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Change was upon them.

Mirage smiled. It was good change, healthy change. It meant growth, prosperity, renewal of strength. The little mare flicked her golden gaze to the large stallion beside her. Akaith sung a happy tune from her back, reconfirming what the DragonHeart already knew. They had chosen well. He already was a leader, already well respected in the herd, already looked up to, and not just because of his domineering height. The mare was in good spirits, her laughter had bubbled up from her throat throughout the conversation they had just orchestrated through the rainstorm.

It was time.

The WeyrLeader looked up to the golden dragon who so easily took up the breeze in her membranous wings, letting loose a long, melodious call to travel upon the winds and mists, feeling her extend her glorious mind out to any who were sensitive enough to feel it. The summon was to all members of the World's Edge, as well as any former residents of the Foothills seeking acceptance into another home, another cause, another family. With a devious smirk, the mare let loose her own equine song to blend in with the draconic tones already wafting over the lands.

The herd meeting was called.

"Children of the Edge, please come, there is much to discuss." Her voice was warm and subtle in its command, it held a promise for much to be revealed and changed - Thor's adjustment of rank was not the only thing that would be shifting in the Edge today. As they came towards her, she greeted each one with a generous nod, an affectionate caress to any she could reach. Her brothers and sister hovered to her left, just as Thor in all his might stood by her right shoulder. They all arrived, all of them eager to hear her voice. To any questions they asked of her, she held off her response, giving them all a knowing glance that swore all would be revealed in but a moment of time.

"We meet this day, my brethren, to discuss a great many things. As You are all aware, the Foothills has been invaded, and overthrown by a group known as The Grey. The Qian were forbidden to fight by my order, due to the participation of the Throat's forces - I would not fight against an ally. Our healers worked hard to mend the fallen, and the Edge's borders remain open to any former Foothills resident who feels that they are ready to pledge themselves to our family." The tone of her voice wavered as she spoke of the decision to not fight, to only provide the services of healers after the sorry defeat of the Foothills was assured.

"Aaron has returned to us, and requested to become a crafter. I see his request, and would like to raise it to a request of my own." Here the mare turned her tiara, seeking out the paint steed who had definitely earned this recognition. "Aaron, will you rise to Glazier, to serve by my side in fortifying our borders with your creations?" Finishing the question with a tilting smile upon her lips, the mare wondered silently whether he would accept her request. She knew him to always be hard working, to always be seeking out something greater, both for himself and the herd. She hoped he would serve her proudly.

"I also wish to acknowledge the services of Thor, who is a noble stallion of genuine heart and determination to always improve. I hereby name him Thor the GentleHeart, and ask that you all accept him as your leader, my fellow WeyrLeader!" The declaration was given with a flurry of draconic activity, as from her perch upon the dark mare's back, Akaith flew up and gave a display of fire over the heads of the gathered group, roaring her agreement to the words with an act of enthusiastic aerial tactics.

"My kin," Mirage spoke once more, hoping her voice was heard over whatever reactions might be had in the aftermath of her announcements. "There is still much to discuss, but for now, should any of you have information to divulge, or requests to give, please, speak them now."

[ For all herd members, as well as any newcomers seeking acceptance!
If you are joining, please state in OOC notes your characters name and what rank they would like - the same too if you are looking to change your character's rank, like the following:

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A call rang out and a call was answered. The new mother of twins nosed each filly once, waiting to make sure both moved to stand before heading for the meeting. She hung to the back of the herd as they all gathered, watching as both old familiar and brand new strangers arrived. My how the Qian had grown! Hazel eyes of course sought out the faces of Torasin, Aaron, and Azale Moniet. Torasin just because she wished to speak to him, about possibly learning under him as a nurse and helping him tend to those that needed care. Aaron because she had not seen him since the battle at the Foothills had broken out. Had he honored Mirage's request?

Her thoughts wandered a bit as she thought of little Azale... Well her pegasus daughter was not so little anymore. In fact come Orangemoon she would be a year old... It was hard to believe her babies were growing up so fast. It was only as Mirage began to speak did Solstice pay closer attention to the mare who had always been like family to her, like the sister she never really had. She spoke of course of the recent over throw of the Foothills by the Grey, and how she had put out the order for those of the Qian not to fight. What happened next caught the golden and ivory mare of guard. Mirage turned to caught her son's brown eyes, and Solstice of course watched and listened as mirage asked him to step up from not just a crafter... but to Glazier! Solstice thought she would burst with joy for her son. Finally the recognition he had long wanted from the ebon mare he was so loyal to. With a whinny of joy she called out. Congratulations my son. I'm so proud of you! Her front hooves danced upon the ground for a mere moment before looking to see the reactions of the rest of her family.

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Aaron had been among the first to arrive, Alanna riding on his back. She had been napping there when Mirage had called, and his broad back allowed for an easy place for the pup to stand while her bonded took them where they needed to be. He of course smiled when he saw his mother arriving as well, even if she did not move to stand next to him. After all she had the twins to deal with, and surely did not want Takara to get long among the herd. Alanna gently nipped his neck as Mirage began to speak. She spoke first of the invasion of the foothills, and her order to the Qian to stand down and let the battle happen. He had not liked it at the time, but now he was finally understanding why she allowed such a thing. Allies could not fight allies and the Throat had helped the Grey in the invasion... Surely the Throat gained something out of this but what he was not sure.

What Mirage spoke of next caught him entirely off guard. Mirage looked to him, and he stepped forward slightly as she spoke of him returning as a crafter... But what she put to him next was a total surprise. She wanted him to step up as Glazier?! "It would be an honor to create to protect my family." He smiled, accepting the position she had lifted him to. His mother's voice made him smile even more. She was.. proud of him?! It was the first time ever she had spoke such a thing. Mirage of course continued on and raised Thor to stand at her side as WeyrLeader as well. The painted Glazier nodded to the GentleHeart and DragonHeart, proud to see how much the Qian had grown from that first meeting in the trees of the Deep forest.

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I wasn’t sure if I had heard her right and perhaps I questioned myself quietly from time to time to make sure that her offer was real. But even as we stood, still reveling in the past few moments as if we existed merely in fantasy, I felt complete. The rain was falling and I paid no mind to it for there was too much to discover; here I was standing alongside Mirage the Dragonheart, only this time as her equal and not her loyal follower. That’s not to say that I had lost any respect for her in the least, in fact, I could only hope to respect her more. She had definitely found a way to reiterate her control, being that if I decided to protest, she and Akaith would make damn sure that I knew that I was wrong. Looking upwards toward the little golden, I chuckled at her softly- she was just as good an actress as her bonded and I wasn’t sure if I was glad she was able to deceive me or slightly worried… However all thoughts about their deviousness were put aside in favor of looking forward- for the Edge dwellers would come and for once, I was not among them, but before them.

