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To Build an Army... [Open]

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Hunting for recruits in the threshold had proven to be a little tedious. He had met a few prospects but for the most part, the sooty dunskin had been disappointed. The threat he had made was fading, he could tell. The time had come for some drastic actions. And as the stud trotted along the forest, he came upon a ravine that was almost perfect for gathering horses for him to speak. He wondered if any would come at his call if he made one, or if he would go ignored once more. The stag quickly decided that either way it was worth a try.

He jumped up to the ledge over looking the clearing and reared back, letting out a clarion call, the loud, high-pitched whinny that sounded like a cross between a scream and a whistle. It was loud enough that it would carry to a 5-mile radius. Any horse within earshot would hear him, and perhaps they would come. He hoped they would come. In any case, he had tried, and now it was time to wait, and see if anyne would answer him.

When the first few horses came, he nodded politely to them both. He did not recognize them, or if he did, he did not show recognition, for Tio was not one to play favorites. He watched them gather, feeling a private sense of relief that his battle cry had not been ignored. When he had a good-sized crowd, he began to speak from where he stood looking down on them from up on the ledge. "Thank you for coming. All of you. I know you may not know me, or even know what this is about, or why you decided to answer my call. None of these things matter. What matters is that you came, and I have a proposition for those of you with an open mind."

"You see, this is a call to arms. For those weak of body but strong of heart. Those lonely, downcast. Those kicked from their homes. Those that have done wrong and seek vindication. You have answered my call, and hear now my words, for your retribution is at stake! Many of you may know me by now, my reputation has been far from silent. I am more than just the phantom of a rumor. My name is Tio, and I call you to arms to help me usher in a new age. I seek nothing but the best, and I know you will give it in time if you can not right now. We will train you to fight, to protect yourself from life's injustices. Like the injustice of watching your foals starve to death because they have to travel from place to place with no home to really grow, and flourish. The injustice of having families torn apart because of superior, misguided judgement. The injustice of having others judge you for being yourself, or being kicked from your home because your only crime was doing what you love. I offer you a home, a chance for revenge, in return for your loyalty."

"We will rise together, fight together, and live in peace together! Should you choose to follow me, your skills will be honed, a new family, you shall gain. I have heard the cries of injustice coming from the South, and I believe I can rectify these wrongs. For all my strength and determination, I can not work miracles on my own. That is why I have come... Those of you willing to stand up and fight to carve out a home for yourselves in a territory of your own, you are most welcome to stand with me. Those loyal will be rewarded graciously, those who betray will be... well, it is best not to think of what will happen to them, am I right? And for those of you who doubt I am not worth following, let me show you why I was feared in my homeland..."

The stallion gave a dark chuckle and leaped down from the ledge into the crowd, his body sliding through like a snake. He wheeled about when he came to the boulders and kicked out with both back legs. The power in his strike was evident in the clatter of hooves against stone that sounded like a wrecking ball hitting a steel structure. He left deep, evident cracks in the stone, which spread like a spiderweb's tendrils until the boulder broke apart into a pile of rubble. He looked at the stone and then looked back towards the horses gathered.

"If you choose to follow me, you will not be disappointed. I assure you. We will take the Dragon's Throat... by sheer force of will. But again, we can only do that together. Now... WHO'S WITH ME?!" He shouted, rearing onto his hind legs with a second, loud clarion call. Perhaps he sounded mad, but he had spoken well, his tone of voice feverish with a driving fire. It was an inspiration that was hard to beat, the manipulation of a master of the art of deception. Tio's followers would get exactly what he had promised them, but perhaps his leadership would be a little strict. He saw it as a necessity- you followed him loyally, or he would kill you. It was as simple as, and he had not made an attempt to hide that, mainly because it would only happen if one chose to follow him now and then betrayed him later.

Admittedly, as Tio reared onto his back legs, he was searching the crowd with his acidic green eyes, gauging their reaction and also staking out the prospective mares in the herd. Truth be told, Tio was still intensely interested in finding and courting one such mare into ruling by his side. He saw himself as a Commander in Chief in need of an army to lead and the drive to find such an army... The ladies would have to be insane not to fall head over heels for him and his potential power. He winked at a few of them before landing on all fours once more to paw the dead leaves with his left foreleg.

Open for anyone who wants to listen to/join Tio's purpose.
Location ||
Between the northwestern border of the threshold, the Northeastern border of the Thistle Meadow, and the Southern border of the Midland hills.
Land ||
A ravine lays in the dappled shade of a forest mixed between coniferous and deciduous trees. The floor is covered with dry leaves and needles at all times of the year and large boulders and slabs of rock pile up on one side, while on the other, a ledge stands to overlook the clearing. It is large enough for two horses to stand on and the clearing below it, large enough for at least two dozen horses to gather.

