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This is what she had come back for? This is what awaited her when she crossed the borders with her wayward daughter found once more?

Destruction. Terror. Hopelessness.

They are corralled into the marshes, grouped together in the largest sea of bodies she has ever seen. The altar is black and rotten, and the demand comes. Enter by will, or be forced. Hotaru grits her teeth against the hate spewing across her tongue, mindful of the child protectively sandwiched between herself and her mate. She cannot risk him, cannot leave even a hair on his head defenseless. No matter how she wants to dig her fingers into the raw power of her magic, to tear up the earth and sky with the force of her anger, her disbelieving mockery of this false god. Had they not defeated all his children, rotting and sickened as they had been? Had they not proven themselves indomitable? No matter how many they had lost in the fray, it didn't matter. They had won, and they would win again.

Or so she had thought.

In the span of a heartbeat, those lifting their voices in rebellion are gripped by Kaos, shredded and destroyed in the barest exertion of terrifying power. Blood rains down, lost in the dark of the muck and mud, and Hotaru stares in horror. It's a massacre, it's senseless, it's even more hopelessly unfair than the first time mortals had placed the axe at the nape of a god.

Her shoulder blocks out Galahad's sight, instinctively shielding him from the horrors this day will bring. Her heart pounds in her chest, Alice snarling nervously at her side. Is this their fate? To be cornered, trapped, as Kaos gleefully ripped them to pieces one by one? Was there no escape? She expected no mercy from the devil on high, but adrenaline burned in her twisted veins at the idea that she would be helpless to fight this. That she would lose everyone and everything without even being able to strike back at what sought to kill her.

And then Ru'in steps forth. Her son, gargantuan and yet still so small in her eyes. Proud and stoic, a guardian. A defender. And she is so proud of him, this boy who is so independent, so simplistic.

Smoke lashes out to grab onto him, and Hotaru does not even have the chance to summon words, to even feel the hitch of her breath as shock and trepidation strike between her ribs straight into her heart.

His body is light up like fireworks, exploding outwards in a shower of gore, snuffing out his existence in the space between one breath and the next.

For a long minute, she simply stares. Uncomprehending. Disbelieving. Hysterically in denial.


No, no.

This isn' No.

Ru'in. Ru'in. Ru. My son. My child. My baby.

My baby boy.

The grief slams down into her chest, driving a stake into the writhing creature her soul has become. It screams from her vocal chords, echoes across the marshes like the mournful winds of the north. Shattered and despaired. All at once her mind caves in on her., too weak to face a reality like this

"NO! MY SON! RU'IN! NO!" the Valkyrie shrieks, until she can taste blood on her tongue like the herald of her own impending death as her legs move to throw herself into the fray. There is no thought to her actions. She knows only that she will avenge her son or join him in death. She will cast away this sham of a life that has taken so much from her already. Rend, tear, kill. Exact revenge in pounds of flesh, or die trying.

No, please Gods no, not him. Not her baby. Her only son. It was a cruel enough torture to have her children disappear unseen, never to return, their fates as lost to the winds as they were. In that way she could pray and deceive herself, pretend they were living happy lives somewhere in the great beyond past Helovia's borders. But this? To watch the light of her life, the foal she'd raised and loved, cherished and supported...killed? Carelessly, heartlessly murdered? Before her very eyes?

Her only son. Her precious boy. Her unique, beautiful, perfect son. The last reminder of an old love, a pure love. The fruit of her happiest days.

Gone. Murdered. Nonexistent. Leaving her with nothing more than the last image of his corpse seared into her eyes and the memories of his life that would no longer bring her joy.

Everything turns into a slew of color and emotion, and she slams into Thranduil with full force as he moves to block her. It does nothing to stop her wild fury, the sharp kicking of her legs and the howling of her voice above the sound of dying souls and grieving survivors. The rending of her teeth as she weathers against him, her hatred so strong for him in that moment that she'd sooner leave him to the wolves than spare him a second glance. Because he's trapping her, keeping her from exacting her due revenge. A mother's revenge. The one thing she deserved as a mother, to receive penance for the loss of her child.