The little shadow-mare beside me had begun to sing the most beautiful song and for a moment I was awestruck by her connection not only with her herd but with Akaith as well. I resolved that the next time their voices joined in the sky, my own would be among them, but this was still her news, her choice, and I let it remain as such. I wanted to appreciate Mirage for everything that she had done for, and given to me. But it was hard to contain the quirky smile that now overcame dark lips, I was just… so damn happy.

Lifting my face to the heavens, I let the rain touch my face. I was brand new, I was doing so much more than I had ever imagined. This life was mine and I had earned it. A pride swelled deep within, burning hot against the pressure of eyes upon me. They would understand; they were my family after all. I looked for familiar faces among them; looked for Torasin the gallant steed who had helped me upon entering the Edge, looked for Destrier the valiant warrior who had shown up with only the heart upon his sleeve to offer us… I even looked for the new faces that I myself had welcomed to the Edge like Sulwyn and Crven… These were all names and personalities that I held close to my heart for they were the ones that had made me. They had taken up our cause and given it life. I owed them as much thanks as devotion for they had welcomed me when I had thought that my road had ended in darkness. They brought me life.

I turned to glance at Mirage, trusted friend and now accomplice; how could I ever repay her?

The first to speak up from the ranks was a mare I had learned was called Solstice. She had been in the Threshold when I had gone with my sweet daughter to convince little Eldrinn to come home to the Edge with us. She was certainly a proud mother from the looks of it because Aaron had served her right by gaining the position of Glazier. I had spoken with him as well upon first coming to the Edge and had even gone into the Basin at his side when its dark residents had thought it wise to steal Mirage from her throne. He had been a valiant warrior then and it was much to my surprise that he had taken up crafting. But I was delighted nonetheless. “Congratulations Aaron, you will make a find Glazier for the Edge.” My smile carried faithful warmth that seemed to characterize me more than anything else as of late. Perhaps it would be something that carried on for a while because I certainly didn’t mind the sensation of feeling accomplished.

I had succeeded, yes, but there was still much ahead and I was more than ready for it. “Thank you everyone and thank you Mirage for such an honor, I will be forever in your debt.” With that, I looked out into the sea of curious eyes- I was home.

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Someone I used to know....

The resonating call had shaken her to her core, making her legs tremble and eyes roll. Thor was still her only connection to this land.....but she would have been a fool to ignore the sirens call. With a quirk of her lips she began the careful descent from her perch atop the rocks, stiffening her thin legs as she slid on loose pebbles. A thousand possibilities ran through her skull, it was not every day a herd held a meeting after all.....But as of late there had been blood on the air, it was only reasonable to regroup. With a snort she was off. It did not take long for a bright sheen to cover her dappled hide. The suns unforgiving rays beating down without hinderance. But luckily she was fairly close to the calls originated....As she drew closer she was stunned to see a golden dragon overhead, and a black mares melodic voice assuaging her ears. And there was her side.....wait....was Thor a King? Nimbly the little mare dipped her skull as she entered the proceedings, eyes flickering to the two flashy colored equines already present before back to Thor and the beautiful dark Queen. She swallowed hard, feeling awed by the beasts that stood above her. She could hear ranks being called out, congratulations being issued. But being a new arrival she knew her rank would not change, and she would not expect it to. Her red tail lashed at her withers with a snake like hiss, her bare neck arched like an arabian. Even if this meeting was not beneficial to her, it was nice to see who else she shared the herd with.....and learn the ranks of everyone while she was at it.

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{Just a quick note stating that the companion seen in the above image is not currently on Sulwyn's person, and I am also speeding up a previous thread, The Earth Says Hello, so that she can make a quick lil' announcement. That is all.}

The rain, pounding against her silver back as she answered her leader's call, did little to quench the aching thirst that plagued the dark mare so. Her insatiable hunger for knowledge had grown immensely as of late, and since waking from her sleep that stormy day she found herself only hungry for more. Her companions -- and acquaintances, in the imaginative, mute stallion's case -- had managed to fend off one inquiry after another about the politics and class bonds that held the hierarchy of the Edge together, but that had only set the grulla at ease for a short while, and she soon found herself thinking of a possible future amongst the thriving niches of her herd. Ink's own line of work had interested the sun-branded fae to a most extreme extent.

To keep the herd safe without having to cause harm seems to be almost too good to be true. If words can do what weapons can, then what is the point of such violent artifacts at all? Surely the act of negotiation and keeping the peace is more honorable than maiming your neighbor's kin, or shedding a single drop of blood in the name of one's own domain?

The idea of being able to cross the borderlands of each domain was also doing its job to spark interest in the mare, for she had always wanted to know what went on in the daily lives of the countries surrounding World's Edge. If the information that had been delivered to her told no lie, then she would be able to see much of the foreign world when she sought out to capture those who posed as threats to her Queen's kingdom, or to return those that had been wrestled from the Dragonheart's grasp. Although, according to the coal-black Weyr Leader's words, a Glazier, as well as a new King had also risen to the throne.

"Gen-tle Heart! Gen-tle Heart!" The chant had made it past her silver lips before she had been given the chance to do something less childish, but the mare enjoyed it all the same. All of her past sorrows with her attempt at recruiting the horned vixen, her confusion and fear for her dark magic, and her unwillingness to break away from the shell that confined her were all drowned in those two words: Gentle Heart. The rapid beating of her pounding heart was purely a sign of admiration and pride in the big bay stallion that had brought her to his home, and she found herself thinking of how lucky she was to have known him before his crowning. Whereas his height had been the only daunting manner about him when they first met, the mention of his new title would have been enough to render her speechless in his presence. The opportunity to see one of her equals transform into one of her Weyr Leaders -- the sweet-natured Thor, no less -- was a greater experience than the silver equine could ever have hoped for, and she relished in the joy that came out of it.

Happiness filled her, striped nose to charcoal hoof, at the sight of the handsome pegasus standing alongside The Dragonheart and her kin, the line of them looking to be the most outstanding array of specimens that the world had ever seen. She felt a sudden longing to be able to do as much for the Edge as these figures did on a daily basis, and glimpses of her past meeting with the Gentleheart suddenly encased her whole being.

"I have a request, Queen Mirage." The words that came from Sulwyn's maw shakily hung in the air at first, unsure if they had indeed been heard. The petite silver mare pressed on, however, her voice suffering from fewer falters and growing in boldness as she went on. "Although I currently lack any sort of information that is of use to you and the newly appointed King, I wish to be able to bring forth new material and intelligence that can be used to aid us in any way."

