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By some miracle, some divine fate, the stallion had been given that which he had sought from the lands. The mare who had plagued his thoughts had been found, and not only that, he had taken her for himself, shown her that he was a stallion grown. And she had shown him that she in turn was a mare fully grown too - and gods, he had just delighted in it.

He was still on a high, still immensely pleased with himself, his mind settled in the post-copulation joy of it all, his thoughts barely venturing far from replaying the experience over and over for his viewing pleasure. It wasn't 'love', he didn't think it was anyway, but he wouldn't deny that there was a strong attraction there, a longing, a pull which he would listen to whenever the opportunity arose.

So he wandered, better able to sense the 'end of the world' dread that seemed to loom over the world, better able to feel the despair and desperation others felt, but seemingly unconcerned about it. Ivezho was not a stallion with great ambitions, his most important family members had already been taken from him, and he had no real desire to know what had happened to the Throat since the death of the Wildfire - because that might trigger some feelings along the lines of guilt and a nagging sense of responsibility, which he had no care to feel ever again.

With his fresh mind and renewed focus, the stallion could wander again, could explore and just exist. The guilt, the pain and sorrow was still there, but it seemed to be managing itself better, as his brain focussed on other more pleasant thoughts. He heard rustling in a nearby bush, and with mild curiosity he investigated.

He didn't expect to see the egg, to watch it crack open, to meet the harsh, sharp gaze of those amber eyes and to feel something invade his mind so suddenly, so overwhelmingly. It almost knocked the wind out of him, and he gasped for air as he looked down at the fluffy chick, the eagle-child, the perfect little incarnation of fierceness and newborn innocence.

"Zhoroakah," he said in his father's dothraki tongue, combining the words for heart and soul into one fitting name for this, his bondmate.

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