"MOVE! THRANDUIL! LET ME GO! MY SON! I'LL KILL YOU YOU BASTARD!" Hotaru screams, a wild thing as she bites and yanks at any piece of Thranduil she can find, everything shapeless with the force of her tears. But still she can see her daughter, walking peacefully towards the monster, as serene as if she were waltzing through a flower patch in the meadows of Hotaru's homeland. Like the world is not going to pieces around her, like Romina has one goal and one goal only. And she will face it calmly, without a shred of doubt or regret. And Hotaru knows. With the weight of a thousand worlds on her shoulders, the knowledge comes to her with stunning, crippling clarity. She knows exactly what is about to transpire. She knows because she would do the exact same fucking thing if that was Raeden caught in Kaos' clutches, if that was her twin who was so thoughtlessly destroyed before her eyes. But she can't let Romina do it, she can't, she can't lose her too.


Her daughter had never listened to her anyway. Why would she start now?

The Banshee goes to meet her brother, peaceful and unafraid of the fate she embraces with open arms. Preferring death to a cursed life without her other half. And Hotaru freezes, stares over Thranduil's wounded back as her daughter is consumed by the devil, as her blood rains down to the earth below. Destroyed. Defiled. Lost.

"NOOOOOO!" she screams, knees buckling as the tears come hard and heavy. I'd rather be blind. Please gods, take my sight. Take this from me. I can't live with seeing my children die over and over and over. Her chest heaves with the weight of her loss, blurred vision starbursting as her Goddess dissolves into nothing but beautiful lost matter. The last nail in Hotaru's coffin, destroying all hope of redemption and healing.

"THEY WERE MY BABIES!" She screams to this cruel, mocking world that does not care about her. That has never cared about her, never given a single fucking thought to the way she breaks so prettily. Hotaru is a veritable demon of grief, throwing her curses to the skies. Bloodying her teeth on her beloved's hide, because the iron taste chases away the acrid loss that burns down her throat into her lungs. It will never heal. It will scar over, thick and wounded, and it will remind her of her loss with every single breath she takes that her children will now never get to take. Every beat of her heart will remind her that Romina's and Ru'in's no longer do so. That she lives while they are gone.

But this is not the end. It cannot be the end, no matter how she begs for death in the shambles of her mind. She is still a mother, no matter how many children she may have lost on this day. And a mother sacrifices for her children. A mother keeps moving forward even when there is no earth to steady her beneath her feet. Even when she would rather stab herself in the heart and die here, where all her children were born - where all of them died - than go on another day. If she could not make the ultimate sacrifice, the one every mother would make, and save her children...what good was she? Was she a mere bystander to the erasing of her greatest joys in life? Useless, powerless.

You are no mother, Hotaru. You are a blight, a curse. Your womb creates life only to gleefully destroy it, and yet you never learn. This is the curse passed down from your mother. This is all. Your. Fault.

"Please," she begs senselessly, voice broken from her screaming. It is the weakest she has ever sounded. No matter her pride, Hotaru would crawl on broken bloodied knees to beg Kaos himself to return her children to her. Take her instead, no matter how worthless and tattered and stained her soul must be. Why them? Why her babies? They had so much to live for, so much to give. Why couldn't it have been her? It was her duty, her right as their mother to take their place. To die in their stead. Not to witness their deaths and have to live to remember every detail instead of meeting them in the afterlife. "Please. Please, bring them back, please," sobs from her bloodied teeth, blinded by her own tears. "Take me instead, please, not like this," Hotaru begs of Gods that are slain, whose ears do not listen and whose powers cannot bring them back any longer.

But Thranduil is shoving her, and she lets him push her onward. She hates him, she loves him, she hates him, she loves him. Hotaru wonders to the dead gods why he didn't let her go. Why he doomed her to this life she must live, facing the nightmare of her children's corpses, the reality of her own failure to protect them. It wasn't his decision to make. He was not the judge of her life, of how she used it or threw it away. had spared her life. She cannot leave their twins motherless. And she loves him, she loves him, and she clings to him as the portal drags them inward. Hotaru can't lose him, not now. She would break completely, if she is not broken now.