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Argetlam was drawn by the call, the curious Foothills stallion was; perhaps it would provide an interesting oppurtunity to learn of new metal skills. He was always looking for something to increase his ability with metal, and often teachers came from strange places. Curious he was, and so he sought out the source of the yell, and found himself facing a stallion.

The stallion was a very strange-looking stallion, a sort of golden-brown striped white with a mane and tail of ebony. Argetlam prefers his own looks, despite the soot and dirt over his dark stone bodice. He is dappled faintly, and has soft amber eyes, a sweet innocence around him; his mane and tail is tangled, which gives him a slightly dishevelled appearance, but he doesn't care so much about the state of his looks as his mind. While a more simple-minded being, rather slow, he is not dumb (although admittedly not very witty), he still cannot shut out the words of war being shouted at him. Immediately he despises this stallion. War is a terrible thing, and bloodshed even more so. Too many died, too many bled, and it went on for too long. It wasn't fair, it wasn't good. Horses in his homeland had wanted to use him for war, but he refused. For that reason, he was shunned, essentially an outcast, and for that reason, he left to find a home accepting of him.

The Foothills, while quiet, had not complained about his dislike of war and his slight fear of it. It was lucky he was of such big, broad build; most horses seemed to glance off him. But it still hurt, being bitten and kicked and bruised. Argetlam gathered his courage about him. He must stop this, before it escalated into something terrible; something bloody; and he had not heard complaints of leadership. Maybe he hadn't spoken enough, with the leaden tongue he had, but he must speak up.

"I h-have not h-heard complaints from the south." The draft called, still quiet with his deep tenors. "You should not spread rumors where there are none to be found." Argetlam continues, and with a sad shake of his head he turns, and slips away from the herd, back to home.


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It had been another day of duties for the Friesian, fulfulling his role as Protector to the World's Edge. More often than not, his scouting went without interuption, but he supposed that was a good thing. Was it the sight of his massive, towering form that sent intruders away, or were they simply smarter than to try and infiltrate the borders of his homeland? It could be a mixture of both, he knew, but then again, maybe... there just wasn't anyone trying to sneak in to begin with. And that was fine with him.

But the black brute's curiousity had him wondering today; what lie beyond the trees, past what his dark eyes could see? He explored Helovia as often as he could, yes, but he had never ventured off for the simple sake of finding others. Friend or foe, he was certain others lurked in the shade of the towering oaks and pines, hidden away in the crevices of the land.

Knowing that his young children were safe at home with their mother, Destrier turned and headed off away from the Edge, intent on getting lost in his daily adventure. There was no telling what he would find today, and that thrill alone urged him into a canter of liquid motion that carried him away from his home, his ever-growing mess of a mane dancing in the wind.

Not long into his carefree display did a shrill call ring out, seeming to reverberate through the grand forest he was quickly approaching. It was enough to draw the Friesian to a stop, ears flickering as he listened for any other such noise. There was none, no returning call, no sudden scream of pain that told him somebody was under attack. In fact, the whinny had sounded welcoming, beckoning any and all to come forth. While highly curious, Destrier kept his wits about him, and knew that it would be foolish to rush in without another thought. So with caution, the draft picked up his feet again and made his way into the thick forest that lay southeast of the Edge, and kept himself alert.

It took little time to find the culprit, for his voice was loud and clear for all to hear within it's vicinity. Destrier came to a stop a good distance back, his black form hidden mostly by the thick of a tree as he looked on. Whoever this was, talking and going on about taking over the Dragon's Throat... This nameless stallion, tawny in color with a few white stripes lining his sides, seemed quite adamant with his goal to take over.

Destrier was not one to judge a book by its cover, not at all, but if this stallion thought he could truly win his battle, he would need to gather an entire army. For not only would he be fighting the ranks of the Dragon's Throat, but the Foothills, and the World's Edge as well. The three lands held an alliance, last he knew, and if it came to be so, he would stand and fight against this stallion in an effort to deter him. Standing in his cover, his ears tipped back slightly, and he turned to make his exit before any attention was brought to him.


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You may attack and use magic on Des at any time for any reason.

