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It had taken a surprisingly short time for Destrier to find a home in this new land. It was different than the lands of Gassul and Vallhea, but not necessarily in a bad way. It was beautiful, especially the misty cliffs of the World's Edge, where he hoped he could finally settle and live out the rest of his days. But his next ten years or so would not be spent peacefully, for he simply did not know how to do that. He wanted to fight for the Edge, fight for what was right and for those that he would come to love.

The Gods were not the same ones regarded in Vallhea, and even there he had never seen one with his own eyes. He had wondered if they even existed, but if he had made it this far in life with as few injuries as he'd had, then there had to be someone looking out for him up there.

Today he found himself wandering to what the Helovian's called the Veins of the Gods, where one could go and speak to one of four Gods, and simply pray, or even ask for something. The four statues were intriguing, and he regarded each with keen interest before casting his eyes to the skies for a brief moment. Then, arching his neck, he let out an even breath before speaking. "Gods, please lend me your ear," he began, "I am in search of something, something that will aid me in protecting my newfound family. I wish for a coat of armor."

[ooc - I hope this is alright for me to post! I had posted yesterday to quest for a companion, having forgotten that we cannot do such during Birdsong.

I have now modified it, and Destrier would like to quest for armor.]


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The die is not in your favor and the gods do not heed your call today. Return in 2 months time.

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