There are claws in her back that clear her broken mind the slightest bit - Galahad? What? - and the portal is sucking her in even as she howls and wails her devastation to this land she has loved and served for so long. Cursing it with the last of her strength, the last of her willpower. Vowing to befoul the earth here, so that no life would ever grow in the wake of such devastation.

She is no Valkyrie, blessing those who pass bravely in battle. There is no honor here, on the deathbed of her children. There is only pain.

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Every step closer to the Marsh is agony.

With every step she takes, the former Lady feels a piece of her heart breaking, and left to the land she has so dearly loved.
With every step she forces forward, a part of herself is lost.

She knows where they are going, even before the fetid waters and slimy riverbanks come into view—they are all being herded like cattle (like lambs to the slaughter). At first, she is strangely quiet, shocked into silence after losing the home that has always been a part of her—who is she, without the Basin? Who is she, without Helovia? Nimue presses close to her side, warbling a low whistle of comfort, but even her beloved whale cannot calm the wild storm that rages within the sea maiden’s shattered heart.

She shouldn’t be surprised.

Kaos has proved himself to be nothing other than a liar and a monster—he, this wretched creature of writhing shadows and horrid treachery, has been the only one to ever provoke the poisonous taste of hatred to the gentle mare’s tongue. He has been the only one to ever make her scream with a cry to fight and to hurt.

She shouldn’t be surprised.

Even so, when the first violent beams of fluorescent light begin to burst from the bodies of their victims, Tiamat feels herself falter with disbelief. Just like that—a life is gone, stolen, and obliterated. Just like that. “No!” She breathes, the word barely a sound as it chokes from her lips. And it continues— Her legs give out and she falls onto Wessex, cradling the warrior woman for strength as Kaos slaughters with a strength no single person should ever have. (This can’t be happening!!!) “Murderer!” She wheezes, white eyes frozen wide, “Murderer!”

Perhaps the cruelest thing of all is the spark of hope. Their gods arrive, united against this terrible thing, and for a moment, it might all be okay

But then, faster than the blink of an eye, their gods—her god—are gone. The God of Spark and Time is gone.

“NO!” The scream tears through her throat as the ashes of her patron deity shrivel into nothing, as the realization that Helovia is lost to this dreadful beast comes crashing down over her shoulders like a mountain. Her knees hit the ground, and she sobs. “YOU MURDERER! HOW COULD YOU?” Tiamat shrieks at the heathen, her slender body trembling while her skin goes numb, dazed by the insanity and bloodshed that is now her reality. “YOU MURDERER!” She cries again when Wessex lifts her to her feet, and she doesn’t even fight it—all her strength goes to her screams, her accusations that rip from the very bones of her soul.

The last image she sees of Helovia is its death—the massacre and the chaos, the hurt and the pain.
And it is something she will never forget.

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Chaos was alive and well, prizing apart the very walls of reality with his wickedness. Before my eyes he wreaked asunder the world I had been borne to. Helovia. Fleeting images of an icy steppe, a young two-toned filly lie hidden amongst the rocks, nestled away from the raging cold. Then there is a mare, sturdy and beautiful in her seal-grey silks, splashes of red bleeding up her chest and thighs as she meanders through the tide. ‘Syrena…‘ Oh Syrena and her precious soul, my knight in shining armor if you will. I can remember every detail of her face, the way her lips would always twitch with that smile that never quite was. How great was the misdeed I dealt her in the last several months. Disappearing without a trace after leaving her with a promise, truly, was Kaos the villain here?

Yes, I believe so, even with my guilty conscious. Here the creature seemed to become more smoke than anything, grey and sickly, billowing out to encompass anything and everything. The entire world was enshrouded in a film of sticky darkness, as far as the eye could see, maybe even beyond it. I have seen Kaos once, although at the time he went by a different name, and his appearance was far more pleasing. Then I was nothing more than a slip of a girl, dashing off from my appointed guide in an effort to prove herself as more than just the cripple. Now that cripple meant nothing as horse after horse fell on the smoky blade of Kaos’ wrath. Like a needle and thread, he rendered through flesh and bone, spearing, quartering, tearing. Countless legends, horses I have only ever heard of, fell into pieces with hardly a swipe of his incorporeal wrist.

