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She didn’t think pregnancy suited her very well. She was ridiculously heavy, almost humorously if the world found humor anymore. She was wide and slow, and felt far too old to actually give a solid birth. But where she was nervous telling Cassius of the discovery, he was more than joyous. It was a huge relief to the ivory scarred mare. She figured it would be easy to give birth and have a family after being an outcast for so long. While she had herdmates, she had never actually considered them family. They were more than likely good friends at that point, the passing faces. She considered Rikyn a good friend, Lena, most of the Basin even.

But it was Cassius that had given her the chance to give life, to feel a purpose more than what she could create that would withstand the elements. This was a living breathing creature, a completion of the small puzzle pieces of both her and her gentle knight. And she was excited. But Kaos loomed on their doorstep, and she worried for what the world would be like, if the child would be able to make it in a world slowly encompassing itself in darkness. What a world that would be, to only be surrounded by black. And so she hoped with every ounce of her being that life would be different, that Kaos would be defeated, and that she would be able to witness her precious child become an adult.

With that thought in mind, she aimlessly headed where everyone else had. To the South. Yet before she could get very far, she collapsed as contractions washed over her body. Her breathing grew labored, eyes glued shut as she pushed and pushed. After what felt like ages, she finally felt the relief of giving birth. It was an experience truly unlike nothing else. And when she lifted her tired, scarred head, she finally gazed upon her daughter. Joy swelled within her breast as she moved to stand and clean the child, happiness glimmering in her eyes as she saw the myriad of pieces of her and Cassius that created a perfect child. After a few moments, she murmured the child’s name. “Noëlle.” And with that, she reached behind her carefully untangling the small piece of horn she kept in her tail, fumbling with tying a string around it and making sure it set nicely along the child’s shoulders.

And darkness continued to press them toward the Marshes. To which, perhaps out of fear and joy, she obeyed.


there are all kinds of love in this world,
but never the same love twice

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