The rain continued its downpour even as the usually submissive creature raised its head, refusing to bat a single eyelash at the roaring booms of thunder or the crashing of the distant waves. "It would be my honor, dear Thor and respected Mirage, to serve as a lesser Wraith for the Qian and the vast expanse known as World's Edge."

With her short reverie drawing to a close, Sulwyn cast her anxious golden gaze around the group of creatures that had gathered here -- discovering that the ratio of unknown to friendly to be outstandingly singled-sided -- and turned her crown to the drenched earth in a curtsey, awaiting the judgement of her Weyr Leaders.

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It was a lazy day in the Edge. The sun was high in the sky, though today, it's rays were merciful to the ones living below it. The most gentle of breezes aided in keeping the land cool, but as of late, there seemed to be something different upon them. One could never be certain, of course, but deep down, the stallion standing near the towering cliffs of the Edge, knew that their world would cease to stay the same for much longer.

Destrier had already finished his midday patrol, and was hard at work filling his belly. Today, he was not alone, for both his son and daughter were in his presence. They had grown much from the day they were born; Luken walked with more confidence than ever, and was finally starting to get his lengthy trot down, while Laila had grown into quite the graceful, beautiful filly. Both had grown taller, which came as little surprise consider his and Tor's heights, and they were slowly beginning to fill out. It would be another couple years before they were finished out, but already, time seemed to have gone by so fast. Destrier was proud to be their sire, and looked forward to what their futures held for them.

Just as the Friesian dropped his head to a new patch of grasses, a call broke out across the land, demanding his attention. Lifting his head, Destrier flickered his ears towards the sound of it; it was undoubtedly their beloved leader, the Dragonheart, Mirage. A smile pulled at his lips at the thought of the draconic mare, for although he'd never privately met her, save for a dance in the moonlight some time ago, her loyalty and devotion for the land and it's residents was impossible to miss. It was a trait that Destrier valued above all else, and he hoped that some day, he might learn more of the Weyrleader.

"Laila, Luken," he spoke up, looking at the two yearlings and assuring he'd gathered their attention, before continuing. "Mirage calls for us." His words, while short and to the point, were gentle, simply wishing for the pair to join him in meeting their great leader. What would they think of her, should she be in her draconian form, like the previous herd meeting? Shaking the thought from his head, Destrier gave a toss of his head before moving into a lengthy, high-stepping trot towards the call.

Once they had arrived and the bodies of fellow Qian came into view, Destrier slowed to a walk, taking in the faces of those he could not recall seeing before. There were several, most likely newcomers to the land. Amongst those that had already arrived was Thor, the towering, bay draft who had greeted him during his first days here. Coming to a halt nearest a painted draft, whom was accompanied by the most curious of canines, Destrier flashed a warm smile at Thor before settling his gaze upon Mirage, listening intently as she began to speak.

There was talk of an invasion, which Destrier had heard bits and pieces of from others, but he truly knew very little about it. The other lands of Helovia were more of a mystery to him than he would care to admit, and he preferred not to meddle in affairs that were not his own. Then, she spoke of one named Aaron, who - if he had caught the young stallion's expression correctly - was the one standing beside him. A glowing smile cast his way was Destrier's way of saying congratulations; if he was able to, he would properly congratulate his fellow Qian later, outside of the meeting.

And then, the direction was upon Thor. Thor, the Gentle Heart. Thor... the Weyrleader. Yes, Thor would be an excellent leader of the Edge, indeed. The bay was always bringing home new members to help their cause, to help their family grow, and Destrier was excited to see what else he might bring to the Edge with his newly acquired position. "A position well earned, my friend," the Friesian spoke up, dipping his head respectfully towards the newly named Weyrleader, before returning his gaze to Mirage as she continued on. A mental note was made, however, to seek Thor out later on when life wasn't so hectic.

At Mirage's words, Destrier couldn't help but think instantly of his children. They both wanted to excel, Luken as a warrior, he knew, but as for Laila, he was uncertain. If they wanted to try a rank out, now was their chance to speak up. Yet, they were still young, and had plenty of time to keep such thoughts from their mind. Dropping his head closer to their heights, he gave a small tilt of his cranium towards the Weyrleaders, a silent question of sorts. Were they ready to step up in the herd and claim responsibility, or would they choose to remain the exuberant, carefree yearlings that they were?

Either way, Destrier would be proud, patient in whatever they wanted for themselves.


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Since I had joined the Edge, I had found plenty of time to marvel at its beauty. It was a far cry from the harsh desert of the Throat, and I was happy to have escaped that landscape before Tallsun had arrived. As it were, the Edge was still unnecessarily hot as was the custom in the summer season, but in the shade beneath the trees, it was almost bearable. I might have travelled to the cliffs that gave the land its name, but I had a young daughter in tow, and I dared not risk her life to a venture for a cooler breeze. Instead, I cropped grass quietly, keeping an eye on the rambunctious filly, the other on our surroundings. It was purely instinct, for I did not expect trouble within the borders of my new home, but still I watched.

My quiet snack was interrupted by the most beautiful song I had ever heard. A golden glint in the sky drew my attention, and then Mirage's voice joined her bonded's. I smiled warmly at the thought of my leader and her beautiful companion. They had been so kind to me, allowing my presence in the land despite the fact that I had run away from the Dragon's Throat. It had been a difficult decision, but in the end I felt that I made the right decision. Thor had promised to help me, and he had make my dark times much brighter. Little did I know that he saved me from myself on numerous occasions; he spoke little of my blackouts. All I knew was that he was there when I woke up, and that was more than I could say for anyone else.

I called Essetia to me and set off through the trees at a slow trot. Upon my arrival, I was surprised - but then, not really - to see my mate standing beside my queen. The concept of having anyone that I could call 'mine' was a revelation, and a smile unfurled upon my maw, meant for Thor. I remembered how, not long ago, he had healed my affliction. I never knew precisely what ailed me, nor did I really want to know. It was gone now, it was in the past, and that was where it should remain. I halted at the outskirts of the gathering, as was my custom, though I longed to take my place in Thor's shadow. His duties to the Edge took him away from me too often. Now, though, I had his daughter to remind me of his love, where I had once questioned it.

A steed named Aaron was appointed to the Glazier position, and although I did not know him by anything other than face, I smiled at him kindly. After all, everyone deserves congratulations for their successes. And then Thor's name is called, and my auds swivel back to him, my chocolate gaze alight with curiosity. When she named him king, I could not help a sigh of happiness for him, and as Mirage stopped speaking, I made my way quietly to his side. "Congratulations, my dear," I told him softly, my words and affectionate gaze for him alone. A soft touch to the shoulder was the only other congratulations that I offered to him. To Mirage, a quiet request was sent: "Mirage, if you have the time after this meeting, I would like to know how I can be more helpful to the herd. I do not feel that I have done enough in my time here." A nod of respect, and then I fell silent once more.


