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To Be Reunited (Quilyan, Open?)

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Daylight shone, in a forest mixed with green. My eyes open and closed, blinking, trying not to directly look into it, because it hurt when I did. I was just a filly, and I had plenty of year’s time head of me, and I didn’t want to damage my vision so soon. I looked around, in awe of this forest. It was the lushest and greenest forest I have ever seen in my life. The flowers were in full bloom, wafting sweet scents into my nostrils. Creatures stirred all around me. There were ants gathering leaves, marching in a straight line going back to their colony. A group of birds above me cooed their young, taking turns fetching worms to them, and eating a few themselves. The canopy was high up here, and I wandered what the view was like. In a moment I was up, flying with my tiny wings. Even in my current position, being young has its moments, and I was curious about some things. Tiny as my wings were, they carried my weight easily, and I flew far and high. They were special to me, and I thanked the Gods every day of my life for them. It was easier to be a pegasus than a normal horse. I could escape to the air if the ground wasn’t safe, and flying was one of the best things in my live. I flew up at an angle, slowing down through the trees, not hitting a single branch. I landed on a large log that creaked beneath her weight, but at the moment paid no mind to it. I was more interested in the hatchlings. I looked at them from a distance, hoping not to scare them or their mother. At that time they were unprotected, unguarded. Slowly moving closer, I held my breath to avoid
being noticed more. Suddenly, the branch broke under my weight. I fell, not being able to fly off of anything. I hadn’t ever fallen before, so I was quite unsure of what to do. I hit the ground on my side. I wasn’t in too much pain, but it was enough to keep me lying there for a while.
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It was a beautiful day in the middle of Birdsong. The temperatures were perfect: not too hot, yet not too cold. Warm, with a gentle breeze rustling the branches overhead. Everything was green now, having bloomed following the departure of Frostfall. As Quilyan soared overhead, he took note of the emerald sea below him. How he had come to find himself in the Threshold again so soon after his last visit, he was not sure. After all, what business had he welcoming newcomers into the land? Wasn't that the job of the herds? Perhaps so, and yet the land had been oddly still. He wondered if there was trouble brewing, elsewhere - but then, if there was, it wasn't really his problem, now, was it?

He took note of a small shadow in the sky. It looked to be a pegasus, and he wondered if it was scouting for newcomers as he was. No harm in a hello, he thought with a shrug, beating his wings with powerful strokes, propelling himself forward. As he approached, he thought that there might be something familiar about the shape, the color. He squinted, blinded briefly by the sun's light. When his eyes had cleared, the shape was gone, disappeared into the trees. He dropped, circling downward in spirals, longing for a glimpse of that once-familiar pelt, sure that he would be disappointed once he reached the pegasus.

A crack met his auds just as his orbs made contact with the filly perched on the branch. It was an awkward sight to watch her fall, flailing, and land with a puff of dirt on the ground. It was an unceremonious landing, and without thinking, Quilyan cried out. "Nasreen!" He immediately felt silly - it could not be his sister, would not be her. But as he landed, far more gracefully than she, he saw that it was indeed her, and he was, for a moment, overjoyed. Until his protective instincts kicked in, that is. "Nasreen!" he exclaimed again, rushing to her side, nudging her gently all over, checking her for injuries. "You little idiot!" he hissed, but his tones were laced with affection. "You are not a bird!"

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