For a moment I was brought to remember Sialia, my mother, my dirtiest secret.  I wondered, standing there, legs atremble, ‘what would she think of me now?‘. And with a distinct stirring of the air, I exhaled deeply, and decided I no longer cared. What mattered now would decide my fate. Kaos spoke of home, what home? What home could he possibly offer those he so effortlessly slew? If I had taken the time I might have noticed my own Gods waging war above my head. I would have seen their valiant efforts to stop the unstoppable force of Kaos, one last time. Instead I focused my attention between those dying and those escaping into the pitch mirror that seemed to swallow everything it touched. Several horses had already thrown themselves into its depths while others milled about, uncertain of the bottomless void. Pale eyes danced back to Kaos and his acid malevolence, and back to the hole. Life? Or death.

With shaking hooves, I willed my crooked legs forward. Through sweat-slicked bodies I went, pushing through the ones that would not move of their own accord, throwing my head up and over the spines of many. I have grown much in my absence, for most it would be impossible to recognize the spindly thing they once knew. At least those that bothered to know me. No longer was I the short, damaged little thing to be pitied. No, I was Bathsheba, daughter of Sialia and some rapscallion bastard I never met. I was not weak, I was not spineless, I was not to be underestimated. I close my eyes, swallowing thickly, and step into the unknown.

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Astarot & Zafir
The stallion raced after everyone else his scarlet and sapphire eyes growing wide as he saw what awaited them at the end of the tunnel of smoke. People flew passed him an he gazed around eyes wide while Zafir circled above trying to look out for familiar faces. The blue dragon screeches as she watches Ilios and his family die leaving behind a young foal. Astarot's heart clenches hard the poor child. 'Is there a mother?' Zafir doesn't answer her eyes full of the death from all around them.

Before he can decide what to do about the ivy marked orphan a screech sounds in his ears making his blood turn to ice. 'Apa where is he?!' Zafir flies low leading her light pelted bonded forward swiftly. He watches his father a head of him starting forward to attack Kaos. Fear plunges through his very soul as his warlord father tries to seek revenge. Then he stops and turns the other way. Confused he finally catches up to his ebony father. He presses his muzzle against the Indomitable's thick chest. "We will all morn her later Apa. I will help you gather the kids." 'Zafir!' She races away finding other siblings and trying to herd them towards the portal.

Astarot turns and spies his sister Vezer and he races towards her. She asks if Apa is alright. "Yes, he is trying to get everyone to the portal, go and we will meet you at the end." He touches her cheek gently and she returns the favor before racing away and plunging into the portal. He pivots hunting for other siblings, several of which he watches leave through the hole in space and time. Then he turns and finds lost children making sure they make it through before walking up to his Apa and standing beside him. He can see the pain on his father's face.

Without a word he stands beside hi watching him grieve silently. Astarot is deeply shaken by the death and sorrow raging around him. So many families have been torn apart at the seams.He watches mare howl their sorrow, and stallions crying and shoving motherless children forward. He even watches foals lead siblings into the jaws of the unknown. "It will be alright Volterra. I will not leave your side, we will stay strong." His voice is deep and rough with his own emotions as he stares into his broken father's scarlet eyes. "I love you Apa, and we will never forget her." His eyes are bright with his promise and his love. He strides next to his proud father into the portal Zafir calling to her red brother and gold queen as she follows.

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Afterbirth was still marred upon her skin. Happiness and terror reigned through her as she followed the crowd with her daughter in tow to the Marsh. Upon arrival, Kaos’ words reached her ears, humming and booming all the same. Suddenly, as she looked around, pale pupiless eyes growing wide as she noticed those who defied his orders began to fall. But the darkness of the pit the Helovian’s were walking into was possibly more frightening than death itself. Her bones froze, scarred muzzle reaching down to try and prevent her daughter from wandering aimlessly into a battlefield. Not that she didn’t trust the child, just that she was so young and her own flesh and blood. Kaos’ voice boomed behind them and around them, and Glasgow was uncertain of what to do. If they went, would they die?

