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Argetlam was frustrated. There was a hole in his head, a gaping hole, filled with a vague memory of the Deep Forest. A flash of something silver-scaled? Was it just the sun? Something must've gone wrong, he knew, feeling exceedingly unsettled by the loss of thought and cohesion. He just knew something important had happened, some important piece for the puzzle had been buried and thrown away. Despite his increasingly desperate attempts to fill in the black hole, nothing came. Not a shred other that a glimpse of shadows and trees. He remembered Aaron, and Rafe, at the red-gem pool. What had he done after? For he had done something. But what? And why couldn't he remember it?

The crafter shakes his head in despair, and continues to shambling pacing, moving back and forth ceaselessly, the roar of the waterfall deafening him. The constant roar of water thundering downwards wasn't helping him think, in any case, but the foam-sprayed rock pulsed with metals, a soothing heartbeat that always calmed him, settled him down, in the same way a mother's lullaby had a foal drifting to sleep. What would Isdira do? "Me? Forget something? Ha!" Argetlam could almost hear her saying, rolling her eyes and turning back gruffly to her work in the charcoal.

Naturally the metal-bender was in near-panic at the loss of memory. It didn't make sense. He couldn't remember falling, or smashing his head against the rocks, and his head didn't throb apart from the desperate attempts to fulfill the gaping hole. Maybe it was a more masculine form of intuition that told him there was something important. Yet if there was something important, it was gone, and what would the herd say to 'oh, I forgot, but something really interesting and possibly bad is going on, so be on your guard'? They would laugh at him in the face. Inexplorably Argetlam thought it might have something to do with Willow and Romani's kidnap- maybe their disappearance was connected somehow. Why would anyone steal them? What did they have in common?

Near hysteria, Argetlam forced himself to calm, lowering his gray stone head to sip at the cool, rapidly flowing water. He needed someone in charge, someone who knew what they were doing. Aaron, maybe? Ailith was someone he felt he could confide in, but she could be intimidating, and he wasn't altogether sure how she would take his urgent sense of something missing. Doubt settled in his heart, draped itself over his eyes, as he gulped down the glacial water, the freezing cold of it numbing his lips, sliding down his esophagus in a surprisingly calming way. He half-consciously followed it's trail of cold winding down to his stomach.

Okay. What could he do? At the very least, he could talk to the herd about it. But then, he wasn't sure it was in his authority to collect them. Actually, he didn't really like the idea. It felt very... presumptuous of him to demand their company. That was a job for Jackal, wherever he was. The dark gray stallion sighed. Isdira would laugh at him for his worry. "Do it! What's the worse that could happen?"

"Foothills," Argetlam finally called, shifting uneasily. "What are we going to do about Willow and Romani?" There was a note of despair in the draft's voice, a slight edge of fear. For one reason, mainly: what if they frowned upon him for calling them? Maybe he should add an apology. "I'm sorry for calling you. It's not really my place, but since Jackal's away, I think we need to work together to figure this out."

[I hope it's okay that I created this thread. I think we should probably just work out some IC stuff about what's happened :3 Anywho, I can always take it down if you guys want]

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Aaron and Argetlam had somehow become separated in the Deep Forest. He had spotted the dappled grey as h turned to leave. A soft whine from Alanna told him that something was indeed very wrong. Quickly the pair had moved after the apprentice heading back for the Foothills. They of course had to move slower due to Alanna's age. The young pup could only go so fast of her little legs. Aaron smiled fondly as they crossed into the Foothills. Alanna tripped and fell flat on her face, whining softly. In an instant the Mason had stopped and turned back for the pup, gently lowering his frame to the ground. The pup took hold of his mane and scrambled up onto his back like she so often did at night. He spoke softly to her. "Be careful now, and hold on." The pup held tight, grabbing a part of his mane higher up. Without another word Aaron moving into a steady walk, then into a trot and finally a canter. He was to nervous to try and gallop with Alanna on his back..

They arrived right as Argetlam called for the herd. Alanna howled, adding to the call an urgent sound. It was Aaron who spoke first. "No need to apologize, as if you had not I would of. Now more than ever we need to act together." The paint's mind had already been contemplating a revolt against Jackal. With his ties to Kimber however it kept the warrior from doing so. If only those that Paladin had put in place were still around. Aaron could challenge them instead of Kimber's nephew... As if to bring him back to the present Alanna whined and pulled on his mane. Gently the stallion dropped back to the ground to allow the pup to jump down safely. Quickly he stood and Alanna took her place between the warrior's front hooves as they waited for more of the herd to arrive.

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Willow had suddenly vanished and everything went up in flames… well relatively speaking anyways. It all played out too quickly and too precisely to even know what had happened. The alabaster unicorn had been following Willow, due to their common ground in healing. She had wanted and yearned to learn as much as she could. She had stopped for an itch, and in the next moment Willow was no longer there. NADIRA hadn’t panicked, necessarily, but she wasn’t about to go looking for the healer, as two options ran through her head.