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The sound of her summons, of their summons, awakens me from my slumber. I had been hiding out the storm beneath an alcove of trees, and as I waited sleep had taken me easily. If I dreamed, I do not remember it.

Eyes snap open in the dark of the shade, black staring into black, as I rouse and stretch each leg in turn. I slip through the woods and the fog like a drop of water rolling on shellacked wood. It is an effortless movement - I am familiarized well with this home - and it makes me appear much the namesake of my rank.
I am no true spectre though, Mirage is much better at feigning that than I. I am just a little drop of ink staining the paper that is the world.

I settle not long after the call has been made, others who were closer already beginning to gather. I sidle up beside Sulwyn, giving her a knowing glance before directing my attention forward. I am surprised to see Thor at her side in this manner, but I suspect I know it's meaning.

Not surprisingly Mirage names Aaron a glazier. I make a mental note to see him after this and finally finish the craft Lace had started for me. I do not think the sterling glazier wishes to be disturbed as of late, a respect I am familiar with and one he is well entitled to.
Mirage continues, proving my assumptions correct as she calls Thor her newest Weyrleader. I bow my head to him with a gentle curve of my neck. I know he will serve well.

Those of the Foothills have come to us, this I know, as many faces are new to me. Mirage asks them to select their ranks, and silently I wish they would say their names so I, we, might all better know them. I suppose we should do the same in turn, but I am not much capable in that manner.

Then it seems, all to quickly, the meeting has dwindled to a close. I should be grateful of the swift gathering, as they can be prone to dragging on past my attention span, but I had thought there was more to speak about. I glance apprehensively towards Mirage, curious as to why she did not speak of all that Kri shared with her. Perhaps she wishes to instill hope and unity with this gathering rather than to instill fear and paranoia. I know those of the Foothills could certainly use the respite, though I hope none are so foolish enough as to be lulled into a false hope of safety. We have been targeted lately by some outcasts, who's organization I mean to look into, while the threat of the Basin is ever looming.

It all reminds me that I need to leave these borders for a time.

I again throw my gaze to Mirage, hoping to catch her attention. She asked for anyone else to speak up, so I do what I can.
My tail stirs at my side, the tips passing like a brush over the grass, wetting it with the obsidian water of my nature. I scrawl a dragon in the ground at my hooves, small, as I do not wish to garner all the herd's focus if I can avoid it. The dragon lifts up, not much bigger than Akaith, and flies about my head once, twice, then collides against my throat.

Ink dribbles from my neck, the sensation odd, as though my throat had been slit, but still I stand. My tail stirs and the ink spills from my windpipe suddenly, rising at my side now as a pegasus horse. Her mane is wild and short, her expression fiery and her body dark in color, though not so much as mine.
She dissolves into dust and wind, left to water the grass at my feet.

I mean to travel to the Dragon's Throat and share their company for a time. I hope to learn more of the Tio threat facing her, as well as any more information on this rogue group targeting us and the Basin. I have too long dwelled in these mists alone and in order to best serve them I need to look beyond our borders to find the trouble from its sources. I feel confident that Xanthos and Sulwyn will be enough to save those in my absence.

I await only her acceptance to take my leave.

[I have spoken to Boom about him visiting and she said Edgers are always welcome, but I think what I want to do is actually change his rank to Throat temporarily, as I plan on having him do a few threads there, not just one, and have him be entirely absent from the edge in that time. I haven's spoken with her about that idea as of yet though.]

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The little foal was used to seeing just blackness. From the moment she had been created all she had known was the dark and maybe it was always to be that way. Maybe she would never see the loving sight of her mother or father, or her twin sister or anyone. But then, the dark was all she knew. She didn't know anything such as colors or light and dark or shadows so she never questioned anything.

She fumbled about, positioning her legs right and pushing up to stand. Now she was a bit older she was steadier on her feet and would quiet often canter around, her hoofs clumsily landing on the ground but for now she only trotted by her mothers side with the random single stride of canter to make sure she doesn't loose her mother. She could sense her sisters presence close by. Eagerly she lifted her muzzle in the air, sniffing around for her. Maybe she would be up for a game? She choose to keep quiet though, not wanting to fall behind her mother.

The smell of others filled her nostrils, some she vaguely remembered. When her mum came to a half the painted filly spun her head round to the left, and round to the right then whinnied for no apparent reason. The truth was though she knew there were others around, a great many of them, which meant new friends! Maybe even some exploring! She listened to her mothers words closely. "Congratulations my son. I'm so proud of you!" With excitement bubbling inside her her mother spurred it on and she whinnied again, the stallion she talked about her 'son' seemed to have a connection with her mother, and that to her was something to be excited about!

That excitement soon died down though and with growing boredom she whispered for her sister. "Sak-uraa," Her speech came out with a pause as she was young and only had basic speech. She was unsure of what her mother would do but secretly she stepped away from her mothers side and whispered again. "Sak-uraa" She followed the scent of her sister till she (hopefully) found her and she whinnied playfully and went to nip her (on the shoulder hopefully) playfully.

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Torasin heard the gentle call of his leader echo across the misty land, the gilded steed had been drifting through the wood with a heart that had begun to burden him somewhat. Still young in the eyes of many, but Torasin felt like he had lived a thousand lifetimes, a simple gentleman who had a not so simple life. He had given his heart away twice and both holders had been killed before him, for all the happy exterior that everyone saw on a day to day basis; the Moon Doctor was truly hurting inside. As the days and months wore on his once vibrant eyes had begun to dull, the pain of his cursed life was slowly getting the better of him. Torasin already began to understand that he would not live as long as most, there would come a day when he could bare the grief within him no more. He only hoped that fate would be kind upon his exit from this life and protect his children from the hardships of heartbreak. Even in finding a new love with Solstice his heart almost shied away from the relationship and it made him feel guilty. Like he couldn't love her as much as he should. There was a simple reason for why the paint felt like this and none knew it more than his bonded dragon Kiba.

Torasin was frightened.

Frightened that the curse upon his life would affect Solstice, that being with him could almost put her life in danger. He was frightened of losing her and of losing his children, his love of healing and passion to save lives was beginning to falter against his crushing reality. Only Kiba, his faithful brown, kept him from falling into the pits of despair. The soothing words that could only be heard on the intimate strings of their bond, two hearts that beat in tandem. Once more Torasin put aside his torn face and replaced it with his glowing facade that now began to show signs of cracks, eyes filled with sorrow and his creamy tail hung limp between his legs, mane stuck miserably to his neck due to the rain. Trees parted and they continued on until horse and dragon finally appeared before the gathered crowd.