If they stayed to fight, they would die too.

Frantic eyes searched for Cassius, to help guide her with the correct decision, but darkness clouded her judgement as she stared upon the demon of a portal, so eerily reminiscent of the very wormhole of demons that had given her the scars upon her brow – that had killed her beloved, narcistic sister. Then suddenly she refused, her mind twisting in what could happen if they didn’t. Quietly, yet quickly, she reached behind Noelle, bumping her rump with her scarred nose to press her forward toward the center where perhaps they’d get a better view of Cassius. He had to be here.

Pale ears flattened, she looked back to her daughter with sympathetic, clouded eyes. “Your father will be here soon, I hope. If you lose me, follow them into the portal, I will find you on the other side.” Her voice was stern, but soft as it could be considering the battlefield they found themselves in. And with that, she retreated slightly, to search for Cassius and to try and figure out what they could do. Could it be avoided? Was there a way to get around them?

When Kaos continued the killing, rage boiled in her old, exhausted, tired bones. And suddenly, she couldn’t help herself. She conjured the magic he had gifted her, creating wisps of ghosts to cloud her as she tried to decide what was the best way of attack.

But it was too late.

Kaos must have known.

Just as she lifted her head, to call him out on his terror and reign, a dark green light overcame her, smoke clouded her eyes and her nose, and she suddenly couldn’t breathe. A muffled cry escaped her lips as she dropped, her body crashing to the ground with such a force that she couldn’t have tried to soften the fall. And before she knew it, the light leached from her, took the light from her clouded eyes, stole her last breath. And all she saw was black as the demons won in the end, and life was no longer within her.

is such a—
heavenly way to die.
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Every day since his birth, Casca had learned something new.

He had started out with the basics: learning to walk, recognizing Ma and Da and Gal by scent in the dark, knowing his name. Then came the more complex stuff: Da’s sneaky stealth lessons, reading Ma’s tone to see if she would smile or scold, being nice to Gal when his magic scared him, learning about ants…

Today he learned about death.

What he would remember when it was all over, though, was not the bodies falling in droves, the press of the panicked crowd tight against him, or even the destruction of the only world he had ever known: what Casca would remember was Ma screaming like a stranger, howling that HE HAD KILLED HER BABIES, HE HAD KILLED HER BABIES, HE HAD KILLED--

And then she was trying to run, the only time she had ever run away from him in his life, but Da was blocking her and she was shrieking she’d kill him, and Gal was burning again, and he was choking on smoke and tears and fear. “M-ma…” the red colt whimpered, voice inaudible in the din of simultaneous rage and grief that surrounded them. “Ma, please…” he was pleading with her, begging her to stop. And perhaps that made him heartless, but he was still a child and his Ma was his whole world. He could go on without Helovia, but not without her.

Everything after he would never remember clearly. There was the sound of an explosion, then a flash of white as Gal’s magic finally consumed him. There was a rough shove from somewhere behind him, and Ma was jolting forward, and he was jostled along with her, following the light on her back, stumbling into the portal, leaving behind the dying world that he’d been born into.

And then there was silence.

"blah blah blah."

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It felt like a nightmare come true.
This blackness seemed alive, it ate anything in its way and moved on in a warpath. It came and it came suddenly. The first tendrils of its smoke had licked at the meadows edge where Sarika played while Sabia had peacefully grazed. Sarika's high pitched scream shattered the silence, Sabia jerked her head up to see the filly running, a thick wall of smoke behind her. Killing everything. A pounding began in Sabia's head almost screaming go go GO! They ran for their lives.

The screams started well before Sabia and Sarika had reached the alter. The smoke seemed to be forcing them towards the pained wails and screams, every fiber in the mare's body told her to run but running would kill her too. The ever present pressure of the terrified Sarika reminded her of Saoirse, a fresh wave of dread and guilt hit Sabia like a wall. Saoirse was hardly older than Sarika...oh god where was her son!?

