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Pregnant. How can this be?! I could of swore I was to young for that to happen, or at least the fact that I am not in heat... Well, that it wouldn't of happened. Lady pads along at my side. She's still so little, but she's already becoming protective of me. Her white fur is getting thicker now, and my coat is too. The cold air of OrangeMoon should give way to FrostFall here soon... But will it? With the Gods all gone, would we all still be around for FrostFall to arrive? I have heard of the mists taking over some of the lands already including the Edge. I haven't seen any of my newfound family since then, and I fear the worst of course. Little Sapphira and Ceto, Calypso and Brendan's twins.... Uncle Aaron's daughter Sarai... Don't get me wrong, I worry for the adults too. Even Farah.

But as I enter the grove, I try to focus on the good and not the bad. Stress will not be good for the baby. I think of his or her father too. The pearl beads in my mane and tail catch the dying light, as the sun is beginning to set. Looks like we'll stay here for the night. Hunt if you need to, i'll be alright. At the thought, the silver collar I had found a few weeks ago sprung to life, silver armor with teal silk lining covering my frame. It was a bit strained around my belly, as it has begun to swell just ever so slightly with the life it holds. Lady darts off, taking the chance to hunt. I knew she was hungry. I could feel it. Meanwhile, i'll just hang out here. Just sit and think... and hope that my family is okay.




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Ever since he had come across his abandoned son the stallion had been hunting for the other mare he had spent a night with. He couldn't stand the thought of another possible child being left to fend for itself. Fear sent a shiver racing over his body as he looked down at his young son walking beside him. He had grown quickly under the watchful eye of his father and Isabella. He knew his mother had left him, but that didn't bother him.It was just a fact of life that he had been left to his father. There wasn't any reason to be angry or cry about it. Ilios smiled down at his happy go lucky colt. Isabella strode beside them in her silver wolf form enjoying the way the colt still played with her.

Suddenly the silver wolf stopped her nose and tail raised. 'I smell her.' Ilios pricked his ears sharply, "Come Kyros, we found her." His voice was tinged with excitement and anxiety. What if the pretty heart speckled mare wasn't even pregnant; would she be angry for hi assuming? Sure she would understand when he told her Kyros's story. The trio picked up the pace Isabella raced a head of the father and son leading the way.

When they neared they slowed and Isabella took on her Peryton form, figuring it was best to appear none threatening. She stood beside Kyros her golden eyes bright with curiosity. Cautiously the ivy marked stallion nickered softly before stepping out into the open. He dipped his head and smiled taking in the armor that covered his body. His eyes flicked quickly to her stomach noticing how they were wider now. "Hello Sansa, how are you today?" Curiously Kyros stepped into the open followed quickly by Isabella.

Ilios glanced down at the pair smiling warmly his eyes softening, "This is my son, Kyros. Actually he is why we are here." He glanced nervously up at the pretty mare. "I... I found him abandoned by his mother in the Heart Caves." The colt bobbed his golden ivy marked head his black eyes looking curiously at her pretty armor. "Hello miss." His voice was warm and shy as he blinked at her. "Mama left me and Pa and Bella found me." He shrugged as if it didn't matter, and to him it really didn't.

Ilios reached down and gently nudged his grulla hide his eyes shinning with pride and pain. He knew what it felt like to be abandoned. His own father had allowed him to be lead away moments after his birth by his mother. Of course Ciceron had eventually come back, but the damage had been done. He still regretted how he had handled the whole thing. 'If only I could talk to him one more time.' He sighed softly and turned his sad eyes to the pretty mare, "I wasn't sure if," He paused glancing down at his son and clearing his throat, "Had come from our time together, but..." Damn this was difficult, how could he say it without sounding like he assumed she would do the same thing as Imogen. "I had to talk to you, to uh, see how you felt about it. I only want all of my children to be safe..." He looked at her pleadingly, and Kyros copied his father hoping this lady would not leave his sibling alone.

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OOC/Tags;;  @Sansa Kyros is a couple days old here, I will say he aged up after this post <3

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