Finally a chuckle broke through his sorrowful state as he sighted the youthful form of Takara, the smallest and most fragile of his two daughters. She appeared to be searching for her twin and Torasin laid a gentle muzzle on her mane, "my daughter you grow more beautiful every day" he said with a voice full of love. He nudged her once again so she knew exactly where he was before walking over to Solstice, extending his nose to hers in a tender embrace. He stood silently by her side whilst Mirage delivered her news. It seemed the Edge was having some momentous changes and his gilded ears twitched in delight when Aaron was named the new Glazier. They may not have been blood related, but Torasin had always carried the painted draft close to his heart. He echoed his mother in congratulations "a fine choice Milady DragonHeart, I could not think of a more finer stallion than Sir Aaron here."

The next bit of news was perhaps even more joyous as Thor had now become Thor the Gentle Heart, WeyrLeader of the Worlds Edge. With a flourishing bow of his head Torasin saluted his new ruler, it seemed Thor had finally found his true calling and the Moon Doctor was truly happy for him. "A congratulations to you too Lord Thor the Gentle Heart, you have grown mightily since we last spoke to each other" his voice eloquent and honest as always.

Torasin fell silent then and awaited the next order of the meeting, he had no real news to relay to Mirage. The only news he possessed was that of the Foothills, but she was there too. Ears flickered to the words of others and he tried to keep his mind preoccupied from the growing unease in his heart.

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Luken remembered fondly the day he had met Mirage. Well... Correction; the night he had met Mirage. They had danced together in the moonlight with Raeden and Destrier, his father. The memory oftentimes lingered on the forefront of the pale colt's mind, drawing forth a surge of emotions from his ivory breast that were far too complicated for him to name. The Queen had graced the child-knight with her presence, and honored him with a dance... If anything, the act had solidified his passion to want to grow up and protect the herd, like his father currently did. The would-be knight wanted to serve his family, and in turn, serve his Queen, if she would let him.

When the call rang out to summon the herd and Destrier had called he and Laila after him, the yearling had obediently followed. He was paced at his high-knee trot, a pace that came more natural to him with each day that passed. In pace with his twin sister, for he would never leave her side if he could help it, they arrived at the meeting, where he stood once more, silent, beside Laila.

Colorless ears twitched curiously, chocolate eyes absorbing the facial features of all the unfamiliar equines assembled. He recognized none of them, aside from Mirage. Already there were so many... But Luken had no doubt that more would arrive, given time. Still, as more wandered in, the child-knight remained by his twin's side next to their father, simply watching and learning. Despite his young age, Luken knew well when to run his mouth, and when not to. This was a prime example of when not to speak or ask unnecessary questions...

When Destrier motioned for them to speak, after Mirage had named the painted stallion Aaron the Glazier, and then promoted Thor to lead alongside her, Luken dared speak up. His voice was still high, for he had not yet reached maturity and it lacked the baritone that it would naturally gain, but the way that he spoke signaled a wisdom that would develop far before his years. "My Queen, Mirage," he dared say, a small, cream-kissed hoof taking a step forward. The colt's pale head dipped downwards in a respectful nod, ever growing strands of his ivory mane caressing his neck upon a gentle whisper, "I know I'm still young... But one day, I want to follow the steps of my father and become a great warrior. I want to protect the herd, my family, and you, My Lady." His chocolate eyes sparkled warmly as they lingered upon the DragonHeart, filled with nothing but adoration for Mirage.

"I guess, my Lady, what I'm asking is that I wish to begin training, to become a Protector."

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A new Weyrleader had been named, and it seemed a new Glazier, as well.

Xanthos could recall meeting the previous one before, the stallion called Lace, colored so similar to himself. The crafter had taken little interest in him, however, but it was to be expected. In truth, Xanthos had wanted to prove that he wasn't so bad to Lace and Sage more so than anyone else; Mirage could already see it, and she had been the one he'd taken captive inside the Basin.

Stepping up to the group, Azel bounding along at his side, Xanthos took in all the faces, both new and familiar. Amongst those assembled stood Ink, the next in command in regards to his rank, and it is he who the grullo decides to stand beside. A warm smile pulls at his lips; although they had only met once, Xanthos already liked the younger stallion. It was apparent that he was unable to talk like the rest, but he was able to communicate through the most interesting of ways, thanks to an inky tail trailing along behind him. Ink's pictures had spoken stronger than words that day on the cliffs, lifting Xanthos' spirits when they had been otherwise crushed.

His thoughts drifted momentarily to Romani and the young Jasiri; for once, the grullo had strayed from them, to allow them time alone. It would be good for the filly to bond more closely to her mother without him around, so long as he got his own turn later on. Would they make an appearance to the meeting? Jasiri and Romani were Xanthos' world, and he was simply delighted to have them both within the safety of the Edge, at his side every day and every night. Honestly, he wasn't sure life could get much better, and that thought alone was enough to put the grullo in a wonderful mood.

Mirage spoke again, her words garnering no questions of his own. Certainly there was a more important reason to have a called such a grand meeting, but the Dragonheart seemed lax, in much too good a mood for something to be wrong. Azel seemed rather interested not in what Mirage had to say, but in her winged friend, who had so easily blown fire over their heads just a short time ago. The young cheetah had no idea what Akaith was, and although he wanted nothing more than to venture forward to investigate, Azel could feel through their bond that Xanthos wished for him to remain still, at least for now, and so he did.

Whatever the reasoning for the meeting, Xanthos was there, ready to follow the orders of his beloved Weyrleader should she give any.

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At her mother's gentle nudge Sakura was up in an instant. She was growing fast and it was becoming more and more clear each day that she would always be the larger of the two sisters. She bounded along enjoying the fact that they were heading to a big herd meeting. Would her Daddy be there? Sakura sure hoped so. Something deep within the young cremello painted princess stirred, as if a gift had been bestowed upon her. It had finally been revealed to her in the form of an injured bird. The wound had not been major, and with a little concentration and focus she had not only calmed the bird but healed and comforted. She could heal just like her beloved Daddy could. She could not wait to tell him. But before he arrived Takara caught her attention. Her soft voice made Sakura's ears flicker around and she moved closer to her few minutes younger sister.