One: Willow had taken a different route home, or had gotten side tracked and didn’t want to keep NADIRA from heading home. Two: Someone had taken her, just like they had taken Romani. And in any case, having the two of them disappear wasn’t a good plan. So, the bloodless canvas had headed home the long way, skirting the tails of the deep forest. She wasn’t exactly sure how the rest of the group got separated, but she was sure to find out all the answers she needed when she returned home. What the hell was going on around here?

It was apparent she was a tad bit late in returning home, for she already spotted Argetlam and Aaron standing beside each other. The unicorn picked up her gait, moving into a fluid and rocking motion. The wind combed it’s way through her silky strands, as they rippled lightly on the breeze of summer; Tallsun. As she neared the two stallions, she collected her pace to a two beat and then ceased her movement as she stood in front of the mason pair.

“Sorry, I took a detour after loosing sight of Willow. What happened?”

Her question was a broad one at that, and her quizzical glance to either stallion said she would accept any answer at this point. It wasn’t that she was desperate for answers. But it seemed strange, out of sorts to her, to have arrived in Helovia, and be invited to join the Foothills, and suddenly members were disappearing, including their leader, Jackal. She had never had a good feeling about him, but having been new, she didn’t think it quite her place to be judgmental. But feelings were feelings, and she couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation flood her.

Something was up, and she wanted to know why, and possibly what had caused this big disturbance. She hoped she had not brought her bad luck with her when she had been transported to Helovia. She would find out, soon, right?

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For once during his stay in Helovia, things had been looking up. No longer was he in the Basin, the cold tundra far behind him. Romani had recently regained her memories of him and who knew what else, and now, they were expecting a child. It was hard to think that he would be a father soon, for the thought had rarely been one on his mind since he was a colt. Albeit nervous and stricken with anxiety, the grullo was eager to experience fatherhood.

Romani had told him that he was welcomed in the Foothills for the duration of her pregnancy, but before he could settle in, a quick trip back to the Edge had been in order. The earthly colored egg in his possession had been a curious thing ever since he'd found it, and now, he was beginning to understand the strange pull he'd felt towards it. Hatching from it had been a spotted cat, lithe in build and spotted in appearance, reminding him instantly of the terrifying jaguars residing in Melhaven, but he knew that this was not such a creature.

"Careful, Azel," Xanthos spoke softly as the pair made their way into the Foothills, golden eyes keeping an ever watchful gaze upon the young cheetah cub. Thankfully, he never strayed far despite his curious nature, sticking close to his bonded for protection. One day he would be able to hold his own, or simply be able to run away if needed, but that wouldn't be for another few seasons.

As always, the grullo kept his eyes open for any signs of wandering warriors on the edge of the Foothills, ready to explain himself if need be. However, he seemed to have no trouble getting into the land, and so instantly set to finding his palomino mate, letting loose a beckoning call.

But she never came.

And he could not find her.

Panic was settling in his chest and taking over quickly. Had she been taken? If so, by who? Was she alright, as well as their still growing child? Just when Xanthos felt as if he were about to burst at the seams, distant voices caught his ear, stealing his attention away. They were not the melodic vocals that belonged to Romani, but perhaps, if they were her herdmates, they would know what had happened to her, or be able to help find her. When he moved into a tense, quick walk, Azel moved alongside his bonded, taking as long of strides as his clumsy limbs were able to. Of course, Xanthos wouldn't run off and leave him behind, but he wanted to join the group as quickly as possible.

As he approached, he caught the name of his mate slipping from the mouth of a rather large, grey draft, and fear gripped the grullo's heart with cold fingers. "What do you mean, 'what are we going to do about them'?" He spoke up, his tone unusually harsh. The last thing that Xanthos wanted to do was upset anyone, especially in a herd land that was not his own, but Foothills and Edge were allied.

"Pardon my intrusion..." he added quickly with a sigh. It was incredibly difficult to keep a calm demeanor regarding the sudden disappearance of the mare, especially in her current state, but if he wanted to find her, he had to. "But, where is Romani? Who has taken her?"

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The day had risen once more, blossoming from the petals of night into a succulent flower of morning. The little mare had woken with a start, feeding on the sound of Argetlam as he howled into the warming breeze. She had been summoned, but for what? She scowled quite resentfully before lifting a stiffened knee into her chest to wake the sleeping limb. Her entire body ached from the journey to the Hills and now she was being called to attend some gathering? She was callous because she was not typically stereotyped as an “early bird” but she rose all the same to amble towards Argetlam and whatever cause he felt so necessary to wake her with. In time she began to feel her legs grow solid beneath her and her mind stir with awareness and with that awareness came concern. She was glad for the wakeup call because she had spent far too long avoiding tasks that needed her attention and introducing herself was certainly one of them but when she finally stumbled upon the crew, she was more than little self-aware.