Every thought ceased when Sabia entered the clearing. It seemed her hooves were glued to the ground as her wide eyes took in everything before her. Masses of scared horses swarmed, running each other over in fear. They called out for loved ones as they died right before their very eyes. And they were fighting, oh god why were they fighting back!?

The terrified hiccuped wails of Sarika reached Sabia's ears and the mare looked back at the filly to see fat tears rolling down her cheeks. Sabia needed to do something, and fast, to protect her daughter. Looking up she watched as horses jumped through the portal and instantly she moved to it with her heart in her throat and Sarika tucked under her wing. As Sabia stood in front of the portal she couldn't help but look back, at the land she called home, but...this wasn't it, her home was gone and it was time to go.

Sabia hadn't realized she was crying until her choked voice echoed out like that of a child's. "S-Saoirse! My baby where are you?!" where was her first born child."Astarot?" his name escaped her lips before Sabia realized she was yelling it. But then she jumped into the void.
This nightmare had become reality.

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They began to fall. Left and right. Anger coursed through Sunjata, as well as through the crocodile companion that sat comfortably upon his back, using his large mouth to hang onto a small patch of black mane that had grown out a bit unruly. It was his way of hanging on while the blue bird flew. Everyone had approached the Marsh, to the spire that was now some sort of portal. Originally, Sunjata had planned to fight, to take a chance on trying to defeat this bastard that took a home from him. This was worse than Tembovu’s shot at stealing his home. This time, it was a god.

He landed a small distance away from the scene, squinting his eyes against the sky and the portal, trying to seek out anyone he knew as he tried to gather his thoughts to attack the god, but the moment he found clarity, he was staring at the beautiful hybrid child of his, one who he witnessed hatch her own companion. Some sort of guttural sound scraped from his throat as he dashed toward the portal, noticing Ktulu pushing the child through. And finally, with a small look back at what Helovia once was, he followed after his daughter and the mother of his child.


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“STOP!” Your voice joins so many others as they cry out after loved ones, cry out sense that falls on deaf ears as too many charge the god that has remained unopposed for too, too long, festering amongst madness. And you watch as they do not heed wishes, as they are swatted away into smoke, into nothing, as the cries become an uproar of screams and sobs, of lovers shattering and children calling for their mothers, their fathers. You only breathe against it as something in you fractures, as the beast prattles on about leaving, about how stubbornness is the cause of so many lives being snuffed out as if they meant nothing, breathe as anger rises through you, scorching and vehement. Only breathe as the gods make their presence known, as they begin to fall apart with their efforts, in the shadow of Kaos, as you begin to understand that there is no other choice than to obey. That this world is ending; that there will be no Basin, no tree where the body (the bones) of your daughter lay. That there is no place for your son to return to if he ever chose to come back. And that fracture within your soul only deepens. Perhaps you would fight then, fight to find your son, to return to the mountains and the grave where too much of you had died and die with it, with the world that is so quickly being swallowed by a fallen god’s greed, but there comes a violent shove. Pain vibrates from your shoulder, your legs scrambling to keep your body upright. “NO!” It is an ugly screech as another push sends you closer to the portal, to the poisoned promise of safety. “No. My son__my son,” you do not know when you started to cry, started to tremble, but the words come as choked sobs, and you turn to run, to fight away from the absoluteness of goodbye. But it is useless. Another shove and you stumble, pulled by the vortex of the unknown world that waits (and what would it be, if your boy was no longer? If your Lionheart did not leave the shadow of his father’s grave? If the sandstone man that (once) held your heart found his wanderlust had died on a frozen shore?) You breathe again, too tired, too worn, one last glance given to the chaos, and let go.

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“I told them what was to come!”

His voice was merely a note amongst the chorus of screams and cries. Crowley watched them fall with complacency. Their faces were mostly unfamiliar save for a few, but the brindled devil spared them not a grimace of remorse as they drew their final breaths before evaporating into thin air by the power of the God before them. Even as the roan who had unknowingly to him carried his first son into the world fell, Crowley did not bat an eye, but rather watched and judged. None had believed him all those moons ago, that one day they would be taken by forces unbeknownst to them and hurled into another world altogether.