In fact her sister distracted her from the arrival of her Daddy. Sakura nipped Takara back in return listening to Mirage speak. She joined her in joyful squeals as their older half brother was named a Glazier of World's Edge. Sakura had rarely seen her big brother, but was glad he was now home had had such a big important role like her Daddy did. It was then she noticed him. She broke away from Takara to face her Daddy. "Daddy i've m-m-missed you" She said softly. About that time the words of the only colt among the Edge was heard. He wanted to apprentice his own father and become a warrior. Sakura spun on her heels, almost losing her balance she moved so quickly. "I may be young too, but I wish to be a healer and follow in the footsteps of my Daddy too." Her light green eyes looked to the ones her Daddy had called Lady Mirage and Lord Thor. Would they allow such a request, even at barely a month or so old?

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"Luken! Destrier!" Tor could hardly bear to keep her voice down, as the meeting first came together, leaping forward, struggling to contain her wildly pounding heart and hunger for their company. When had Luken grown so quickly? When? And how could she dare to not have been here, to watch his lanky white form fill out? How could she? And Destrier, as dark and noble as ever, as handsome as the night. Her heart was bursting with pride, swelling to fill not her chest but every fiber of her body, and the white lady who had become so fragile nearly wept for joy at being reunited with her dearest family. She could not bear to look at the World Edge as the first tear fell from her brown eyes as she buried her face in Destrier's mane, inhaling his warm, familiar scent, embracing him, her heart a ferocious monster that would not stop thudding in her great pearl chest.

For a long moment she waited, and then she slipped over to Luken and Laila, embracing them with a delicate curl of her neck, huffing gently on their two sweet innocent faces. She could not bear the thought of leaving them again. If it took ten years, or a thousand, she would not let them go. Some would laugh, thinking her overprotective- no, she knew one day they would tread their own paths. But she would stand by them through whatever was thrown at them, and trust them with their choices. "I am sorry," the white lady sighed, "I was so wrong to leave you. Never again, sweet son and daughter. Do not ever think I scorned you or abandoned you- I had my own ventures. But let this come another time. We must listen to the Queen."

With the gentlest of sighs, she returned her attention to the leader, and watched the proceedings without comment, even when her little one declared that he would become protector one day. So be it. She waited with a touch of surprise at the sight of Xanthos, wondering if he had joined the herd, and if... no. No judgement. Whatever happened... she had her own fair share of bad times as well.

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Oh wow!

There was a gaping hole in the fawnlette’s chest, a sort of weightless, breathless vacuum of space as Bernadette looked around her; at all the colorful, bright, shining, tormented, sweet, smiling faces that made up the whole of the World’s Edge herd. Her wide, slate-colored eyes glittered as she looked around her, head held erect and bended at her upright poll; ears cocked forward, pointing straight into the air; tail aloft in a flag of wonder and curiosity, flowing in the slight breeze as the tiny gray thing pranced ever so slightly in her place. The sight of all these different horsefolk was an exciting venture, just as it was a slightly frightening one—the numbers were certainly overwhelming for the poor maiden. And yet, as Bernadette gazed about her, she could only feel that breathless void in her chest swell with the growing curiosity for her fellow brethren. She had never seen so many individuals in one place—so many shapes and sizes colors, oh my! And the mares! There were scores of them; tiny little fillies and grand, noble women with shining brows and graceful poise. ”Look at all of these mares,” Bernadette whispered out loud; the sheer number of horses attending was enough to give her the sensation of being the only girl in the world, “mares like me! How exciting!”

Was the herd always this big?—had it grown since she first stepped through the shadowy vale that was the borderlands? Or perhaps Bernadette had missed out on so much—had been blinded by the jeers and catcalling of the shadows that desperately, irritatingly clung to her underside like roaches. The trip to the endless blue had proven to be ineffective to get her mind off such horrid things, and sadly the poor girl was just as frightened of the clutching dark as ever. As she stood within the presence of many, this fear was non-existant—though Bernadette knew, as soon as she was left to her own devices, the fear would come crawling back. Hehehu, look at all these REAL mares, they would probably tease her with, look at all of them, what makes you think you could fit in at all, hmm, Bottom Boy? Heheheh.

A cold shiver ran down the length of Bernadette’s entire body; she quickly dipped her head, closing her mercurial eyes as she suppressed the thought of what was to come. No, no, no, they wouldn’t control her in the sunlight. This was a happy day, and darn it Bernadette was going to act like the proper mare she truly was. She would prove all of ‘them’ wrong! With a defiant snort, Bernadette raised her head again, fortunately catching a piece of truly inspiring news:

*"I also wish to acknowledge the services of Thor, who is a noble stallion of genuine heart and determination to always improve.*

Bernadette’s ears pricked up again; she resumed her idle prancing. Thor? she thought in her mind, a pleasantly excited buzzing beginning to form, I remember you! The very name brought to mind the impressively colossal monster of a stud, as gentle and welcoming as any Bernadette had ever met. Now, the sparkling eyes of the fawnlette watched him, still awestruck by his size (though there were many giants present here) and still completely oblivious to his deformity. All she knew was that the giant was her very first friend.

*” I hereby name him Thor the GentleHeart, and ask that you all accept him as your leader, my fellow WeyrLeader!"*

Bernadette gasped; apparently, she wasn’t the only one with the same opinion. Thor seemed to have touched many other souls as well---and now look at all the honor flowing his way! Oh! What happiness! Bernadette’s prancing started quicken, until she couldn’t take it anymore and gave a small sort of jerking rear in celebration. “THOR!” She called out, her happiness for her biggest friend suffusing her voice, letting her pride compassion color the notes of her cry, “THOOR! YAY THOR! YAY GENTLEHEART! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” Her voice faltered and, landing on all fours once again, Bernadette continued to gaze upon the behemoth with warmth in her eyes.

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"One Day, I Shall Live By the Code of Honor."

Laila’s pace was measured, bashful even, as she followed her smoky father and her brilliant brother to the meeting place of the Edge. She wanted…desperately to mimic the graceful movements they exhibited—and perhaps she was successful in a way. Yet there was that tiny part of her mind, way, way back in there, that kept an eye on the wayward movements of her hooves. Were they jumping too high? Did they strike out too far? It wasn’t shame that drove her to nitpick at every tiny movement she made—no, it was familial pride that pushed her to such an extreme. She saw how noble her bloodline really was, and how it was reflected in her own twin’s grandness—Laila only wanted to do her kin justice.

And so the meeting went, many faces gathering to listen to the words of their Weyrleader and welcome into their hearts the heart of another leader. Laila’s gaze lingered on the ebony form of Mirage, that lady of poise and gentleness that had appeared on the occasion of that palomino’s birth—Laila had never learned the filly’s name. She smiled wide, the pride she felt in her chest swelling at an alarming rate, encompassing not just her family but the entirety of the World’s Edge herd. She felt indescribably close to them, almost intimate with the clanfolk she rarely got to meet; it were as though this grand meeting of souls tied some sort of blood-knot within the yearling’s breast, almost filling the crack that marred the perfection of her love and devotion.

