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Grey hooves scuffed the ground as the young stallion wanders aimlessly through the wilds of Helovia before finally ending up on the outskirts of the World's Edge. His head is low as he walks, but when he finally stops he raises his head and looks around, recognizing the Edge almost immediately. He remembers meeting the FrostHeart here with his brother at his side and he frowns at the memory. He had been young and impressionable, following his brother like a lost pup and allowing him to do his speaking for him, but now he has grown. His silvery body, so much like that of his dam, has filled out. His mane and tail have lengthened, the blue tips brushing his hocks and his shoulders. No longer does he look like the gangling colt he had been.

Some things haven't changed, though. The young stallion is still just as lost as the colt had been. His life still has no direction, his beliefs are skewed. Does he believe what his brother believes or does he have his own set of beliefs and values that are exclusively his own? Who is he really? His horned head drops as he mulls those questions over. He's lived so long in the shadow of his brother that he has no concept of his own self worth. Has no idea what his good qualities and what his bad qualities are. He's clung so long to the racist values of his brother that he's nearly brainwashed himself. Only now in the absence of his brother is he beginning to awaken and find himself.

Vadim's horned head drops and his blue eyes find a spot on the ground that he stares at. In his mind's eye he sees the faces of the family that he knows flash before his eyes, his mother and father, Varath, Ophelia, Ktulu, though he's only heard about her from his brother. All wear horns upon their brow with the exception of his mother and yet his father loves her all the same. Why?

Twigs crunch underhoof as his wandering begins again. Mouthfuls of grass are yanked from the earth and the questions that plagued the young stallion are pushed to the back of his mind. They've plagued him for some time now and he's grown tired of asking himself the same questions over and over again and coming to the same empty conclusion.


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"Who you." It is probably foolish of me to ask impertinent questions to a stallion when I am so young, and it is probably hot-headed of me to saunter up to him and stare up at him, fearless. It's probably stupid of me to stay so close to the border so young, but I do it anyway, because it is boring being in the oh-so-safe center of my small world. I stare up at him, crystal blue eyes cynical, just hiding a smile under my golden lips, wondering what he will say and what he will do.

He is white. Silver, really, with blue painted bits. I don't like the color combination. I don't like the way his marking over the eye goes. It seems... sinister, my small mind gropes. I'm not sure why. It shouldn't be. He isn't that big, not really. He definitely still has the lanky, awkward build of a yearling. I hope I won't ever stretch like that, but I guess I already am, with my skinniness and long-leggedness. If there is one thing I take note of, one reason to like him, is that he holds a horn like dad. Maybe dad isn't the only way who gets to keep his horn. I hope this means I can keep mine too. I should save my question for daddy, so I can hear him laugh when I ask and tell me the answer softly in quiet surprise, but I can't bear to keep still, and the question bursts out. "Do I got to keep horn too?" I stumble over my words, skipping over the possessive 'my' and struggling to keep the tense right. I hope he understands. Even with my youth, I know that my disjointed, mumbling language, so awkward and choppy, is nothing like the fluency of mother or father. Or any adult, for that matter, a fact I regret. I have so many questions and not enough words.

I want to move. I want to explore. If only I knew what exactly I wanted to learn, or where I wanted to go. But I don't. I want to find, and seek, and move back and forth, feeling the earth under my feet and seeing the landscapes. What landscapes? I'm not sure about that, either. Dad could tell me a story, probably, about all the fantastical things here and there. I should ask him for that, a tale about the many things in this world. Maybe there are too many though. Too many things... if I have to choose, which would I choose? Autumn. It's my first autumn. What will winter look like? What is winter? What is snow? Why do the leaves fall? Why are they turning russet and why are they rustling? Too many questions. Not enough words. Why is dad gray? Why is it getting colder? Are we the only herd? How did Mirage became the DragonHeart? Who is the new leader? I don't understand enough.

I am being flooded by things I do not know, still do not know, even being two weeks old. When will I learn the answers to these questions?

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Through the trees, towards the border, flits the lithe, silver hide of Gossamer the Benevolent. Twisting and twirling around her in a blur of sapphire blue is Lazulli, her Bonded dragon. This day, the first in many days, she has decided to work out her stiffened muscles. She'd left them idle for far longer than she should have, but none-the-less, she found the work invigorating. The crisp autumn air nipped at her hide as her hooves expertly navigated the ground. The further she galloped, the more the mare found her spirits lifting. Oh, it was a day for joy and play. A small buck emitted from her hind as she continued to dart and weave.