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Crystalline flints delicately pranced upon the rocky terrains of which I had been travelling for days. My ebony pelt was lathering in a small layer of sweat and grime. How long had I been travelling? That answer had yet to be announced to me, not like it really mattered anyways. If I were to want to clean off my bodice I could just take a dip in a stream or something of like. My orbs trailed across the land, taking in the sharp edges of the rock and allowing the feeling of calm to spread through my veins. It was obvious that Liebling was in my head for I didn't have to hear the constant chatter of my father telling me that I needed to be off practicing to fight, or my mother chastising me for the inability to feel. But it's not my fault! I was never allowed to feel. Nor was she actually there to ensure that I did. A gentle puff of air escaped my flared as I kicked up my heels and shot into a full out gallop, relishing the feeling of the wind as it blew through my silken locks and allowed them to tickle the rippling muscles that lay encased in luscious fur. It was only inevitable that my citron orbs gained a glimmer of what others would consider happiness in them. But I couldn't say I really felt happy. For I never changed moods. I simply watched everyone from afar and studied their movements. It was how I was becoming such a wonderful fighter. I was trained to look at everything and to react to what was needed to be as it was needed to be reacted to.

It was with that thought that I came to a sliding stop, dirt flying up in clumps around my face as my orbs narrowed. Such a shrill noise. So much distaste from that noise. How could one make that noise and expect people to come peacefully. With a snort of annoyance I picked my flints back up and raised my crown with it's sharpened crystalline figurine high as I headed toward this noise to find the perpetrator speaking to a crowd. A crowd of horses in which some seemed nowhere near a state of ease. A tinkling laugh escaping my mouth as I planted myself near the front of the pack, careful not to prod anyone with the horn so as to start a riot and cause others to be trampled. How horrible. I wouldn't have cared, really, but I didn't want to be caught in it. It was apparent that I'd missed most of the conversation by this point, so I forced myself to tune into the conversation, ears pricked forward as I started to take in some of the words that floated from the golden horse's darkened maw. "We will rise together, fight together-" that was all I needed to hear. Fight. Yes. That sounded lovely. It'll be good for your training, Seele. Help you kill even easier than before, the bass voice of my father shoved it's way into my brain, obviously ridding the peaceful times with Liebling I'd been having earlier. "Those loyal will be rewarded graciously-" I was loyal to a point, was I not? Hell. If it meant I could kill someone I would do whatever I was told. For, the killing was the fun - was it not?

Apparently the stag had said something about proving why he was feared, for as the dark chuckle left his maw I simply cocked my head in amusement, feeling his gold and white frame sliding past me as he headed through the crowd much like a snake slithering across the sand until he reached his destination. Hooves struck out like a viper, smashing into the boulder with a sickening crack and then, the sounds continued as the rock began to create a spiderweb pattern of cracks until the whole boulder shattered. His gaze falling upon the shambles of the rock before looking back toward all those who had gathered. He shouted a call - specifically a call to arms - before rearing onto his hind legs and letting out another shrill call. I must say, brute, that the pitch of that severely bothers my ears. But I chose not to say anything at the moment. Mainly because I was also concentrating on the sound of my disapproving mother's voice. You can't fight! They'll get you killed! Even if you don't get killed you'd be killing people's family! the alto tones of my mother's words filled my cranium as I simply shook my head with a smirk upon my face. Now, darling Innerste, I am only doing what others do. I'm killing those who are idiots and causing pain. At least that's what this stag claims is happening. And you have no problem with saving others. My champagne orbs flickered up toward the acidic ones of the stag before tilting my cranium in approval. Butter up the boy. Make it so you have a good place for these battles. Action is but the sustenance of our life, is it not? Schwere boomed in my skull and my eyes flickered in amusement. I did catch a good glimpse of his wink as the brute landed on all fours, beginning to paw at the dead leaves near his feet.

Before I could speak, though, one heavy draft spoke up. His dark tenors were quiet but I could just make out his words. Something about not having heard complaints from the South. For what did that matter? I hadn't heard any complaints either. So it didn't make much difference to me. I was simply interested because this meant I could fight. And if this meant I could fight then I would join anyways. I flickered my eyes around, taking in some of the forms that seemed to disappear from this terrain as if this wasn't a good opportunity. But, that idea simply allowed a few soprano chords to trickle from my vocal chords in a medley of laughter. An almost innocent laughter if I do say so myself. "Darling sir," my voice started to ring out, "I believe you don't understand that just because one does not hear complaints does not mean that they don't exist," I addressed the large brute who had turned to leave, probably just at the edge of his earshot. Then, I allowed my crown to tip toward the one who had called all to action. "You do, sir, have someone who is willing to fight," gently I raised my head back up so my orbs could meet the stag's as I gave my introduction, "I am Seele," My tone trickling with the hint of amusement as a smirk rested upon my face. My tiny frame standing tall so as to be spotted easier in the crowd before ever so gently flicking my forelock from eyes and watching to see his reaction, or the reaction of the others who were around. How would they react to a mare being willing to fight? Probably not well. But should that be the case, I could easily whip them in a spar. Well, perhaps not him - I hadn't been watching him long enough. But the rest of those who had been here all looked more on the edge of uncertain. Afraid as though they might make a wrong step in the battle. I was far from that. And I'm proud that my daughter has the confidence to kill anyone who doubts her abilities, Schwere laughed in my head only increasing the playful smirk that had dawned upon my face.