Almost. There was still a matter of one particular….hang-nail.

Laila pushed those offending thoughts away for the time being, simply enjoying the day; though water poured from the heavens, the day was still warm and humid, lively with energy. The meeting continued apace, and her father Destrier turned to gaze upon his children as the subject of proffered servitude came up. A tiny lurch caused Laila to swallow, especially as Luken proudly raised his voice and announced his intention to become yet another valiant knight, fighting in Mirage’s ranks. As he gave his affirmation, Laila gave him a gentle head-butt on his barrel, a simplistic display of her sisterly affection; it may have been clumsy and juvenile in a way, sure, but he was her brother for crying out loud. It was for him and him alone.

Now, however, Laila’s mind began to reel a little. Luken was surely following in their father’s footsteps, whereas it was only right for Laila to follow in their….no. Laila gave a tiny snort as that lurch returned, jostling her innards and making her feel queasy. There was that offending emotion again, the one Laila was still slightly embarrassed to feel. She…needed to ignore it for the time being. It wasn’t the time for brooding over such unpleasant matters. For now, Laila wanted to mimic her brother and affirm her own loyalty to the Edge—she didn’t know how yet, but she wanted to be a servant as well. Laila opened her mouth, taking a breath to follow her brother’s declaration, and—

*"Luken! Destrier!"*

Laila’s body legs, heart and mind froze in that instant—and suddenly the warm scent, the chocolaty, silky voice, the ivory whiteness of that kind face—all of it was embracing her, so familiar, so heartfelt and beautiful and sincere in the love that radiated. Yet Laila couldn’t melt her limbs even if she tried; she only stood there stock-still, her eyes flinty and the strange lurch ever so much stronger as her lost-and-found mother Tor gushed around her, proclaiming her sorrow in leaving her children. And that she would never do it again. The frogs of Laila’s feet began to burn very suddenly, uncomfortable in their heat. She didn’t move an inch to shift her weight, nor did she speak—Laila couldn’t trust the words that might spew from her mouth. You will never leave again? some inner voice seethingly mocked, Somehow I thought it went without saying that you wouldn’t’ve left to begin with, hmm? Oh, let this end already. Laila hated feeling these things.

*”But let this come another time. We must listen to the Queen."*

Oh, what mercy—an excuse to move away from this uncomfortable heat. “Another time,” Laila whispered to her mother—shocked and saddened by the venom that leaked from her maw. She looked into her mother’s eyes, truly gazed within their depths, then turned to look upon the obsidian awesomeness* that was the Skilled Protector. That was her father.

“My Queen,” Laila spoke up, suddenly inspired by a wayward flame of passion,“My lady. I too would like to demonstrate my willingness to serve and uphold the honor of my family and my homeland. Please--allow me to train as a Protector as well.”

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Duchanar's pace was uneven, and staggered. he had no idea what this was all about, but it was a herd meeting ,and him being in a herd now meant he had to go, or be kicked out. Thor had always been a great friend to Duch, despite his rude demeanor, in all truth something the ebony stallion did not deserve. Same as for Mirage, she accepted him into her heard, knowing nothing about him, nothing of his past, or about all of the horses he had slaughtered long ago just for fun.

His long legs carried him up to the group of many horses, which of none he knew. He looked carefully at all of them, their faces all fixated on the two standing up front. Mirage and Thor. Duch knew it would be the right thing to greet them both, even if the thought of greeting his leaders was unsettling. M'lady he said as he walked up to Mirage. He dipped his head in acceptance to her leadership before he turned to Thor. he did she Thor as a brother now, but was not sure what to address him as now. Brother. Thor, Congratulations He dipped his head ever so slightly just as he did to Mirage.

So what was this whole "Herd meeting" thing about anyways? It wouldnt really matter though, not as though he would be getting any recognition from the two as to being more than just another stallion. no one special.

He turned away from the two and headed towards the large group, he settled in next to a few horses and waited for whatever was to be said so he could leave. But who knows? Maybe he would grow to be quite fond of his new "family" Even if the people standing around him were his family and he knew non of them, and he wasn't about to start introducing himself now. If they had any interest in knowing him, or who he was, well that was up to them, not him.

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Alongside the chocolate mare, the little bay began to come to life. Her tired eyes began to fill with excitement at the notion of moving forward and by forward, she was moving with leaps and bounds. The Edge sprawled before them as they responded to the dragonsong, but of course it was a hassle to drive the filly from her antics when it seemed that time was of the essence. Her mind seemed to be everywhere at once which was certainly nothing new but when she constantly stopped to re-position the small glowing orb in her mouth, it became quite an issue. But as they progressed, the youth finally settled and drew close enough to her mother so that she could feel the movement of her shoulder against her own as she walked. For a time they moved like that and perhaps the girl was simply entertained by the sensation, at least until the group of horses ahead took precedent.

Her eyes widened with delight at the sight of them and if it had not been for the constant reminder that her mother was there, she would have shot off like a comet intent on ravaging each one. It was all she could do to hold herself back when she so desperately desired to explore, especially when so many other foals were present. When would she be old enough to be like them? A few comical shrieks bit through the quiet roaring of curious voices and when she felt that she’d had just about enough waiting, she lunged forward.

Once she was in the crowd, she was more than happy to track down familiar a scent that reminded her of home, or really, her father. She did not see him yet, but she knew that he was close. She knew that she had heard his voice through the drifting conversation and once she had put all of her other tasks aside, she sought him out. It didn’t take long though because he stood before the crowd like a tree standing tall. Her excited cries were recognized once more until her father swooped down quickly to have them ceased. He murmured softly into her ear and she finally fell quiet. However, it didn’t last long because when her mother resurfaced from the crowd of faces, she chirped happily at her once more.

There was no real worry to be shared within the small family because they were among friends. They did not have to worry about little Essetia running amuck with so many a careful eye- though they did have to somehow get a handle on the awful shrieking before someone else did it for them.

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It was not the sound of an equine that first touched Kaj's ears. Though, it was also not a noise he had heard very often at all. Nevertheless it was familiar, a trilling sort of melody that tickled vaguely at his memory. Another joined it, a perfect harmony that he finally placed. Mirage. Realizing that the previous song must have been Akaith, Kaj let a small smile break the normally contemplative look upon his face. It was a clear summons, one he would be stupid to ignore. Dark legs pause from where they have been slipping him through the haze of fog and undergrowth. Turning, mist glinted off his ochre canvas as moisture darkened his normally glowing coat. A meeting, huh? Kaj had not been to one since his induction to the Edge, and was able to honestly admit to himself that he was mildly excited. Did the Edge have many members? How many protectors were there? Were there foals?