When the pale mare approached the borders of the Edge, however, her nares were greeted with a most peculiar scent. It was the scent of a body she knew not, but was yet similar to that of both Paladin and Soleil. Curious, the mare stopped, breath quickened from the run, and peered about until she spotted a pale hide through some brush. Refreshed from her run, she was elegant, regal, even strong in appearance as she stepped through the trees to meet the young looking stallion and a filly who smelled of her herd. She smiled warmly at both, her grandmotherly side showing for a moment. Though she knew a younger soul would be more protective seeing an outsider in their land, she couldn't help but be cantankerous and see where this led. She looked first to him, with a curious smile upon her lips, "Hello young stud, I am Gossamer the Benevolent, a mare of these lands. What brings you here this day?", her warm voice rolling over the words. She turned to the little one, following her question to the stallion, and looked at her with a mother's stern stare, "And you, curious young filly, smell of these lands." she left the end open, not mentioning how her mother wouldn't be too happy to hear how far she'd ventured. For if she knew anything, she knew little ones, and little ones always knew when they were misbehaving. Though her voice was stern, she kept her face playful, so as to let both the filly and the visitor know she was not the kind to be over-harsh.

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Azale Moniet
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Dainty pale hooves tread lightly over the soil of the World's Edge, its lovely grass crunching delightfully under her legs. Azale had found it within herself to be able to put on a facade of sorts, to mask the war inside that she found while mercilessly killing animals with great lives ahead of them, but for what? A bit of silly magic? Was the life of another animal really worth it?

Azale masked these emotions, shoving them deep within her mind so she could be a filly, so she could laugh and play along with the rest of the foals. But the guilt that hung over her head was always there, and it wasn't going away. Another constant reminder of the lives she had so selfishly taken was her own canon bones. They were stained lightly with dried blood, caked brown around her pale coat and delicate twists of gold reaching up her legs.

She trotted through the forest as if nothing happened, and when she came upon the sight of two equines who bared horns upon their brows and another without a horn, but of a regal stature and fully grown, she acted as innocent as she had always been. A smile graced her pale lips, her orange eyes dull and weathered. She raised her larger set of wings, flitting the smaller set in excitement. Her movements spoke one thing, her eyes spoke another.

Before Azale could even trot up to the three so they'd notice her, the younger filly burst out with an odd question about horns. A bubbly laugh escapes Azale's lips, though her eyes were still dulled and haunted by her quest. "Hello," Azale spoke happily as she examined the three when she was closer to them. The smaller filly smelled of the Edge, but the larger colt was older than her, his mane and tail filled out with the rest of his body. He was quite handsome, bearing a blue dipped horn, tail, and mane, along with other blue accents. The older mare smelled like the Edge as well, so this party couldn't be harmful, if so many of the Edge had already come. "You ask such odd questions," Azale laughs with a flick of her pale tail in amusement as she directly addressed the filly. The older mare had called herself Gossamer the Benevolent, a regal name for a regal looking mare. "But yes, you may keep your horn, and so may this young man," She continues with a glance at the other yearling.

"Where are my manners? I'm sorry, my name is Azale Moniet, but you all may call me Azale," The pale filly smiles, looking expectantly at her the two who hadn't given their names. She doesn't know of anything but good manners. If they did not offer up their own names, well, it certainly would leave Azale confused, but it'd giver her a taste of the real world.

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"Where are my manners? I'm sorry, my name is Azale Moniet, but you all may call me Azale," My ears perk up as I wake from my nap at the sound of a new voice. It was a voice I had not heard before, but the name that rolled off her tongue was very familiar to me. Azale Moniet, my big sister! Quickly my legs move to make me stand up, light green eyes looking to see if Momma or Takara were near as well. After all I had been out exploring, and wasn't sure if Momma approved of me being so far away from her just yet. Soon as I am on my hooves I am off to find the voice that was my sister. It did not take me long, as the small gathering was very close to me. I squealed happily as I reached the larger form of Azale before realizing how silly I must of looked. Shyly I spoke. "Sorry, forgive me for my own manners. I am Sakura... My Momma told me I had a big sister but i've never seen her before... and I got a bit excited."

I then turned to the ivory filly with golden markings. "Momma misses you, and hopes you'll be home for good soon." I knew without and doubt this was her. In the mean time I looked at the others present. One was abeautiful white mare, another the filly I had seen once before near the colt about my age... and then there was the colt who everyone seemed to be greeting. He was taller than myself.. maybe even my sister. He was also pure white, but had strange blue markings all over his body. I wondered if he was seeking a home here too? After all the Edge was a wonderful place to live... Even if it was starting to become a bit chilly.


