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Life had taken an unusual twist for the Friesian. A year ago, he would have been scouting the borders of Vallhea for any sign of tyranny, with Bran upon his back to assure they didn't miss anything. The pair had never been able to speak to one another, as they were simply unable to do so, but somehow, they always seemed to know what the other was feeling. The slightest tensing of the young man's alerted him that something was the matter, that danger was near, and they needed to move more carefully.

He supposed that his current tasks weren't much different. The only change was that he was without a cold bit in his mouth, or the weight of his precious boy upon his back. The shoes that had been nailed into his feet had fallen off since his arrival, muting his steps over rocky terrain. He still scouted the borders of hsi home, called the World's Edge instead of Vallhea. He had family now, all of the four legged variety, but much to the draft's dislike, he had yet to get to know them very well. He'd lost count how many times he'd yelled at himself for neglecting the task, so focused on getting to know the land he lived in better, as well as Tor, the pale draft that towered even higher than he, and who was carrying his child. Oh, how he could not wait for the day of it's arrival.

A peaceful day had taken claim on the land, with only the most gentle of salty sea breezes blowing and meandering through the tall trees strewn about. A few wispy clouds hung low in a brilliantly blue sky, and for once, one could find themselves almost forgetting the mists that often rolled throughout the rocky Edge. As Destrier moved at a calm walk, he took notice of all this, and somewhere within him, a peace was settled. Having just finished a quick sweep of the area, he looked forward to finally spending the rest of the day meeting his herdmates, getting to know his comrades on a more advanced level.

Drawing to a stop in what he guessed was the heart of the Edge, Destrier lifted his head high and let loose a call, beckoning any that could hear to come forth and speak with him. It was a gentle noise, not demanding in any way, shape or form, instead, a friendly request for company.


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Loneliness was something of a rarity for the little shadow mare. With ease she walked amongst her trees, using the mists as a kind of guide, as they danced and whirled in her path before she stepped, and in her wake. The leaves seemed to bend around her elegant form, inviting her closer, showing her the way even as her neat hooves forged an intricate and complicated path through her home. It took her mostly around the borders, but in a way that allowed her form to be mostly hidden from onlookers, enabling her golden eyes and finely crafted ears to absorb all that went on around her. The cloaking magic that so often, so easily draped itself around her shoulders was not needed today, she walked as she had for the years since her birth, silently, subtly weaving her way, moving like a shadow would, bending and existing only as a figment of one's imagination.

With pleasure softening the indifference she wore upon her chiselled façade, Mirage heard the gentle cooing of a stallion, a call for friends, comrades, herdmates, a call for ones who were not necessarily lonely, but who were tired of their momentary solitude, who sought the company of a familiar soul - or perhaps a soul that was yet to become familiar.

Dark limbs bent and turned, her bodice curving and dipping as her path altered, a soothing song leaving her sooty lips in return to the Protector's call. Akaith was nearby, as always, her glistening, golden bodice gallivanting on the salty sea breezes amongst the canopy. She chortled, her voice trilling in many a colourful manner, harmonising a symphony of peaceful happiness as the duo approached the heart of the home realm. "Destrier." The name was spoken with a hint of an accent, a token of the many years and leagues the little shadow had travelled. She said it as she came around the bend of rather large timber, nodding her chiselled tiara to him in greeting as she closed the distance. "How does this day find you? Well, I should hope." She inquired friendly, genuinely interested in him, in wanting to learn more about him, in wanting to hear how she might aid him, improve his lifestyle.

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