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A little shadow skirted the edges of the meeting. The way that the supposed tyrant announced himself was foolish, his voice travelled for miles, the rumours of his existence giving everyone who held a home an extra sense for detecting suspicious acts, and now he stood here, proclaiming all that he intended on doing to the world. Subtlety was the key to success, and loyalty. Who would pledge their lives to a stallion who held nothing but words? Empty words at that. Had he even gathered a group of followers yet? Had he proven himself here, in anything but words? Had he fought? Triumphed? Lost? Had he worked at spreading his mission across the lands, or was this his first and only attempt at recruiting?

Mirage reflected upon the months of wandering with her friends across the lands, the weeks of planning, the loyalties pledged and promises made, the battle that had begun over a land that she now called her home. It was no easy task; it was accomplished successfully by only the strongest, most cunning of creatures.

Did this stallion, who trumpeted his name and threat across the land, truly think he was that capable?

Perhaps he was. Only time would tell. Perhaps it was all a lie - though he spoke of venturing south, to lands that were like a sister realm to Mirage's own herd, perhaps he truly intended to head north. Maybe he would succeed in his mission.

Though if the DragonHeart had anything to say about it, he would fail.

With her magic cloaking her, her footsteps delicate and light, the little mare moved silently as a shadow might amongst the trees that rimmed this area, her nose drinking the scents of familiars with a sense of unease, and those she did not recognise with a sense of worry. How many would gather? She did not linger long enough to find out; she was aware of the threat now, and she would work to prevent it from ever hurting her, or her family.

[- Mirage is using her magic and hiding in the shadows, and lingered long enough to hear his speech and a few people respond to him, before exiting the scene. -]

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As was expected, his speech had a mixed reception. Many of the horses what gathered came only to listen to his speech and then leave. Some of them seemed to like the idea of war, while others gave voice to their complaints. Tio nodded along to what the stallion said, however, before he could respond, another spoke up for him. He snapped his head in the direction of the speaker to see a dainty, horned mare make her way towards him. She looked like she was expecting him to be disappointed, however, Tio was not in the least. Her power would be welcome, even if she was not as strong as a stallion, Tio knew better than to overlook the raw ferocity that could overtake a mare's mind and turn her into a formidable enemy on the battlefield... and that horn would serve as her weapon of choice.

He smiled warmly at her once and then turned his attention back towards the stallion that had spoken. "We don't hear the sun move, and yet, night exists. We don't hear the seasons change, yet they do. Just because something is not heard, seen, or scented, does not mean it does not exist. As you know full well, the horses here are more than welcome to leave without saying their reasons for not joining. It is just as easy for a horse who has been wronged to bite back his or her tongue in the face of injustice."

"Social injustices happen every day. We can't stop them from happening, nor do we have to see or feel them personally to know they do happen. Laws are enforced or corrupted all the time. Loopholes are found and exploited. The only true evil exists in those that see bad things happening and do nothing. You are free to walk away if you want, but I will not back down."

"War is not a pretty thing, it's not brave, it's not honorable, and it most assuredly is not heroic. Horses will die, blood will be spilled, and there's nothing I, or anyone else gathered here can do about that. War is merely fighting for what your heart tells you is right, and my heart is telling me that the Dragons Throat is in need of a new Sultan, and I am more than willing to take such a responsibility on my own shoulders. I am asking those who feel the same as me to help in overthrowing Kri and her loyalists. By no means to I intend on kicking out the entire herd. Those that surrender and accept me as the new Sultan are more than welcome to stay. It is Kri and her loyal usurpers who need to be dealt with."

He snorted as he watched the stallion and a few others alongside him leave. In truth, the dun was a little disappointed to see them leave, for their strength would be sorely missed in the coming battles. He did not dwell on it too much, though, instead shaking his mane and looking at her with an appreciative eye. His white streak pieced apart to highlight the dark-brown tones. "Do not be afraid... You are welcome at my side, Seele."

Still wide open xD

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