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Tears still glistened in the eyes of the ebony. Why had this all fallen apart, right before him? He was in no mood to put his mask on, and all he wants to do was be alone. But there was more to be done on this new day. He feels drunk, and he suddenly gets up, golden feathers ruffled. He knows what must be done. In a fit of rage, he rears and runs, diving off a cliff and pushing his large golden wings into the air. His voice echoes as he moves away, and his breath is coming in fast and hard as he tries to keep a hold of himself.

Tears once again streamed his face as he flew, and he had to stop for a second. He landed just outside the World’s Edge borders, and sat there for a minute. His couldn’t keep control of himself, and it was something he had to learn how to do, but he simply couldn’t right at the moment. Once his eyes ran dry, his heart brought back the fury, and his blood began to boil until the rage over took him once more. His fury was determined to get revenge on this “Gentle Heart”, that of which he called himself. He looked like a mad man coming through the borders, slightly laughing with murder in his eyes.

There was a group ahead of him, one of a unicorn, a small filly with horns and wings like himself, another filly with four wings, a simple filly, and a grown mare. His resolve quickly dissolved, and he didn’t quite know how to act. But he had to say something, didn’t he?

“Quickly, can anyone tell me where Thor is? I need to speak with him urgently.”

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Scouting the borders of the World's Edge had become a daily activity for me, a duty that I had taken a liking to almost immediately since my arrival. It was when I headed out in the mornings that I enjoyed it most of all, before most had opened their eyes from slumber, and when the day was at its coolest. Very rarely had I ran into a trespasser, or even a wandering soul. I supposed part of the reason was the knowledge that my home was not one to be messed with, though that hadn't stopped the supposed Assassin group from trying to sneak past these very borders of which I currently walked. They had been foolish to try from the start, and though I couldn't be certain, I doubted they had been founded very long before I spotted their spy on the outskirts.

Despite the songs of birds on the crisp morning air, it was not difficult for me to pick out the sounds of multiple voices in the distance as I scouted. I was unable to decipher their words, but they sounded plentiful, and immediately my attention had been pulled away from the task at hand. It didn't sound like a scuffle, especially when I took notice that many of the voices were those of children. With a tilt of my head, I turned towards the source and moved into the lengthy trot that was unique to my breed, knees snapping high as I quickly covered ground.

When I happened across the group, I was surprised to see so many little ones pining for the attention of our pale guest. The winged filly I was not familiar with, but I recalled both the cremello and the golden children from the herd meeting not so long ago. My eyes were warm as I regarded them, dipping my head in a gentle form of greeting. I might have taken joy in conversing with them, but there seemed to be other matters to attend to, first. Casting my gaze to the pale stud, I firstly noticed the azure horn spiraling from the middle of his head, and then the markings of equal color that marred his body. The lad could not be too old, for while he stood above the fillies, he had yet to fill out completely. The snowy mare I know to be Gossamer speaks a greeting to our guest, as do the youngsters of our land, followed by a myriad of other speech.

I chuckle softly, then give the young stud a dip of my head, just as I had done to the rest. "And I am Destrier, Wingleader of the World's Edge. For now, it would seem I would need to leave the reasoning behind the stud's appearance to Gossamer, for we had another visitor.

A memory flashes in my mind, of Mirage's golden dragon, Akaith, warning me of a stallion that was not to intrude upon these lands anymore. The image that had been flashed into his mind was of this very stallion I now found myself looking upon, and while I found a part of me wanted nothing more than to lash out at this fool for not leaving at once, I knew that would mean betraying my true nature. I turn towards the hybrid, taking note of the curvature in his dual horns, and the golden wings that hang upon his withers. He wishes to speak with Thor, one of our dearest Weyrleaders, and sounds to be in a hurry. Instantly, I feel apprehensive and step closer, unhampered by his larger size and possession of horns.

"I do not know your name, stallion," he speak up, for it is only the truth, "But by the order of Mirage the Dragonheart, you are not welcome upon these lands. Please, take your leave at once, or I will be forced to take action."