The edge in their voices was something she could not avoid as there was definitely good reason for them to be here even if she had no real idea what it was. Her shoulders turned inward at the sight of them forcing her to pause in her ascent, nervous and embarrassed that she might be intruding. Argetlam was present and while he looked as majestic as ever, there was a hint of worry in his eyes. She longed to go to him but manners and fear held at her at bay. There were three new faces of which she could not place names to but she tried desperately to recall what her sweet friend had said about their lead- Jackal King of Thieves. Perhaps he was among them? She wasn’t sure what she could make of his self-proclaimed title but it certainly wasn’t one that she thought she would be calling upon today. From the way they circled each other and the way that each brow was furrowed in concern, she knew that this Jackal was not the one running this meeting.

A large paint draft drew her face from the forefront. The tilt of his posture and the strain of his voice suggested youth, one that was not mirrored by his companion Argetlam. They seemed to share heated discussion or… something, but she couldn’t say what. In fact, she couldn’t be sure what meaning their words shared and she took wasted no more time indulging those fantasies. The next creature was another youth, so clearly within the realms of childhood that even Ailith could not pretend otherwise. Her coat was pearly white as if it had not seen a day of hardship. But she knew it would not be long until the child was aware of how heavy the world would sit upon her shoulders.

The last creature was a stallion that reminded her nothing of the Foothills. Even his scent was clearly that of another land, one that she assumed was the Edge. He was out of place among them but his concern grew thick all the same. He spoke of a creature named Romani, one that the sand-colored femme knew nothing of. But of course she had only welcomed herself to the land’s warm embrace just days ago. His coat was a stunning shade of steely slate and perhaps she would have commented on it if it were not entirely rude due to the situation at hand. Each grimace and every scowl suggested conflict but she wasn’t sure what was going on. She moved closer, her heart pounding upon her approach before she let out a sigh.

She sought the comfort of Argetlam’s explanation and she would have it if it was the last thing she did because there was nothing that she wanted more than for him to tell her why he appeared so frustrated. Moving amongst them now she traced her way to his shoulder before beaming out into faces wrought with worry. “Is there something I should know about?” She looked into those widened eyes of confused desperation and wondered what had made them so. She nudged Argetlam to let him know she was there, that she would understand whatever it was that he had to say. In all, she felt as if there was a lot more going on in the Foothills than anyone would let her believe. Apparently their lead was still absent and there were numerous situations of conflict. She was certain that she would get to the bottom of this even if she had to force it out of them. She didn’t care if she was brand new to the land or not, she still had a say didn’t she? If she was going to sacrifice her narrow morals for the sake of family then she felt that she deserved honesty in return.

Aside from her sense of confusion, the small mare felt growing warmth. She was strong beside Argetlam and she would use his strength in order to accompany her own. Hard times were present wherever one went, that was undeniable. But the prospect of something large and looming above their heads was something that seemed to cause more fear than the absence of Jackal… King of Thieves. There was something bigger going on and she was confident that putting a name to it would help put the issue into perspective. But once they had done so… would the puzzle they had put together been safer left in pieces?

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The first horse to arrive is Aaron, the stallion Argetlam had very swiftly come to put trust in, and Aaron seems to understand the pressing matters on the stallion's mind, even if the metal-bender is but an apprentice. He does understand a little of the ways of war, and theft seems prominent among them. Yet no matter how hard he strives to, he cannot discover the reason he fled the dark, deep forest, a sinister fact in itself. Maybe someone had wiped him clean, but the idea was ridiculous. Neither was he bloody about the ears or dustier than normal, anything that might point towards him falling and smashing his head upon the rocks. Besides, most of the forest was carpeted in a thick mat of needles, grass, and leaves. At least, that's what Argetlam remembered. "Thank you for understanding, sir Aaron," Argetlam sighs, looking at the pup beside him in mild curiousity. A companion? He had never seen such a ferocious looking dog before.

Second to arrive is Nadira, the pale alabaster mare a ghost, as gorgeous and tongue-tying as ever, and she does not know of Willow's capture. Regretting to declare such news, Argetlam murmured gently- "She was captured, Nadira. I did my best to follow them, but there's a great big gap in my memory, and I cannot recall what happened. It's a very strange situation." But the gathering does not stop there.

A unicorn of which he has not seen before; a grullo, yellow-eyed and smelling of Edge. Argetlam eyes him dolefully, not completely sure he is allowed upon Foothill lands, even if they are allied to the Edge. His tail swishes across his flanks, and he sighs sadly at the stallion's quick, harsh tones and bitter (or regretful?) eyes. "Romani has been taken. I don't know when or even really why." Silence fell again, to be interrupted by Ailith, her golden form and languid grace. The stone stallion grinned, placing himself nearer to the mare he came to quickly adore and cherish. Yet the matters to be discussed were somber and the laughing smile soon disappeared. "I think we should try to send a rescue party after them. Maybe we can fight for their freedom."

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