Kaj smiled hopefully at the thought. Foals were perhaps his greatest weakness and greatest joy simultaneously. Of course, he knew that some mothers would not allow him to coo over them- though Kaj didn't understand how it was weird- but the Protector was a family man at heart, and every innocent youth made him want to cuddle them close and squeal in a rather feminine way.

Emerging from the trees surrounding the location Mirage had selected, Kaj's thoughts vanished as easily as the fog beneath sunlight. Many others had appeared before he had, though Kaj had been patrolling the borders that morning and had a bit farther to go. Had the time truly passed so quickly while within his thoughts? Murmuring soft excusals of his movement through the gathering herd, Kaj kept his large wings as close to his sides as he could. No use in making the growing crowd even more uncomfortable. Warmth is spreading throughout from all the bodies, but it is a soft comfort- family gathered together, a heat that will be accepted and cherished no matter how uncomfortable it may make some.

His queen is speaking then, words flowing like golden waterfalls from her muzzle. Kaj was unaware, mostly, of the invasion of the Foothills. It was not his concern the moment Mirage commanded they not intervene, and he was no healer. However Kaj was always eager for new family members, and if the Foothills residents wanted a place in his family he would open himself to them willingly and without prejudice. Any and all were welcome so long as they meant no harm, and it seemed one had already returned from the Foothills if Aaron's shifting smell meant anything. Was that the fellows name? Ah, yes it was, he had been the one to accept Kaj alongside Ink. Speaking of, light azure irises immediately started seeking out the gangly youth. He'd grown rather fond, and even protective of the mute. Once he'd been spotted the tension left his shoulders in relief. Why was he even worried? The Edge was a safe haven- Ink would not be harmed within its borders.

Again he focused, knowing that the young stallion was safe. Here, he learned that assumptions were correct and Aaron had left only to come back. Had it been the Foothills where he had sought a new home? Kaj thought bitterly of him for that, leaving at a position Kaj held and returning a king, a Glazier. Power or otherwise, Kaj was adamant that you never, never abandoned your family. Himself leaving his former home was a different case altogether, seeing as it had never been home to him. All hatchlings had to fly the nest at some point. The fighter felt no anger towards Aaron as a person, he had a good soul and strong morals. Nevertheless contempt snuck its evil way in. Aaron may be wonderful, but it would take some time for Kaj to smooth over and forgive the injustice he felt at Aaron's departure. It was not so much the sudden grant in title, as Mirage knew him far better, but loyalty was perhaps the biggest thing in Kaj's morals.

Anger is not an emotion Kaj likes to dwell on, so with a few slow blinks and some even slower breaths, he lets the scent of everything around him wash it all away. It's pretty hard to rile him up anyways, but there were always sensitive spots that were pressed and instantly infuriated the level-headed stallion. Instead of staring at Aaron like he mildly wanted to, Kaj did the right thing and focused his shifty brain on his Weyrleader. What came next shocked him, in a very pleasant way. Thor was a good fellow, a very good fellow actually, and he deserved the title. In the commotion of joy that followed, Kaj added his own voice to the reverie as they brought Thor into a position he would suit well. Kaj was unaware of what he said, roaring his approval of the promotion, but it was likely lost in the sound of every other voice lifting in praise. Once they had calmed, Thor said what was needed, clearly awed and proud. A few others spoke up, ranging from woman to yearling, but Kaj's eyes had fallen on Ink, who had stepped forward to make his request. Immediately after realizing what he was saying through his exotic paintings, Kaj stepped towards the youth's side, towering over him but not using it for intimidation. No, Kaj would only ever be at his elbow for protection, friendship. Before he could stop himself, words were building, and he broke through the barrier of silence he normally cloaked himself in. Awkwardly clearing his throat and speaking in the deep rumble he was accustomed to, he met the DragonHeart's eyes before bowing momentarily before her. "My lady, I have a request. Should Ink travel to the South to our sister herd, I wish to go with him. I will stay no longer than the days needed for my own rest. Leaving him to the journey will bide ill with me, my Lady. Please, allow me to escort him?" It was a bold move for the normally quiet male, but his blue eyes found hers with sincerity. Ink leaving at all, to a place where Kaj could not be with him, was already making him a bit edgy. Even so, he knew that the painter was no child and he could protect himself adequately. But...the wilds were lands untouched by the Gods, and Ink was far too frail in Kaj's eyes, though that may be his emotions speaking. Should anything happen to the boy while on the road, Kaj would never forgive himself.

Ah, and it was not until then that the aureate boy realized Tor had arrived. Returned? Had she, too, left? Hurt welled in his chest, anger lacing every wound. What had life come down to? Was it truly so easy to abandon those that depended on you, a family that you knew or did not? Kaj would never leave the Edge, not without being dragged out half-dead. He would never take his name from beneath the list of the DragonHeart, and would be there as her glowing star to die with the first order upon her lips. Never would he go out, and seeing such blatant detachment from the place Kaj considered his very heart made him feel a whole slew of emotions. Tor had even dared to abandon her family! It was clear she had a mate, and even two little ones! This time it was much harder to stop the dedication and anger from showing on his face, but he calmed himself forcefully. No parent should ever leave their precious little ones to a life without guidance.

Feeling disgruntled with all he saw, Kaj turned his eyes to the only brother he felt truly close to. Ink was young, and yet so wise. Two pieces of sky focused on the dark orbs of the other stallion. Could Ink see how Kaj felt? He didn't find the thought very unlikely, considering Ink was extremely perceptive. Slowly he reached out his wing to very lightly brush over the dark expanse of his friend's side. Touch, perhaps, was not something Ink was comfortable with. That was a fact that Kaj didn't know, and so took comfort from the brief assurance that there were true members. That Kaj was not alone, that there was still hope for a bright future. In fact, looking around, Kaj smiled softly as he took in the forms of all those he knew. Mirage, Thor, Ink...the other two remained unnamed, and though Kaj had been too caught up in sparring and his duties to learn the names of every individual, he could see the inherent glow of the Moon Goddess' light within every soul. Yes...the Edge may have tiny pinpricks of blackness that made Kaj feel far too dark for his kind soul, but together they would always glow far too brightly for it ever to take over. They would all kneel beneath their Weyrleader, and Kaj was comforted by the knowledge that every Edge member would dream of the forests and mists of home, calling it with such a reverent title even within their subconscious.

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