"blather blather blather"

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Cool winds tug at a silken mane that is relatively longer than that of a male in these lands. Embedded in its color is in fact no color at all, for it is as fair as the snow in the northern lands around the crown of this stallion. Only as it fades down towards the brute's shoulders does snow turn to the cream of the sand that lies upon the beaches in the south. He embodies the sun, the snow, the sky, and the warmth. Azure eyes are pale and nearly frosty, as is the cloudless sky on a new winter day. Canvas is painted in aureate shades that the sun itself has kissed, and umber crawls from the earth to stain his legs and wings with yet another element. All this is formed into a single composition of tall frame and broad shoulders, though the face to this unnamed stag is not as unkind as his stature may lead others to think. He is Kaj, the newly crowned WingLeader of the World's Edge. In his eyes there is wisps of daydreaming, but on his face there is an openness that speaks of honesty and morals that run straighter than any compass. Power has not gone to his head, and the male desires it never to happen in the future. Camaraderie lies within every marrow, every tattoed part of his body. Will his members fear him? Respect him? Adore him? Ignore him?

So many things can happen, but Kaj does not dwell on them just yet. It is a story that can only be told with time, and hopefully one he can read through with his crown-brother Destrier. Though the two have not officially met, Kaj knows Mirage would not elect a WingLeader who could not meet her expectations. In fact, the brute is rather anticipating the day when he meets Destrier. They shall work together for quite a long time, and Kaj fiercely hopes they can do so peacefully with a brotherhood that forms between those in constant company of one another. In fact, that is the soul he is seeking out this brisk morning. Kaj was someone who took initiative, though it sometimes led to his own embarrassment when leading home multiple strays from the Threshold. So he intended to seek out this Destrier fellow and introduce himself, perhaps find something in common they could slowly build a friendship on. Kaj would not let Mirage down, not after she had gifted him with such an amazing title.

It is voices that draw him, many of them ringing out in the childish tones of delight that belong solely to foals. The sky brightens in his eyes, for Kaj adores children more than life itself. A large family has always been his long-term wish, to be surrounded nearly constantly by little ones tangling up in his legs and sleeping at his side. For once earthbound, the skydancer is searching for the one whom cannot do the same. Glad to have been in such a position, dark cocoa pillars moved forth into a smooth trot that had never been present in his father. His mother had constantly teased him for his awkward motions, the stumbling that made the warrior seem a clown off the battlefield. Kaj thanks his mother profusely for passing on the gaits of her breed to him, and not his fathers breed.

Smiling at these memories he slows upon approaching. The first to meet his gaze is a growing youth of alabaster, clearly past his first year. Around him gathers multiple small fillies, clearly all younger than him. Kaj recognizes none of them and already he desires to bring them beneath his wings and cuddle them. Foals always have been and always will be the weakness in his heart, his personal Achilles Heel. Just as the stallion he is coming up next to is introducing himself, Kaj is within range. Laughter nearly manages to worm its way out of his throat, but instead he lets out a soft chuckle. Ironic, isn't it? That he would find his fellow WingLead without truly looking for him? "And I am Kaj, also the WingLeader of the Edge." Pale sapphire eyes turned only to Destrier then, and though bloodless locks fall in his face momentarily there is warmth in every line of his face. "It is a pleasure, fellow Destrier, to finally meet you. May we be good comrades, and better friends in the seasons to come." Internally he winced. These Helovians still confused him. Did he sound too formal? In his land, giving eloquent and elaborate well-wishes and greetings was popular and even tradition. Would he confuse Destrier or make him uncomfortable? The poor brute couldn't seem to figure out one custom before turning and tripping right over another.

Gossamer, he recognize from the meeting, though her name is not within his mind. She had come when he had beseeched Mirage for the right to travel with Ink to the Throat, and had instead been gifted with a long stay with Rishima and said youth. Pale lips parted to speak to the foals, but another cuts in. The slightly hysterical edge to the tone in which this stranger speaks alerts Kaj immediately, and eyes turn to shards of glass cut from the expanse above. Turning, he came face to face with someone he knew well. Never did this stag forget a face or a name, and this one was unwelcome in many ways. Akaith had told him so, and that meant it was a direct order from Mirage. Kaj was a small bit taller than this brute, and definitely of larger mass, though size had never intimidated him before and wouldn't now. Destrier spoke calmly but sharply, but Kaj was not so kind. Had it been any other slightly suspicious party he would not have reacted as he did, but Mirage had ordered them that this stallion never set hoof in their borders. What truly set him into a rage was the fact that multiple foals and a mare lay behind him, the little ones unable to protect themselves.

