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Resolution. [Svetlana challenge]

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Sunlight filters over the gentle valleys of the Foothills in sheets of vivid greens - it dances over all of creation and knits this world, vibrant with life and joy, together.

But, within this exquisite symphony of birdsong, is a creature who has witnessed far too much for his meager years on Loorien. He returns from an adventure in a distant land, haunted for so long with its dead and buried swarming like the animate. This stallion is bedraggled and wretched, silver eyes sharp with purpose; he wears the mask of a man who has seen the sun set a thousand times over a land as desolate as the confines of his own heart and lives to speak of it. He had been a mere colt when he had last stood on this soil, purposeless and frightened of his own shadow, but that boy is long dead and his burdens were put to rest.

Striped hooves clack as they strike rock, weaving through tall trees with growing buds on their sprawling arms. Mercury eyes drift skyward, following the path of a skyborn creature whose bronze scales glitter carelessly in the sun. Ever since they have crossed the border of Helovia, their bond has been silenced - by what force, he cannot speculate, but he knows both their hearts are broken, and he will remedy that soon, but now, they follow a narrow, but well-worn path that scales the tallest mountain in the herdland with cool purpose. He remembers ascending this during the endless summer, with his smoky great-aunt and an embittered stallion, red as desert dirt. Idly, as slender legs continue marching upwards, Jackal realizes that he misses that colt, cautious and full of wonder and so naive, despite the ghosts that had haunted him.

The stallion, handsome and windblown and gaunt, pauses before a tall white cascade that thunders like call of gods. Grey eyes, which reflect the blue of that lovely noon sky, follow the handsome mountain range that sprawls before him, and although they are painted in the most vivid of colours, the steely eyes never settle on anything. He has seen Anarore in all its ruin - the herdlands, although strong, had been under tenuous direction, and so many had fallen for it. He is afraid this will happen with the Foothills, whose leaders seem less and less inclined to rule, and more and more inclined to folly and apathy. It was a matter of time until they too buckled under the weight of their squander, and Jackal intends to build a scaffold.

"Stormchaser," he calls hoarsely; he had met Svetlana long ago, and she had seemed genial enough - but the Foothills has lain stagnant since the beginning of her term, and he is doubting her capabilities as a leader. Jackal tries to recall the strength of his uncle, Ricochet, who had previously led this herd, and hopes he will be proud. Briefly, the appaloosa hesitates, attempting to gather the unruly words on his tongue. Decidedly, he arranges them to form an ultimatum - "Come prove yourself as a leader," red dun says, words brazen and resolute against the stone, the waterfall roaring behind the tenor of his voice, as if agreeing with his challenge. Jackal wonders if she will answer; he wonders many things, but today, he knows the path he has followed has led him well.

[800 words max with 4 posts each and a defense, magic and companions allowed. You can start first, good luck! :D]

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Svetlana appears on silent feet, her eyes dark. Her wings rustle as she surveys the youngling. She will fight.

She will lose.

[I forfeit her position as a leader of the foothills for plot purposes as well as having not enough time to write a quality post to this before it would automatically go to Jackal. I assume she will be outcasted.]

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Outcasting is decided upon by the herd, she can just be de-ranked if the other leads prefer that.
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Jackal wins by default, taking the title of Windtossed Foothills Chief.

Please update admin when you have selected a Legend Title!

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