and begins to push it along to the far shore with Eytan. “Help me, Eytan, it’s so cold.” I’m so cold, she would have usually said, and it touched upon her mind once - she was drenched, the wetness of her pelt allowing the teeth of frostfall to sink into her muscles. She shivers visibly, but she doesn’t care, because the egg is cold. She shifts back and forth, shivering, teeth nearing chattering, as she tries to come up with a game plan. Eytan approaches, pressing his warmth beside her, and she leans in for a moment, enjoying his soft warmness. A plan appears and she springs away, coming back moments later with tough grasses and dried sprigs she had gathered laying around the bases of a nearby tree. She places it upon the ground, dips her head, and strikes mother’s flint against a stone one, two, three times, before finally a spark catches upon the grasses and it goes aflame. She comes back with two more bundles of kindling, feeding the faint flames, until a small fire roars and crackles. She lays beside the basket, thankfully that the soaked crib will not spontaneously burst, and hopes that it will help warm the egg. Eytan goes, wrapping a gentle mouth around the egg, and Akeli watches closly, a dangerous glint in her eye, which fades as he settles the egg between her folded forelegs. Then he curls himself beside her, and between the warmth of the fire and the fur of the bear, her freezing muscles relax, and she slowly finds her lids dropping, and sleep slipping in.



The hollow sensation, like kicking the trunk of a rotten tree, pounding hooves against dehydrated ground.


A pounding of a heart, a skipped beat, followed by a double.


A rush of cold, chased away by a searing heat, electricity on every nerve, a gale of wind.

She wakes slowly at first, trying to blink away the last bits of sleep. Her fire has burned out, and all she hears is a desperate scratching, feels a careful bumping against her knees, then a crisp cracking noise. She yawns, ears twisting, and she feels Eytan dozing soundly beside her. Eyes drop, and she sees empty space.


She leaps to her feet, memories from the afternoon rushing back in, and her eyes search desperately for her egg, which has vanished. Her abrupt rising wakes Eytan, who chases sleep from between his teeth with a great yawning roar, and he slowly rises. Akeli dashes and spins, knowing she just felt and heard the egg. Where could it possibly be?

Looking away, towards the waters edge, ambles the egg. Yes. The egg had sprouted legs, and was drunkenly stumbling towards the water. “Hey, get back here! You’re going to drown!” She bounds towards the egg, closing the space easily, and noses the thing. It rolls comically, small paws flailing, and they retract into the shell. Another crisp crack, and the rest of the egg breaks, falls away, and out rolls a wet little bundle. It’s scraggly, and by far one of the most ugly things she has ever seen, and as it turns its massive brown eyes towards her, its mouth opens, and it releases a vulgar hiss. And Akeli smiles.

Ebbing and flowing, rushing through her ever corner and muscle and bit of psyche, is an incredible light, a searing warmth, an intense pressure. She feels consumed, as if no longer alone within her own body. The fox kitten thing tips its head, and it mews, and somehow, despite its previous hiss, it seems to feel the same thing. Their eyes remained locked for seconds, moments, hours, decades, before she is finally able to break her gaze and find Eytan’s. She didn’t need to say it, because she knew. This is what Ktu and Eytan had. This is what the pegasus filly had found within her electrified egg. Sharp teeth in her hock called her back to him, and she was consumed by the loud thought of hunger. “What does it eat? You think it eats grass?” She looked to Eytan and he shook his head, turning and walking from the pair, and Akeli smiled. “Tutaloo will know, you’re right!” She picked up the basket, throwing it upon her back and stabilizing it upon outstretched wings, and dipped her head down. The small creature leapt upon her head and made its way, with a surprising amount of grace, back into its basket, and off they went, three little explorers, off to face the world together.

Adventure is Out There
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