Behind him, Talbot cowers with his tail flush against the back of his legs, standing protectively close to the brindle as well as a peculiarly large, dark colored egg.. The hound of hell was terrified and rightfully so, but bound to his master as he was, he couldn’t find it within himself to flee like every fiber of his being was demanding him to do. His whine only falls on deaf ears, and it is only after several too-long moments that the brindle final begins to move.

“But nobody would listen; serves them right.” The callous words roll thick off his tongue, full of venom and lacking in remorse. The curse of the Moon might have died with the Goddess herself, but over the years it had wrought his mind, digging its roots deep and warping his mind into another creature entirely.

He doesn’t look back as he approaches the portal, doesn’t stop to search for those he had once loved so dearly. He thinks not of the daughter he would do anything for nor does he seek to hold close all of the memories he’s made here. He thinks only of the then and now, and of the future waiting for him as he steps through the portal.

Talbot is close on his heels, but despite his terror he is ever mindful not to leave the egg behind, scooping it ever so carefully within his jaws as he darts towards the portal, just as the egg was beginning to tremble and shake, breaking open as a tawny paw struggled to break free of its protective shell.

Crowley & Talbot
Oh God, have mercy on me
Hold me down under holy water
I fear I’ve been laying with the devil

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My heart's an artifice, a decoy soul
Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
I've lost the parts of me that make me whole
I am the darkness, I'm a monster

The end was here.

All around them, Kratos could feel it; individual flames growing strong with defiance, one last push to protect the ones they loved and the land that they had all, at some point, called home, only for each and every one of them to be cruelly and carelessly snuffed out for good. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, young and old, the Helovian Gods themselves… none who dared raise a hoof against Kaos were spared.

Fear was something that the midnight Prince was unfamiliar with, but in that moment, with his hide pulsing brightly for each fallen soul, it gripped him like a cold hand around his throat. Where was Jaeger? The one who had been at his side since birth, who had sworn beneath Estanzian oath to protect him at all costs until his final, shuddering breath? Who had bestowed to Kratos the knowledge of his true identity and who, most importantly of all, had become his truest friend, his brother?

Swallowing past the lump that had formed in his throat, Kratos looked beyond the ensuing chaos and death happening all around them and watched as those remaining gathered fearfully around the whirling portal that had been created. It was identical to the one that had brought he and Jaeger here two years prior, but their only option couldn’t be to return there… Could it?

“Persephone!” Her name was spoken loudly enough to be heard over the frantic cries, the wails of anguish as so many felt the brutal sting of loss. “We have to go!” They had no other choice, lest they remain behind and suffer the same fate as the others, if not worse.

Pressing his frame firmly against the sunset mare’s own, the Prince ushered her onward, and only at whatever pace she chose to do so. He would not leave her here, could not leave her here, his only light amidst a cruel and dismal world that had all too suddenly been sent spiraling down even further.

"Talking talk here."

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“Tristan, Romani!!”

Normally so loud and booming, my voice is all but swallowed against the utter madness. Suli is perched upon the boy’s nape, the normally boisterous and confident green now barely keeping herself together as the world collapsed all around us. Merlin had wrapped himself into a tangle of my mane, his intense fear (!!) tugging at the strings of the bond and leaking through. Fearful as I truly was, I could not allow it to bleed through; I needed to assure that our family stayed together, that nobody was left behind and that we didn’t become victim of Kaos’ fury ourselves.

I watch haplessly as the painfully familiar sight of my old friend Aaron is taken, his brave soul claimed far before his time. Gritting my teeth together, I move to position myself at Tristan’s right side, assuring that Romani and Kasai are at his left before approaching the hellish portal with our son sandwiched between us. “Everybody stays together. We must go.” There was no way of knowing what lay beyond it, but plenty examples had already been made for all to see if we chose not to obey.

There was no time to mourn, no time to plan. Our only choice was to go, and hope that whatever was on the other side wasn’t a worse fate than the one suffered by many.

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