What crime had this man committed to make Mirage loathe him so? Why did he question after their newly crowned WeyrLeader? Such questions would have to come later, for Kaj would not allow the devil one step closer to those children. "Ma'am, please move the little ones back a few paces," he rumbled to her, voice deep in his normal vocal range but with a growl of a slight order behind it. Kaj never threw his weight around without reason, and hoped Gossamer would obey. Massive wingspan began to open, a flash of pale color underneath. Age old instincts for dominance had his crown lowering in an action that was meant to be both a warning and a threat should it not be heeded. Stalking forward with deliberate steps, he stood beside Destrier, a united front against this slightly manic intruder. "You do not belong here, stranger. Leave now, or we shall forcefully remove you. This should not get nasty in front of the foals. Go back to whatever hole you crawled from, and leave our borders free of your presence." Ears fell back to his head, eyes narrowed. He did not yell, and threatened nothing about immediate action. Even so his posture screamed how ready he was to remove this vermin, and was suddenly aware that his protective instincts were in full swing with how he stood so that his wings and body shielded the younglings and Gossamer from view. Would Destrier understand the additional driving force behind his mannerisms? If not, he prayed Destrier would be the rational mind, as Kaj had been trained to protect or die. Once he was in such a state, it was hard to get out of it until the threat was removed.

The foals would not be harmed until his body lay lifeless and broken on the ground.

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It is not long that the young colt grazes in silence when a small voice pipes up with a question aimed at him. He raises his head, a quizzical look on his face as he turns to a very young filly. Blue eyes blink as he looks at her, wondering where her mother is but not speaking the question to her. Her next question comes and the colt just looks at her as if she's suddenly sprouted another head. He swallows the grass he had been chewing yet he refrains from answering her. Shortly after another female appears, but she is far older than the foal. Could she be the foal's mother? Doubtful, for there is no real resemblence between them.

"Hello." He finally utters, though his voice is gruff and his words cracked and from disuse. His blue fringed tail swings through the air and his head turns as another youngster arrives, and she is still older than the first arrival. His ears tilt forward as she answers the first filly's question. How long had she been there watching and listening? She introduces herself as did the older mare, but still the young colt does not offer his name or his reason for being in the Edge. He is nothing more than a wanderer now, what interest is there in such a tale?

His eyes begin to widen as another female appraches. Oh, what did he get himself in to? Was this a forest of amazon women who captured unwitting males and sacrificed them to some false diety they worshipped? Thankfully this one does little to acknowledge him and speaks to the other woman who had .... four wings. How the hell had he not noticed that before?

All the arrivals were beginning to grow redundant to the young stallion, even if the next three to arrive were all stallions. Pale head tilts slightly and ears quirk as he listens to the urgent request this new stallion had. What the young colt has to say, however, is of no use to the horned and winged stud. "Your face is leaking." Blue eyes narrow on the tears that left a trail down the brute's face. "Why?"

The other two stallions only take enough time to introduce themselves before they take a stance between the hybrid stallion and the women. He does not offer any sort of assistance as he watches the two WingLeaders confront the hybrid. Instead he watches intently, wondering what the winged hybrid would do now that he was confronted by two whom did not want him on their land. Would more tears come or would a fight ensue? What did he even want with this Thor anyway and who was he?


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She watches him for a reaction, but he's not talking much. Then...then a lot happens. More little fillies show up....all fillies, and their little minds are running and speaking all at once(she sees that one or two belong to her Solstice) and she laughs at the smallest ones' cute questions. She loved the innocence of the young. The Benevolent turned to the colt after his rather raspy hello, and, unable to resist any longer, she inquired, "Hello to you too, young stallion, might I enquire as to your name and, perhaps, that of your mothers? You have a familiar look about you..." her eyes were kind and encouraging, ignoring his hesitance. A few minutes after and then a rather large, annoying stallion showed up. She did not like the look of him, and instantly, her past Chieftess self was visible. Strong, elegant, commanding, she stepped purposely in between the little ones and this newcomer. "I would be happy to assist you, stallion, but you do not smell of this herd, and therefore you are not welcome here until you state your name and purpose.". She hadn't done this to the colt, certainly, for he was young still, and there had been no immediate threat posed from him.

It was mere heartbeats before Destrier and another stallion, who introduced himself as Kaj, appeared and took control of the situation. In the past, she'd have been annoyed at being so clearly pushed to the side. Now, she was more than happy to move back and stand aside, next to the young ones, and let the leads take over. Though her body remained taught, waiting for any sign of movement with intent to injure, and then the colt said, "Your face is leaking. Why?" and she couldn't help but choke on the laughter which threatened to bubble up, and looked back at the young horse with amusement easily readable in her eyes, before she turned back to face the situation.

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